Why Does My Cat Chew on Cardboard Boxes? 6 Reasons Why

Some cats are chewers, and a few not a lot. Cats that take pleasure in chewing session would possibly gravitate to cardboard containers. They're in all places and may be all the pieces out of your cereal containers, to your shifting containers, to your goodies that simply arrived out of your on-line purchasing spree.

Possibly you’ve been questioning if it’s one thing it's best to fear about or if it’s simply your cat who's a little bit bizarre. Properly, relaxation assured, many cats appear to take pleasure in gnawing on cardboard containers, however it is very important double-check the explanations behind this habits.

6 Causes Why Your Cat Could Chew on Cardboard Bins

1. Sore Gums

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If in case you have a kitten that appears to like chewing on cardboard, it’s doable that she’s going via some teething ache. Identical to human infants discover aid from biting down on teething rings, kittens discover aid chewing—and cardboard containers will match the invoice.

Nonetheless, in case your grownup cat is gnawing, it might point out that her tooth or gums have some points, like gum illness. Gastrointestinal issues may also be an issue, and identical to the teething kitten, your cat is chewing to alleviate the discomfort. In case your cat’s gums are pink, this might point out an issue along with her tooth and gums, and she or he must be examined by your vet.

You may additionally put money into some cat toys which might be designed for chewing and supply her with dental treats.

2. Territorial

Identical to when your cat rubs on all the pieces in sight (together with your legs) to mark her territory, she is perhaps doing the identical with the containers. Chewing on objects round the home is an effective way for a cat to depart her scent on all the pieces.

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In case your cat appears to be rubbing her cheeks on the field in between bouts of chewing, then there’s likelihood that she’s claiming these containers as her personal. That is nothing to fret about, so long as she isn’t aggressive about defending her territory.

3. Prey Drive

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Cats are incredible hunters, they usually use these instincts as part of their playtime. We’ve all seen our cats stalking, pouncing, and biting varied toys (and typically our toes). The cardboard field would possibly simply be one other outlet to your cat to tear into.

Since most cats, notably indoor cats, don’t have the chance to hunt and kill prey, they'll use objects to fulfill this urge. In case your cat appears to assault the cardboard with biting in addition to utilizing bunny kicks (holding onto the field with their entrance legs and kicking it with their again legs), then there’s likelihood she’s treating the field prefer it’s prey.

4. Making a Fortress

This one has some similarities to the third level above on prey instincts. Many elements of how cats play are primarily based on their searching instincts. Chasing the feather wand, bunny kicking the massive stuffie, and appearing loopy inside the massive cardboard field. They like to come out and smack your ankles as you stroll by, and nothing beats a darkish and enclosed house for a cat.

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A part of this habits can typically embody a cat making an attempt to make the field good for her wants. Possibly she’ll chew a gap on the aspect of the field so she will peek out and stick her entrance leg out within the try and snag one thing.

5. Boredom

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In case your cat is definitely bored, biting on cardboard containers is perhaps a manner for her to search out one thing to do and expend a few of her vitality. She would possibly even be attempting to realize your consideration. Like a toddler who appears to behave out to get a mother or father’s consideration, cats will typically act mischievously as a result of they'll catch your consideration.

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Should you give your cat consideration whereas she’s doing one thing damaging, you might be truly instructing her that if she retains doing this habits, she's going to all the time get your consideration. So, do your finest to disregard your bored feline once they behave this manner.

6. It’s Enjoyable!

Cats are simply very curious and playful animals, and they're endlessly amused by a wide range of gadgets and objects which might be part of our on a regular basis world. They take pleasure in knocking issues off cabinets, sitting on our laptops, licking our hair, and watching us brush our tooth.

A part of the attract of a cardboard field is that it’s an important place to discover, conceal, sleep, and play. The feel of the field would possibly really feel nice to chew on, and perhaps your cat is simply expending a few of that zany vitality she has whereas taking part in conceal and search contained in the field.

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Consuming the Field

One other consideration we have to discover is whether or not or not your cat is definitely consuming the field. Some cats endure from pica, which is consuming and ingesting gadgets that aren't meals.

It may also be behavioral issues that stem from compulsive issues, boredom, being weaned too younger, or stress. In case your cat appears to be simply harassed, she may very well be destroying containers out of some type of anxiousness, notably if she’s consuming them as nicely.

Should you suspect your cat is perhaps consuming cardboard (or anything that's non-food) and might need pica, do take her to see your vet.

Is It Secure?

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Usually, in case your cat is chewing cardboard and never swallowing, it’s normally fairly protected. You simply must ensure that there aren’t any sharp bits in it, corresponding to staples, or that the sides of the field itself aren’t sharp.

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Make certain the field is empty and doesn’t include something that may very well be dangerous to your cat, corresponding to sharp objects or string. In case your cat is liable to pica, swallowing string could cause an intestinal blockage and would possibly must be surgically eliminated.

You additionally must ensure that the field has not contained any poisonous substances. This may very well be a significant issue in case your cat chews on the field and by chance ingests a dangerous substance. Some containers are coated and handled with chemical substances, so ensure that any field your cat performs with has not been chemically handled.

Once more, in case you imagine your cat has eaten a few of the field or something harmful inside, please see your vet instantly.

How Can You Make Your Cat Cease?

Maybe you’re anxious concerning the chewing, and also you simply need your cat to cease. Higher to be protected than sorry, proper? Properly, listed here are a couple of strategies you should utilize to attempt to cease the habits.


Whereas a cat chewing on cardboard containers may be thought of regular and innocent habits, simply be sure you watch your cat when she’s partaking on this habits. You need to rule out any medical issues and ensure she’s not harming herself not directly. Additionally, make sure the field is empty and never handled with or containing dangerous chemical substances.

So long as your cat is safely having fun with herself, and also you don’t thoughts small items of cardboard scattered round your own home, then let her have her enjoyable. In any case, cats and containers are like peas and carrots.

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