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Green Smoothies by Young & Raw App User Positive Comments 2022

Green Smoothies by Young & Raw app received 142 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about green smoothies by young & raw?

Green Smoothies by Young & Raw for Positive User Reviews

✓ BrilliantThis app is brilliant! Buy it now!.LoobylauVersion: 1.0.0

✓ This does help lose weightI lost weight after the first six of these in the Challenge. But have to quit because I cannot afford to lose any more weight. Got this app because the recipes sounded tasty, which they are. Interesting and healthy ingredients. You do not taste the cilantro, you do not get hungry fast. Remember to peel the ginger root. I substituted Key Limes for the regular limes because peeling them is aroma therapy..Digital GremlinVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Good!Very good recipes, bonus content and guides. Please update for retina display (iPhone 6).TKR07Version: 1.0.0

✓ All in one guide!I love that this app has a ton of different ideas, shopping lists and more. Its well designed – the photos are stunning, and it comes from a solid source of paeleo information and content- This is a great app for anyone looking for good healthy smoothie receipes..DatnewfVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Great AppLooking forward to many great smoothies.Graciegoo648Version: 1.0.0

✓ Addictive!!It's so great!!! It makes shopping easy, and very informative. Awesome recipes!! Very very like it. 👍.RupchikVersion: 1.0.0

✓ BRILLIANT!Young and Raw are AWESOME and so is this app! Looking forward to a healthy smoothie everyday! Yum :-).Pearsons999Version: 1.0.0

✓ AwesomeThis app is the best. I’m so happy I got it -the shopping list makes life so easy and the recipes are very tasty! The 30 day challenge makes it really fun. I love it..Hhughes91Version: 2.0.0

✓ 1st thing every morning!I don't have time for a traditional breakfast but these smoothies/shakes are better nutritionally. My skin and gut feel better and I have more energy. An added bonus is that I can make two the night before – have one for breakfast and take the other with me for lunch at my desk or on the go times..MztravVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Great so far for inflammationI'm on day four of this 30day challenge. I have had lots of problems with my knee and ankle burning with pain especially when I first stand or sit. I found this challenge, read about it, and downloaded it. I have drank all of the thirty day challenge recipes at night and I find one for inflammation every morning. This morning I was walking instead of hobbling. Only a light pain. So far not too shabby..BigPaPa_73Version: 1.0.0

✓ ExemplaryThis is not only a great health app, it's well thought of and well executed. I wish other apps would follow their lead. Every smoothie is explained with healthy benefits. So well done!.Maxime110Version: 1.0.0

✓ Delicious app!Yet another killer app from Abel James. Worth every penny and so much more..Steph LortieVersion: 1.0.0

✓ MissAmazing, easy-to-follow recipes, which will kick-start your healthy eating habits and, alongside a healthful, balanced diet and exercise, will get you in top shape for the coming summer months. Would absolutely recommend..MissmillybaileyVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Nice and slickJust what you need if you want some smoothie recipes!.Mr face 82Version: 1.0.0

✓ ExcellentAmazing app! I've used this app almost everyday for quite a few months and I've just started the 30 day challenge. The weekly shopping list is very helpful so there's no excuse to do the challenge, eat healthy and loose some weight! Cheers!.Scrumptious77Version: 1.0.0

✓ Great app with room for improvementI love this app. The user interface is great, the photo looks nice, and the directions for making smoothies is easy to follow. With the price of a cup of Jumba juice, you can buy he app and get 90 recipes of smoothies that you can make by yourself at home. There is one piece of advice that I can give for improvement is: I would like to be able to add my own recipes to the app so that it can be personalized..SillysillybirdVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Great app!Looks amazing especially on my iPad 4! The colours just come alive and make you wanna whip up green smoothies all day long! Love that I can easily access the recipes and shopping list, plus I can redo the challenge anytime :).SashabellavitaVersion: 1.0.0

✓ WorksOne of the best apps.MJ73333Version: 1.0.0

✓ The Best Smoothie App Ever!Wow! Thank you! My husband (well, who's kidding who?) AND I are working to change up our eating habits. After showing these recipes to my husband, he's totally on board! THAT says it all right there! We haven't even started and we can't wait! Thank you for a well organized and very user friendly app. Every question I had was answered in the FAQs..MamarowVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Wonderful app!Just starting my journey into the world of green smoothies and I couldn't have found a better app to help get me started. We're already planning on investing in a Vitamix blender, which is a splurge for us, be it'll be worth it. Can't wait to try all the amazing looking smoothies in this gorgeous and easy-to-use app!.BrokenHelix79Version: 1.0.0

✓ FantasticGreat smoothie app!.Smoothie addictVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Infectiously healthy!I introduced the green smoothie challenge at a health programme at church and it has really caught on – so many people had done the challenge and then kept going with the smoothies. The app makes it easy to access the recipes and looks great!.TeaDrinkerVersion: 1.0.0

✓ 30 day challenge good for meI really like to smoothies in the 30 day challenge, it reminds me to start my day with a healthy dose of fruit and veggies..Pozzi101Version: 2.0.0

✓ Smoothie appExcellent app, simple, full of information, recipes and shopping lists. Heathy, delicious and so easy! Definitely recommend.SssuewhoVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Breakfast smoothie queenMy husband and I love this app. It's so easy to use, the pictures are great as you can see the main ingredient in the pic. I love combining fruit and veg together, the fact that they also have a comprehensive description on benefits of each smoothie is great. I would 100% recommend it for everyone. Happy smoothie making!.AlexialesandreVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Amazing Easy to us app!!I have tried a few of these apps and none come close to this, love the recipes, on day 3 and love it!!.Paul WelshieVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Simple & EasyThis app will make it simple and easy. I've tried something like this before – one green smoothie a day – but I just wasn't consistent with it. The days I did have a green smoothie, I felt wonderful and energized. I'm hoping this will be the encouragement and simplicity I need to stay consistent. A shopping list and all?! Can't wait to get started!! This guy has been one of my favorite bloggers. Of course I'm buying his app!!.Melanie GossVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Smooth(i)est app aroundAfter completing 28 days of the 30 days smoothie challenge I can recommend this app with full enthusiasm. This fun, well built app with the best recipes around and gorgeous photography made me put smoothie in my life as my standard lunch. What I also like is that the spread of ingredients is well balanced so you do not end up with many half used ingredients. Big credit to the makers of this app!.Ruud WeissVersion: 1.0.0

✓ I love it!!!I always did the same smoothie almost every day before I got this app and now it has gone to a whole new level. I love the recipes and the app its self is amazing. It's very colorful and easy to use. I love the 30 day challenge and you can do it as many times you want..Lélé stupideVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Worth itI like it. Helps you to have some variety. The shopping list function is useful by ensuring you have a different smoothie ready to go every day. Make sure you click 'start the challenge' on all your devices the day you start..OlihosVersion: 1.0.0

✓ The green machineAwesome New app love the look of all the recipes (juices) can not wait to try a new one every day!!!! Keep up the great work Abel 😃👍.Juice green girlVersion: 1.0.0

✓ D O W N L O A D . A S A P ! ! !LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! This app it's amazing and is so convenient. You can add your weekly list of ingredients into your shopping cart so when you go shopping that week you can mark off each item as you throw them into your cart. Also these recipes are great I love them, fruits and vegetable combinations that I thought would be nasty were actually scrumptious! Every since I've drink the smoothies using the recipes from this app I've had more energy and they just make me feel good. If you haven't downloaded this app already you need to stop what you're doing and do it now!.Tricey 😃Version: 1.0.0

✓ Amazing smoothies, great APP!The app is so well organized. I like the 30 day list and the hopping cart makes it helpful. Great links to rating, social sites. The artwork is very beautiful. The ingredients are so healthy and easy to follow. We have a vita mix so this is a blast. I wish it could let you mark done in out of order days in the 30 day challenge? If I am out of a certain ingredient I would like to be able to check off out of order? Also it does not sync between my iPad and iPhone I'm spoiled by audible but that would be cool new feature? Also it is hard to catch up if you miss a day so being able to mark any item done instead of exact order would be nice?.Speedy497Version: 1.0.0

✓ Amazing app!A great variety of smoothies and a good information about benefits of each one. Just wondering if you can add the nutritional facts as well? 🙂 Thank you so much ! and keep the good work that your team have been doing !.Eg^br^Version: 1.0.0

✓ FantasticNew to the smoothie life, had no idea how to even use a blender let alone make a decent smoothie. Was skeptical on paying money when there's websites with guides, however this app works a treat. Great interface and easy to navigate. It's simple yet effective. Well worth the money much recommended!.HairyLegs and FatChicksVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Beautiful appThis app is beautiful and informative, love it!.Cheng1234aaaVersion: 1.0.0

✓ New Year Turn Around!So before the new year I started to become quite un-healthy, and for someone who likes to run and keep fit this really wasn't a good plan! So after the holidays and getting back to my routine I decided to see the apps for healthy eating and drink and stumbled across this one , so far this has been in budget range and I feel a lot better in myself and have been able to perform better , I 100% recommend this app to anyone.KeyzmusicVersion: 1.0.0

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✓ Excelent app and challenge!Glad I bought it !!!.KalafidiVersion: 1.0.0

✓ GreatDefinitely worth having if you want to know all about the different types of smoothies that help your particular need, the 30 day challenge isn't a full detox which is what I thought it is one smoothie a day challenge but this is worth getting just for the 30 recipes although I would say it's a bit pricey.HnfjdprbfoVersion: 1.0.0

✓ AwesomeChallenges are awesome and leave you feeling great. Great selection of green smoothies..K3v1nM07Version: 1.0.0

✓ Great AppFantastic!!! Smoothies are easy to drink, palatable & easy to make. Great way to get fruit & veg into yourself. Feeling a lot better than I have for quite a while. Would recommend..Sausage 1961Version: 1.0.0

✓ Money well spent!Just downloaded this app to start the 30-day green smoothie challenge with my co-workers. It's so easy to use and beautifully organized. The shopping cart option is a huge bonus as well. Cannot wait to start. Thank you!.INicole90Version: 1.0.0

✓ Pretty good smoothiesI add more of the vegetables and less of the fruit but it still tastes fine..ZackeryhVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Fun and Healthy!Beautiful photographs with helpful descriptions help you pick the smoothie that's right for you. It's easy to browse individual recipes or start the 30 day challenge!.Fun Wit FotosVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Fantastic AppLove Young and Raw's smoothie challenges and love them even more now that I can carry with with me. Beautiful photos. Awesome that it will make a shopping list for my customized choices..Kim134567889Version: 1.0.0

✓ User Friendly and Looks GreatEasy recipes…LOVE the Grocery List!!.KeelerTVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Great smoothies and amazing supportBest 30 day smoothie challenge! A very informed group and the support from Y&R and the RAWKERS around the world is amazing! Buy the app, you won't regret it..NicgbyVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Convenient, efficient, effective.Love the search function! I just search an ingredient I have on hand and the app presents me with some options to choose from. I love drinking my greens because it is quick and easy!.Cath – CuratedVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Love it!I bought this app as soon as I saw it. Then, I went out and picked up the ingredients for my first smoothie. Wow, was it good. I love how clear the photos are, how easy the recipes are and how simple it is to just put it all in your blender. I don't even have a super blender and it still worked. This app is just terrific. I can hardly wait to try all the recipes..HalsmomVersion: 1.0.0

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✓ Loved it!The ap is well written and well thought out. The grocery planner is brilliant. The smoothies are delicious for the most part. Best part is my skin and hair hasn't looked this good in ages! Going to keep it up as the health benefits are great and as an added bonus. I'm doing weight watchers and I save tons of points because my breakfast smoothie is 0-2 points Max!! It's ok to be excited!.~LauraAnne~Version: 1.0.0

✓ Buy this App and Change Your Life!120 smoothie recipes with super beautiful pictures, this App is really well put together. I love the shopping cart feature and the fun facts about each smoothies. The recipes are lower on fruit so in turn they are way healthier for you and can actually promote weight loss. All of the other smoothie and juice apps I have tried until this one have had a lot of fruit, and I get that they do that because it's what tastes good but it's not what works best for your body during a cleanse! There's also a timer you can set to be notified when it's “Smoothie time” each day so you can stay consistent and reach your goals – bonus. By far the handiest way to get healthy! Enjoy rawking out with this new Young and Raw App!.Fairygeek1122Version: 1.0.0

✓ What's not to loveI've been a bit slow on the uptake when it comes to juicing / smoothies. I've avoided fruit smoothies due to the high sugar content but never really thought of venturing down veggies and some fruit. Well, I have now! Great app and they have really put some thought in to it. Allowing you to fave the ones you like and also make a shopping cart of ingredients. Simple but very effective. There are so many recipes that there has to be a some everyone will like..DarrelBVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Katelyn CrossSuper excited for this ap! I've been Paleo for exactly 30 days as of today and I've been doing a green smoothie 2-3 days each week in the morning. I am so happy to have new recipes! I love this app and the Caveman Feast app! Super easy to navigate, gorgeous photos, and genuinely tasty food! This rocks, Abel, my husband and I listen to your podcast and thanks for staying true to legit Paleo safe info and recipes!!!.Cbcross1225Version: 1.0.0

✓ Highly recommend!I JUST PAYED 4 BUCKS FOR N APP N I DON'T REGRET IT. 🙂 it was so worth it.LeakhyVersion: 1.0.0

✓ You will LOVE this appI love thier smoothie challenges and now the app makes it sooo much easier! Beautiful photos as well. Fantasic job Young and Raw!.Reviews123+Version: 1.0.0

✓ The best download everI have been using this app for quite a while now, and it never gets boring as the recipes are all amazing, and there is a great choice to choose from. The recipes are so simple and super refreshing, they give me the perfect boost for the day!.MaggietheleafVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Simple & HelpfulIngredients are easy to find and locate, especially with the shopping list. Each smoothie was surprisingly tasty & great knowing how each smoothie benefits the body Highly recommended.CabstagirlVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Excellent appReally enjoying using this app which is full of delicious & nutritious recipes. Learning loads from it..SingingsaVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Great AppAmazing pictures, lots of variety, and well organized. It's really nice that they tell you what the benefits of each smoothie are. I like the extra guides as well. It would always be nice to have a few extra filters to search through the recipes but I won't take away any stars for that. We'll worth your $$. Great work guys!.CaptnRedBeard8Version: 1.0.0

✓ This apps a beaut!Beautiful photos, great recipes!.AmmmmmmmsdddVersion: 1.0.0

✓ All-in-one smoothie app!Ever wonder what certain foods are good for or why certain food combinations benefit you? Young & Raw has created a green smoothie app that not only includes easy to follow recipes, pictures of the smoothie to get your mouth watering, but they also included a BENEFITS SECTION!! Absolutely love having all of recipes at the tips of my fingers. Having completed several Y&R 30 day smoothie challenges, I've found myself making overall lifestyle changes that have significantly improved my overall health. This all started by incorporating one green smoothie a day! An excellent smoothie app!! LOVE!!.Raw food junkieVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Love this app!!!!I'm a big green smoothie fan, and have been making them for years. This app makes it easy and fun to try new things. I also love that the recipes are low glycemic and maximize nutrient density. I've told everyone I know about this app. I also have the 14 day juice challenge, which I love just as much..CafeJanaeVersion: 1.0.0

✓ A must for smoothie lovers!This is a great app for smoothie lovers and those willing to try them! I love the “search” feature to easily look up ingredients I have on hand. The variety of recipes is also great and the app is generally well organized. My favorite is the healthy Orange Julius smoothie !! Highly recommend this app!.ConfedjasmineVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Good smoothies with excellent infoSimple but with good guidance about how the smoothies will help you.Runner281068Version: 1.0.0

✓ The Best Health App There Is!!This is seriously one of the best healthy eating (well drinking) apps I have ever tried! It's easy and works great! You will start feeling a million times better when you start this challenge, it's so good!! Thank you!.Gaz262Version: 1.0.0

✓ Great App but…This is a really good app. Simple informative and the smoothies are great. Love the fact it it tells you exactly what to shop for and the 30 day challenge is a fun way to get started. For me the only thing missing is calorie in take for each drinks. which is why I put but in the heading and didn't give it 5 stars..Rjb149Version: 1.0.0

✓ Genius App! Even on an iPod!A brilliant set of recipes, they all taste great even if you're using a soup stick blender to make them with!.ComprimariocolinVersion: 1.0.0

✓ FantasticVery user friendly, lots of great ideas.. I hope they add even more!!.The_vinciVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Helpful way to get into healthy smoothiesGood variation of recipes – tasty recipes with all health benefits explained and useful shopping list generator. I use this app all the time now..00ricky00Version: 1.0.0

✓ Awesome appOnce again a great app to support continuous health goals. Thank you..Georgia67Version: 1.0.0

✓ Gorgeous, user-friendly, easy, convenient & tasty!Abel has thought of everything here. This app not only gives you the specific “what” in terms of recipes and 5-day shopping lists, but also the “why,” which helps teach better eating habits overall. Well done, and thank you Abel!.LoFam09Version: 1.0.0

✓ AwesomeThis is brilliant, instead of going out and spending a stupid amount of money on a smoothie book this provides you with well over 40 smoothies to try , all super and green . We're addicted to smoothies in this house and this app is fab. I love the shopping list , and the fact that you just click a button to change it to the measuring system you prefer. The photos are fab and make everything look so slick and yummy. Well done best app I've bought yet xxxx.RebdoulaVersion: 1.0.0

✓ An Excellent, Quality APPIf your thinking of trying out a 30 day smoothie challenge – this is the way to do it. For the small price of this quality app you get a programme that others are charging up to $50 for. Now, if only they would bring out the 21day cleanse on an app….DarrenpeakeVersion: 1.0.0

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✓ Rawsome!Love this App! I have done the 30 day smoothie challenge before, and have the recipes all over my desktop. I can now clean up my computer because everything I need is now in one place. Besides being very user friendly, the rawsome photos makes me look forward to make each smoothie. Young and Raw, you rawk!.Adriana MazVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Amazing appSo great. So simple. Motivating..RiskutguzrVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Too easy and brilliantGreat recipes, easy to create. Very beneficial to boot..SuperMortonVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Excited ! I love a challenge !The recipes look absolutely delicious !!Easy to use, thats what I need !.Jacinda AlanaVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Fabulous AppAnother incredible source of info from the Young and Raw team. Everything they do is amazing, colourful, full of nutrition information, easy and so damn good for you! When I'm following their plans my body feels great and I've had a LOT of health issues. Love, love, love this addition to my health library!.MsGreenGlowVersion: 1.0.0

✓ User friendlyDelicious smoothies, beautiful pictures and very user friendly! On day one of challenge and already satisfied!.Dms1254Version: 1.0.0

✓ Looks great!Lots of great smoothie ideas!.Kylel_88Version: 1.0.0

✓ Love this App !!!I started following this website and using their smoothie recipes and feel so much better. Love having the easy to use app at my fingers tips. Highly recommended..WinbyteVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Nice!I really like the look of this app. I have tried in the past to incorporate green smoothies into my diet but I have always ended up wasting the ingredients because of poor planning. This app is going to be great for me. I need structure along with simplicity. I love the 5-day shopping list. I can't wait to get started!.Sweet CashmereVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Best appLove it!.Actionamy123Version: 1.0.0

✓ LOVE THIS APP!!! Very User-Friendly and lots of variations:)I'm new to the green smoothie world and I have to say, I am already loving this app! Where have I been! I have to thank Shawn Stevenson for having Sheleana on his show because it opened me up to this way of eating. And, I can definitely do/make one green smoothie a day even for this busy mom of 4:).1zombsterVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Worth the money.Awesome app. Good. Many inspirations and I like the explanations!.Chalo chaloVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Easy to use, great resultsReally useful and has given us lots of ideas, have been going for about 90 days now and we feel it has made a difference.Hurlbut52Version: 1.0.0

✓ Awesome appFor a long time my gf and I wanted to try something like this, you could find all of these recipes and more for free on the Internet, but this app is well made and has actually gotten is to start actually making these great recipes, the 5 day shopping planner is useful and we find other ways to use exess ingredients we need to buy at store like making salads or even making our own smoothie concoctions, and I like that you can check it off each day like an actual challenge and favorite the ones you you really like.What what 82Version: 1.0.0

✓ Great for leaky gut!This app is awesome! I've needed something like this for a while now. I'm glad I found it. I love that you can make a shopping list and there are so many choices that it would take me a whole lifetime to try them all!!!! The pics make these recipes look delicious. I'm very excited to try the recipes out. I haven't got to yet because I just bought the app yesterday and can't go grocery shopping for the ingredients because I'm stuck in a snowstorm. :(.Moni80Version: 1.0.0

✓ Best App Ever!I can't say enough abt this app, I am 22 days into my challenge an I feel great. I have more energy, I don't crave coffee or feel like I'm going thru withdrawal when I don't have it. The recipes are simple and delicious. I love the info on health benefits on each recipe. I will continue using these recipes when I complete the challenge..Sherri😛Version: 1.0.0

✓ Love it!I love this app, the pictures are beautiful, the recipes are simple to follow and the health benefits are fantastic!.Jen on the runVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Delicious & Nutritious!I love the recipes and I feel great all morning after have one of the shakes. Shopping list makes the 30 day challenge a no brainer and convenient to start a new habit. It takes just as much time to make a shake as eggs in the morning. I really like the nutritional information they provide with each recipe as well. The only question you need to ask yourself is are you up for a challenge..Camiam79Version: 1.0.0

✓ Feeling GoodThis is an amazing app. Makes juicing so easy. I especially love the shopping list. What a great idea. Thank you.Shazzad69Version: 1.0.0

✓ Great app but one suggestionI really love this app, it is beautiful and easy to use and the UI is very intuitive. The recipes are unique and delicious!! I would have never thought to add herbs to my smoothies! My one suggestion is to please add the nutritional value (cals, carbs, etc) to the recipes. As I am tracking my food intake, it would be so much easier to know how many total calories each of these smoothies are rather than adding each individual ingredients to my diet tracker. THANK YOU!.Kristen LianeVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Fantastic!!Love it :-).Carrie LeaVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Convenient, Beautiful, HealthyFor all smoothie lovers, this app is a must-have.Cloris97Version: 1.0.0

✓ Best Food/Drink App out there!I have been a follower of the Young and Raw team for around 2years and this app is absolutely perfect! Seamless or so it seems right now and although I am following their 30 Day Challenge for May right now – this APP will go into use FULL FORCE starting June 1st and I beleive we have many that will be doing the same! Pictures are fabulous, shopping lists, descriptions and more! I love the app and will continue to spread the word! Thanks to all at Young& all truly do RAWK! :).Betty at Canning Gone WildVersion: 1.0.0

✓ MmmmmmmSO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!.Colleen TalbertVersion: 1.0.0

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✓ Amazing AppUser friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and well worth the cost. Nerd alert: I get excited thinking about the smoothie I get to make each morning. 💚.Sheadon888Version: 1.0.0

✓ Yummy smoothiesLoved the unusual recipes for the 30 day challenge and look forward to trying all the others. Would like to have seen the nutritional values but, the fact that my tummy feels good and is slightly flatter is enough for me..Flowers605Version: 1.0.0

✓ No update?I had the 30 day challenge which I loved but which promptly stopped working with the IOS11 upgrade. So, do I need to purchase the bundle to regain access!!!? Thank you for the response. App is up and running on all devices now. Back to 5 stars..Tricia2catsVersion: 2.0.0

✓ Smoothie challengeI've juiced, made smoothies, and purchased multiple resources on both. This is a comprehensive list that most importantly for me, provides a shopping list I can keep track of. They're great smoothies and I don't have to decide from day to day what to make..Jspell53Version: 1.0.0

✓ Beautifully doneI just finished a 30 day green green smoothie challenge and decided to keep it going. I found this app and loved the functionality of it. The shopping list was great to use when I went to the grocery store, I loved being able to check off the ingredients as they went into my cart. I'm looking forward to tasting more of the recipes as I keep going..DivalalakeVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Awesome app!Love it! 30 day challenge is a great way to motivate to try different variety of smoothies. Great app! :).KwasdfgVersion: 1.0.0

✓ In love!Ok so I know it's my day one of this app, but I already love it! I've been needing to eat healthier and try new fruits and veggies! This app has been a great gateway! I've bought foods I never thought I would, like Bok Choy, and have actually eaten them! Well drank them anyway! I have ulcers and high stress! I'm hoping maybe the diet change can help with both of these! I will keep everyone updated!.Mpuu9106Version: 1.0.0

✓ Love this ap!This is a fantastic ap and the recipes are great! Perhaps you should ad a “add a custom smoothie” to the favourites list as I have come up with lots of new flavours that I like that I would like to have on my custom list! Also maybe releasing new smoothies every now and again so when you re-do the challenge there are other choices!.BeckySmAVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Another winner from the Fat Burning Man!Gorgeous photos, easy to use, delicious smoothies! What more do you need?.Unique_GarciaVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Great.Only two things I would change. If I add ingredients to the shopping list, it should flag that smoothie so I can find it easier. Favouriting can make for quite a list to search through. And the ingredients could be a bit more comparable in their wording. If one is “7 leaves of mint” the other recipe shouldn't be “a handful of mint” because then it puts it on the shopping list twice. It should consolidate the list. Other than that, they are great and I'm enjoying the smoothies..RovertbiggsVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Love it!Have been participating in smoothie challenges from Y&R for over a year now. Love the app due to the shopping list and the ease to find the day's smoothie. Also has room for notes so you can put in substitutions, whether you liked it to make again in the future etc. And it is beautifully captured with photos of the smoothies. Love it!.VdoleVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Follow up challenge questionsI love this app and love the smoothies. Will the recipes be randomized for each new challenge? Is there a way to eliminate the ones you don't like and try other recipes instead or is there a reason you have them in this particular order? I plan to continue another challenge at the end of this one (tomorrow) I feel so good since starting this. I also use the juice challenge app. Smoothie in the morning and a juice in the afternoon with a healthy balanced dinner and I feel awesome. Thank you..CmadillVersion: 1.0.0

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✓ Worth the money! 🙂I love this app! First of all I love the layout, it's so easy to navigate, but second, it's packed with information! I was surprised that not only is it filled with great smoothie recipes, it tells you what that specific smoothie does for you and also offers other ares of information. I just love it! I have already recommended this app to all my work colleagues ;). Xxx.Alex 🙂 xVersion: 1.0.0

✓ This app is worth the moneyTonnes of great recipes, really professional looking app, a shopping list you can check off at the supermarket. Really impressed and the smoothies taste great!.PeachaeVersion: 1.0.0

✓ DeliciousLove this app. The smoothie recipes are all delicious and easy to source the ingredients. It has taught me to put veggies in with the fruit which is great as it reduces the sugar content. Definitely recommend..Denies joyVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Don't hesitate… start nowThis app is great. The smoothie recipes are easy to follow, ingredients are easy to find and they all taste delicious. Also, they're very low in calories while providing the body with the nutrition needed to support good healthy. I have one a day for lunch and my other meals are Paleo. The very best part is that I have never felt better. I highly recommend this app and I strongly suggest you take the challenge..Deb KennedyVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Great tasting smoothiesI have done several smoothy and detox programs with Young and Raw. I am always surprised how yummy the smoothies are and I also love the variety they offer. I also really like the shopping list, that makes it so much easier to get organized and helps finishing the program..LovetulipsVersion: 1.0.0

✓ 30 Day challenge APPFinally it is here! Love this App. It makes following the challenge that much more convenient. Thank you Young and Raw team!! Your all Rawkstars!.Likeable KarmaVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Great app!This is a beautiful, thoroughly thought out app with beautiful pictures and awesome tasting smoothies…highly recommend!.Angel198321Version: 1.0.0

✓ Simply Thank You👫We are a couple who have to start taking a lot more care of ourselves, that is if we do not want to take a whole lot of medication in the future. This is a very simple and informative App encouraging a healthier way to a good life🌻.DhellcatVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Smoothie reviewThis is an awesome app. Get it..JawzneyVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Excellent appReally great app just get it guys You won't regret it A******.RafunitedVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Fun & Healthy LivingI just finished my first 30 days using this app. While it's true that you can get most of these recipes or some variation on the internet, it's definitely encouraged me to step out of my comfort zones and try new fruits, vegetables, and herbs. I can definitely tell a difference in my energy level throughout the day as well as my overall health. I wouldn't highly recommend this app to anyone interested in green smoothies for the simple fact that it is all in one central location that is easy to follow and provides detailed information about the benefits of each of the ingredients that a recipe calls for..JAMES KEALOHIVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Great smoothiesI'm on day 29 so I figured it is safe to say I'm sticking to it. There's been a couple I tried where I've just gone “no” but most are delicious and something I'm looking forward to. I think I'll start over again once I'm finished with the first 30, only replace the few I didn't like..KallaryVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Awesome app!I downloaded this app to do a 30 day challenge. I love all the recipes and suggestions for substitutions (I'm not a big cilantro fan). Also the shopping list function was so helpful during the challenge. Now that my first challenge is over, I go to the app regularly to pick a smoothie from my favorites. And I expect to do another challenge soon. I feel so much better when I have a green smoothie every day..DellfaceVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Awesome app!!👍Beautifully presented, easy to use and fabulous smoothies!! Thank you. A+.Jacks1234Version: 1.0.0

✓ Abel’s done it again!Abel James is such a creative and smart guy with great information to share. This app provides a wonderful healthy challenge in a well designed format. Be sure to listen to his podcast – it’s one of the very best! Keep up the great work Abel and thanks for all you do. This partnership is delicious!.Acme Art GlassVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Excellent appI love the recipes and now couldn't be without the app. It makes life so much easier. Simple to follow, nice to look at and the smoothies are delicious. Nothing not to love!.StarkittieVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Excellent appOf all the apps I've looked into, this one is by far the best!!!.PeachtomeetyouVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Easy to doI would have given 5 stars if the app added new recipes. It's a 30 day challenge with shopping cart so you know what to buy. I just wish it was an ongoing app with new smoothies each week so when the challenge was over you could keep trying new ones..Amy 8466Version: 1.0.0

✓ Perfect!So simple to use and so beautiful. Love this app..Paula26491649472Version: 1.0.0

✓ Great app!Overall I like the functionality of the app and the way that information is organized. There are two improvements I'd like to see: 1. Have a way to sync the app on iPhone and iPad. I use the iPad daily to follow the recipes, but when it comes to the shopping lists, I have to go through all the same steps on my iPhone to have the information with me in a store. 2. Allow vertical orientation view on the iPad! Otherwise, I think this app is great, and I mostly dog the recipes! Thanks for all you do!!.Chaux girlVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Just What I NeededI am new to green smoothies and was not sure which recipes provide the best combination of taste and nutrients without too much glycemic impact. Abel is someone I trust, so I know nothing in these recipes is going to pull me off course. The app is beautifully done, the recipes are clear, and the shopping cart feature is easy to use and powerful. I am looking forward to trying each smoothies in this app..[email protected]Version: 1.0.0

✓ Good – even with cilantro!Thanks for the gorgeous and easy to use app! I did day 1 today – wasn't sure if I was supposed to peel the lime first or not. Did a little internet research and decided to peel it and leave as much white as possible. I don't really like cilantro, but I decided to be brave and use it anyway – I could hardly taste it! Looking forward to days 2 – 30!.Excited to try smoothiesVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Great app with beautiful picturesI really enjoyed using this app and looked forward to my morning smoothie every day. The shopping cart makes going shopping a breeze. I loved the colorful pictures!! The only drawback was finding that the iPhone and iPad apps did not sync. This would have been a great feature to have. But all in all, great way to add the veggies and nutrition to your diet..ACTS-ELPTXVersion: 1.0.0

✓ An EASY and TASTY way to get your greens!Fast, simple, and delicious smoothie recipes. Makes it really easy to get enough greens that would otherwise be more challenging to consume on a regular basis. Highly recommended!.Js2091Version: 1.0.0

✓ Awesome!:)After doing the 30day challenge online a few months ago I now crave green smoothies on a regular basis. It's nice to have some recipes to go back to that I can make or try some new ones!!:).J~rabbittVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Great smoothie appAwesome recipes love this app!.Vw310710Version: 1.0.0

✓ AmazingI'll admit I'm cheap. I was worried about purchasing this app. Would it have new information/recipes in it? Would any of them be edible? I've had this app for over a year and still refer to it. It's fantastic and there's only been one or two drinks I didn't enjoy. The search feature is the best. When my pantry gets low I can search with the items I have left to find a delicious recipe. If you're reading the reviews to determine whether or not to try it, do it!.911pandoraVersion: 1.0.0

✓ GreatTrying the 30 Day challenge 🙂 I might turn into a vegetable by the time I finish this. Xo.TJT-1987Version: 2.0.0

✓ The Best of the Best, EXCEPT..This is such a great App. Searching for drinks based on available ingredient left in the frig/pantry is excellent. The selection is excellent. Developers need to Please please please add the following: You are required to drink the drinks in a predefined order not selected by you. So if you don't have an ingredient or don't like a drink there is no way to check off a drink you had in place of today's drink. The option doesn't exist. It would be nice to drag drinks up and down similar to creating a music playlist order. Overall this app, as it is, is a blessing, thank you..JoeMFXVersion: 1.0.0

✓ Love!I love that all the recipes are fresh and great tasting, not to mention healthy..PrettyPetal77Version: 1.0.0

✓ 30 Day Green SmoothieLove this new App. All the recipes I can handle at my fingertips..Just63Version: 1.0.0

✓ YummylishesI found this website while googling smoothie recipes. I signed up for their email list but wanted to have an app on hand to use. I was actually looking for something where you can put in what fruit you have and it would give you good smoothie recipes according to what you already have. Even though, this is a great app and I love the website. I have a lot of fun on their Facebook group too. Maybe they can add that as a feacher, where you can select what you already have, and then they can give you recipes to help you make a good combination..Lea1988Version: 1.0.0

✓ Quick & Healthy Meals in a GlassIncredibly easy yet delicious meals in a glass. This is one of my favourite apps, a daily 'go to' for a quick nourishing meal. Packed full of healthy smoothies that taste as good as, if not better than, they look. All the work is done for you from selecting the ingredients to preparing the shopping list. I highly recommend anything from the Young and Raw team. Keep up the good work guys!!.Bluebell_AVersion: 1.0.0

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