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I’m Obsessed With Buying Journals! What Can I Do With My Unused Journals?

Oh, no! If you thought I wrote that sentence on the top for you, you’re wrong. I meant that I TRULY have so many journals that it looks like an obsession, and I don’t know what to do with them.

And if you’re like me and have tons of cute empty notebooks and journals, then this post will satisfy your thirst for things to do with an empty journal.

What can you do with empty journals?

What CAN’T you do with them?

The other day I let my imagination flow around for half an hour, and I managed to come up with 110 journal ideas (yes, you read that number correctly). The 111th is my own journal I just recently crafted. Click here to get a peek inside of it.

If you ever wondered what are the countless ways to use up your stack of notebooks and journals, look no further. You can’t keep them all 110 (right?), but you could surely find some impressive ideas to try here.

110 Things To Do With Empty Journals

I’ve separated the ideas into 9 categories. You have the table of contents below that will help you navigate through this useful, but (I admit) long post.

Let’s get to the juicy part – the 110 ways to fill an empty notebook or things with your stack of empty journals.

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16 Journals to Organize Your Life

1. Budget/Money Journal

If you don’t have a budget journal, you need one asap. I know it’s not the best creative and fun way to fill your empty journal, but it’s a functional option to keep track of your money, plan for the future, and actually know your money habits.

2. Recipe Journal

Imagine yourself 50 years from now, giving your daughter a recipe journal you kept for half a century.

I recently got my grandmother’s cookbook, and even though it’s not a journal, the feelings I have when I hold it are often overwhelming. It’s such a beautiful way to keep a string of connections with the ones who were here before us and the ones who will stay here after we’re gone.

3. 2-Minute Tasks

This one is on my list of journals to keep, and I think a simple empty notebook is going to do the job too.

Do you know how we often complain we don’t have time to do things around the house? Well, it turns out that many, and I mean maaaaany of the tasks around the house take two minutes only.

And I can’t say I’m so busy that I don’t have even two minutes. Recently I made a tiny list of 2-minute tasks I could do in the kitchen, and it turned out to be a beneficial way to skip the decision-taking and the wondering of “what to do very quickly”. I look at that list and I pick one of them.

How about having a 2-minute journal for all of the areas in your house that might require only two minutes of your attention but will make an overall contribution to a happier life?

4. Grocery Price List

A brilliant way to trick the big shops when they try to sell you overpriced products.

A grocery price list (or book) is that place you keep track of the prices of all products you regularly buy in different supermarkets. You also write down the promotions (dated), so after a while, you get to see the patterns every shop has. Then, all you need to do is buy that product where the price, the quantity, and the quality of the product suit you best.

I have a full post written on the subject, plus a freebie you could start with. Check them here.

5. Lists

Are you a lists-lover? I feel you!

I have lists of everything. Actually, everything has a list attached to it. I even have a list of the journals I keep because I keep over 10 different journals and planners right now.

If you recognized yourself somewhere here, consider using one of your empty journals for keeping lists. Here are some ideas of lists to keeps:

  • Travel list – things you don’t want to forget when traveling for the weekend or your summer holiday.
  • Children’s camp list – again, things you don’t want to forget to put in your children’s bags.
  • Business trip list – same thing.

6. Brain Dumb

If you don’t have a brain dump journal or a notebook, you’re missing a lot.

Why would you need such? Does any of the following words sound like something you’ve felt lately?

  • overwhelmed
  • stressed
  • head explodes with ideas
  • constantly coming up with ideas of things you want to try
  • having random brilliant ideas out of nowhere…
  • … and then forgetting them ten minutes later?

Yep, a brain dump journal is that messy, not-so-pretty place where you jot down every single piece of random information or idea that pops into your mind and might need your attention later.

Once you write it down, you keep it there until it makes its way to your planner, projects list, shopping list, or wherever it needs to go.

7. Project Journal

Are you working on many projects but keep them all in your head? Why?

No, seriously! Why cluttering your already overwhelmed mind with information that could be easily systemized on a page of an empty journal that already stays somewhere on your desk?

8. Classes/Courses You Take

I recently signed up for taking classes on Skillshare (here are 5 classes I recommend), and it kind of calls for the need for a journal on its own.

Every class gives me different ideas, sparks questions, and comes with tasks and exercises.

If you like taking classes and courses on any online platform, why not have a journal track your progress?

9. Shopping Lists

No, I wouldn’t recommend using the simple Lists journal for writing your shopping lists.

I have a tiny journal with a pen loop that stays in my purse. It’s a great way never to forget your shopping lists (yep, I did that too many times in the past, and then trying to recall the list in my head, not fun at all).

Pro tip: I bought that tiny journal over three years ago. After I filled every single page on it with lists, I came back to the beginning and start gluing scrap paper on the used pages so that I could use it again this year. I think that’s planet-friendly, don’t you?

10. Expenses

Often your expenses lists might not fit in the budget planner. In this case, you could always use one of your empty journals to track them there.

11. Meal Planning

If you love meal planning and keeping track of things you have in your pantry, try to dedicate a full journal to that task.

12. Passwords

Don’t tell anyone, but I keep all of my passwords written down because I’m tired of “wrong password” messages on the tens (or hundreds) of sites I have registrations with.

If you have a tiny journal rolling around – give it a job.

13. Phone/Address Book

Sounds like an old-school suggestion?

Let me ask you a question: Can you remember your husband’s phone number? What about your mom’s or your dad’s? What about the local taxi company’s number?

Imagine you go to the shop, and for some unpleasant reason, you don’t have your phone with you (battery died, it got stolen or fell and broke).

Honestly, I hope you never face such a situation, but what if you did. How would you contact your closest person to let them know they can’t reach you because of…

It’s old-fashioned. But some part of me still trusts paper more than digital tools. If you’re like me – have a tiny notebook with all the important addresses and phone numbers.

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14. Last time I did…

That’s a great idea to fill an empty notebook.

When was the last time you cleaned the washing machine? What about the last time you washed the rugs in the living room?

When was the last time you took the kids to the dentist? When was the last time you went on a routine health check?

You see? You have so many things stored in your head. Dedicate a special spot for all of them – a more reliable spot than your stressed mind.

15. Just in case

I saw this Just in case binder on Etsy a while ago, and I was stunned by the cleverness of the idea.

It’s basically a binder with all the information someone would need if anything happened to you.

It’s a smart way to keep a list of all banks you have accounts in, all loans and cards you have, insurances, properties, passwords for essential online accounts, and so on.

If you love the idea, I would suggest going and get the real thing from Etsy. It’s in my shopping cart too.

16. What is where

This morning I had to find a USB in our house… any USB. I know we have at least 5-6 of them, but I have no clue where I put them.

That’s when it hit me. What if I had a place (a notebook?) where I write where I’ve put things I don’t need regularly, and there’s a chance I’ll forget where I decided to store them.

(I still don’t know where our USBs are)

Hey, if you enjoy this post and are a journal lover, check this Happiness Journal I just created for you!

12 Creative Ideas of How To Use an Empty Journal

1. Art Journal

Not such a big surprise, but I wanted to put on this list everything you could do with an empty journal or an empty notebook.

An art journal is where you leave your imagination to create art of any kind – paint, collage, draw…

2. Decision Journal

That’s a great way to explore your decision-taking process.

A decision journal is a notebook you reach for when you struggle with making an important decision. You could write the pros and cons, the final decision, and any random thoughts and plans you have regarding that decision.

If one day you ask yourself, “Why did I do that?” you have a spot to go to and realize that at that point, that decision was the best option for you. Yes, a decision journal can end your self-blame process because now you have the result’s thought process.

3. Ideas to Explore

You are taking a shower, and an idea strikes at you. What will you do about it? Write it down… hm, maybe after you go out of the shower.

Ideas to Explore is a creative journal idea that will keep all of your curiosities in one place.

4. DIY Projects

If you’re a vivid DIY-er and always work on a home or a hobby project, grab one of your empty journals and track them all there.

You could even write down a DIY project you’d like to try around the holidays – Christmas decoration, fall decoration, pumpkin projects, spring projects; you name it – now you have a place to keep that idea.

5. Letters to Myself

I’ve always wanted to try that one, but I lack the time (and discipline) to do it. If you have them both and are willing to talk with yourself on paper, then this is a brilliant way to fill one of your empty journals.

You could write letters to your future self or your younger self, or both. It’s a great self-reflection exercise.

6. Letters to My Children

Oh, c’mon, I know you had that idea for a journal at some point when you were pregnant and were dreaming of all the sweet moments you want to share with the new life you were creating.

Then the invasion of baby diapers and the noise of the screaming mini-you kind of took your focus away.

Article post on: dinhthienbao.com

Well, if you’re secretly smiling while reading this – go ahead and get an empty journal to make that dream come true.

7. Only Good News Journal

This is a creative and positive journal idea where you keep in one place all good news that make their way to you. You could write the good news you hear on the TV (do they still show the good around the world?), the good news you read online, or the ones you receive yourself.

8. Sketch Journal

It doesn’t matter if you can draw or not. A sketch notebook is a perfect way to explore your creativity and maybe improve your skills. Take this sketching class to get you started.

9. Wreck This Journal

This is such a fun way to interact with a journal.

I’m not sure who came up with this idea first, but Wreck This Journal is a journal that invites you to …hm, destroy the journal in a particular way.

Each page has its own idea: draw with different media, poke it with a pen, spill coffee on it, sleep on it, jump on it, and so on.

Okay, I know that’s not what you’d like to do to a notebook, but it’s a creative way to have new experiences.

You could come up with your own ideas of things to do in a wrecked journal. Alternatively, you could go and get one that’s already ready to get destroyed by you.

10. Short Stories Journal

If you have a creative urge to write short stories, dedicate a full journal to it (you probably have already).

You could even challenge yourself to write 6-words stories, 10 sentences stories, one-page-only stories, and so on.

11. Doodle Journal

Are you a passionate doodler?

Have a dedicated place to doodle little books, mandalas, and weirdly-looking sketches of the universe…

No, seriously! A doodle journal might be all you need to unleash your creativity.

12. Journaling Prompts Only

If you often search for journaling prompts on Pinterest, consider having a journal with your favorite ones. You could even print the freebies bloggers give you and stick them on the journal’s pages.

I have 10 Gratitude journal prompts on my other blog, if you’re loving this idea.

15 Ideas Journals To Keep Daily

1. Gratitude Journal

One of my all-time favorite journals to keep is a gratitude journal. I started years ago with crafting my own mini-notepads, and I still keep those around.

Nowadays, I create junk journals (we’ll get to them later) and use them as my place for expressing daily gratitude. I also have a list of the 10 best gratitude journals you could start with (if using your own journals isn’t attractive enough). If you’re on tour around this blog, take a look at the 100 things you could be grateful for right now – ideas for your gratitude journal. This is the daily gratitude journal I recommend using.

2. Self-Care Journal

Who doesn’t need that type of journal?

In your self-care journal, you could keep relaxation techniques to try, home-spa procedures, self-care routines, ideas, and ways to relieve stress.

3. Anxiety Journal

Nobody wants to have that type of journal, but after 2020 we all need at least a thin notebook to pour our thoughts and worries on it.

Like this idea? Check these anxiety journal prompts I have crafted for you.

4. Dreams and Sleep Quality Journal

I love writing down my dreams (when I remember them), and I often find warnings of events that later appear in my life (not a clue how I’ve sensed them weeks earlier…)

However, tracking your sleep quality is a perfect way to understand your moods and levels of tiredness. You could use the same journal to keep your evening routine or manifest your dreams (yes, that’s possible too).

5. Trackers

If you love tracking everything, consider having a special journal for that only. Here are things you could track in it:

  • sleep;
  • drinking water;
  • exercise;
  • reading books;
  • taking a walk;
  • any habit you try to develop;
  • any habits you have already developed;
  • your period;
  • your stress level;
  • your mood;
  • self-care procedures;
  • if you walked your pet;
  • if you journaled;
  • writing a book;
  • studied a language;

Maybe I could create a full new post with things to track in your tracker journal, but for now, let’s move on to the next brilliant type of journal to keep daily.

6. 5-Year Journal

You could get a 5 Year Journal from Amazon – it’s ready to start writing immediately in it.

Alternatively, you could do what I did and use one of your empty journals for it. I draw four lines and wrote dates on the pages.

My 5-Year Journal is just a very cute soft-cover journal with lines I draw

7. Daily Reflection Journal

Reflecting on your days is essential if you’d like to work on your personal growth and self-development. Keeping a journal for it is even better.

8. 5-Minute Journal

It’s a daily entry you could create for yourself and write for 5 minutes with no limitations of the topic or writing style.

The idea is to build the habit of writing every day, no matter the subject you choose.

Amazon offers a version of this 5-Minute Journal, which guides you on writing every day if you prefer that way.

If you want to fit more things in 5 minutes of journaling and have fundamental improvement of your mood and appreciation of life, check what I recommend here.

9. Morning Pages

Your mind is so clear at the beginning of every day. Aren’t you curious about your own thought process early in the mornings?

I keep a Morning Pages journal and absolutely love it. I often start writing one thing and end up realizing something profound two pages later. Ideas strike in the middle of the writing; I complain or express joy and gratitude. It’s such a beautiful way to get to know yourself.

Source: dinhthienbao.com

10. Just Daily Entries

Another simple idea that is very similar to Morning Pages or 5-Minute Journal. Here you get your daily entries, philosophic writings with no limitations of time.

11. Overall Health Journal

If your focus for 2021 is to work on your health, then keeping a journal for it might give you the boost of motivation.

You could start every page with the question “What healthy choices I made today?” or “How did I look after my health today?”

Both questions will move the needle towards a healthier and more active lifestyle.

12. Simple Dear Diary Journal

Yes, the one that you kept back at school years ago.

“Dear Diary, you can never believe what happened today…”

13. One kind thing today…

Want to make the world a better place?

In this journal, you want to write all of the kind things you did today for yourself or others around you. It might push you to come up with even more ways to be a better person.

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14. Word of The Day Journal Idea

If you have a tiny journal piling up dust somewhere on your desk, why not writing a word of the day in it?

15. Health Condition Journal

Maybe you have a specific health condition that requires you to be conscious of how you feel every day. It could be anything from a chronic condition to a “trying to conceive.” Keep track of what matters in a separate journal.

12 Hobby Journals To Keep

1. Books Read

Keeping a book journal has become one of the latest trends in the journal world. I have one too. I use it to write things that impressed me and quotes I want to keep in mind. You could even write reviews of the books you read.

2. Scrapbook

Yes, keeping memories close is important. Scrapbooking is your way to go if you believe that keeping all of your plane tickets, concerts and movie tickets, menus, and hand-bands is essential (I do!)

socialpug_tweet tweet=”Keeping memories close is important.” display_tweet=”Keeping memories close is important.” style=”1″ remove_url=”yes” remove_username=”yes”]

3. Junk Journals

I told you I will explain that one at some point.

If you’re unfamiliar with junk journal, this is a type of journal you could create by yourself using scraps around the house. Some examples of scraps are cereal boxes, envelopes from the letters you received, any junk mail that found its way to your mailbox, and so on.

You could take that idea further by using one of your own journals and experimenting with creative ways to keep those scraps in it – glue them, paint them, collage them. It’s all about having fun. I even use leftovers from wallpapers for covering the covers.

4. Family Tree Journal

I had this idea many months ago, and I still don’t do anything about it, but maybe I should as it keeps popping up in my head.

What if you took an empty journal and used it to write your family’s history inside? You could share the stories your grandparents were telling you when you were a kid. You might stick photos of your parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins and write brief biographies.

Imagine your children writing their stories in it one day and then passing it on to their children. You started it.

5. Gardening/Plant Journal

As simple as it sounds. If you’re passionate about growing plants – veggies, fruits, flowers, and everything in between (that’s legal to grow, lol), then keeping a journal about it is a brilliant idea.

Take it further by keeping a daily log of how you looked after your garden on different days. What if you even have routines of what to plant on any given month?

6. Poetry Journal

You are a poetry-lover. I bet you already have a poetry journal, but if you don’t – now would be the time to start.

7. Lettering Journal

It’s one of my New Year’s resolutions – to learn at least one type of lettering. Of course, I intend to have a special journal for it.

8. Astrology/Moon Journal

If you love astrology, reading the stars, and keep a close eye on the moon cycles, then maybe that’s a journal idea for you.

9. Tarot Cards

I’ve always wanted to be able to read tarot cards. It’s not on my agenda any time soon, but if I follow that dream one day, I will certainly need a journal for it… right?

10. Rubber Stamp Catalog

If you’re an art journaler (is that a word?) and have more than 30 stamps hidden in a box under your desk, this would be a great way to keep track of them.

11. Swatches Journal

Keep pieces of your favorite fabrics lined up, all pretty and neat, in a journal of their own.

12. Planning a Book?

If you’re working on writing a book (or plan to work on it), this will make the process a little bit easier. Have a designated spot for your book’s world, especially if it’s a fiction story. Use the journal to develop the characters, their lives, backgrounds, explore the world within your head, and describe it in the journal.

13. Any Other Hobby Journal

You didn’t see your hobby listed here, but you believe it deserves its own journal? Make it! And share the idea in the comments below this post so I could include it.

14 Fun Journal Ideas To Try

1. Quotes Journal

Self-explanatory idea. This would be the journal where you write all of your favorite quotes. Why not have a quote a day style of keeping it?

2. Bucket-list Experiences

If you love having bucket lists for well, everything, consider sparing a notebook to track how you go through the list. Use it as the place to write a few sentences for each experience, maybe stick a photo of yourself, or any other memorabilia.

3. Gift Ideas

Okay, this one is so smart! Just follow my thought process. Do you remember last Christmas, while you were walking between the aisles of shop number 14 and still didn’t know what to get for that friend of yours you were about to meet on the next day?

Well, imagine you had a magical book that tells you, “Hey, this person loves rocks, books, and pink pajamas.”

A Gift Ideas Journal does that magic. You could write all gift ideas that pop into your head when you don’t need them (around springtime) and use them when you actually need them (holidays, birthdays, and so on).

Via @: dinhthienbao.com

4. Question Journal

This would be a journal full of weird, out-of-the-ordinary questions that come into your head and you aren’t eager to search for an answer right now.

  • How long is the longest English word?
  • How were all the veggies developed?
  • Which one is first – the egg or the chicken?

and so on…

5. Interesting Facts Journal

This idea is closely related to the one above. When an interesting fact lands near you – write it down.

6. One Sentence a Day

Maybe you have a little more to say about your daily life, and the Word a Day journal idea wasn’t good enough. Well, you also get a Sentence a Day idea. Need more?

7. Jokes Journal

You could write the jokes that amuse you the most, the jokes your friends tell you or the funny moments you have together. As long as something makes you laugh – it deserves its spot here.

8. Your Children’s Journal

Okay, maybe that one needs a little bit more explanation. Think of creating a journal where you keep memories of your adventures with your children, their best paintings, their achievements, and the moments that made you a happy and proud parent (which is every day, but you get the point).

9. Movies/Shows Reviews

If you are obsessed with watching movies and TV shows and consider building memorabilia with that hobby, having a journal for it is great.

10. Songs’ Lyrics

Keep all of your favorite songs’ lyrics at one spot – a.k.a. Lyrics Journal.

11. Someday/Maybe

I got this idea after reading Get Things Done by David Allen. He suggests building a list with things you might want to do one day, places to visit, projects to try, and so on. And I thought, “Why not having a journal with all these ideas?”

12. Friendship Journal

This is such a fun method to keep memories together in a little bit different way. What if you and your friends were sharing a friendship journal, and every time you meet, one of you gets to keep the journal until the next time you meet. Throughout this time, she can write about her experiences and share her life in the journal. Next time you get together, the journal goes to the other friend and so on.

13. Pet Journal

If you love taking photos of your pet and you two have countless adventures together, consider this idea as the greatest fun way to fill an empty notebook.

14. Weekend Journal

You might be a fun outdoorsy person who loves living life to its fullest every weekend. This journal idea would be perfect for you. Keep your memories of the places you visit on the weekends, write suggestions people give you or plan your weekends.

11 Lifestyle and Self-Improvement Journals To Keep

1. Fitness Journal

Track your weight, the activities, gym classes, overall progress, water intake, and food choices… all in one place – your fitness journal.

2. Travel Journal

I have this one. I didn’t touch it in 2020. But I intend to change that in 2021. Ready to create your own travel journal and collect fun memories? Grab one of your empty journals and start now… or when you actually go somewhere.

3. Productivity Tracking

I used to track my productivity a month ago, and it was a profound experience. How? You might be thinking that finishing a specific task takes you half an hour, but only after you track the time, you actually work on the task you might realize it takes you 20 minutes. For the other 10, you were wandering around opening random folders on your computer. Been there – done that!

Just get an empty notebook (or a journal) and start tracking how long every task takes you to finish. Now you have a realistic overview of how productive you are. You also meet your time-wasters and get ideas on how to improve your productivity.

4. Prayer/Bible Sacred Place

Having a Faith Journal is also a popular method to fill your empty journals. Write down Bible verses, your thoughts, and conversations with God.

5. Learning a New Language

What can you do with an empty journal? Well, maybe fill it with new words of a language you’ve always wanted to learn.

6. After Meditation Notebook

Are you on your path of spiritual awakening? Do you love spending some time alone and silencing your thoughts? Maybe having a journal to keep yourself motivated and focused is a great way to reduce the empty journals pile.

7. Relationship Journal

You and your partner have many beautiful memories together. Why not giving them a designated spot? Glue on your favorite photos, your relationship bucket-lists, your dreams and plans for the future, your New Year’s resolutions, and date ideas.

8. Routine Journal

You have a morning routine, an evening routine, weekly planning routine, monthly planning routine, journaling routine, fitness routine, meal-planning routine…. and many others I didn’t mention.

Got the hint?

9. 5-Minute Habits

After I wrote my five-minute habits post a while ago, I took that list and wrote it in my personal planner. Why not have a whole journal or a tiny notebook dedicated to all of the habits you could do for five minutes only but get life-changing results down the road? Need some examples? I will answer your need:

  • daily reflection
  • five minutes in silence
  • five minutes speed cleaning
  • closing your eyes for five minutes (when you’re stressed)
  • repeating affirmations
  • many more – see my 30 ideas here.

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10. Business Ideas

If you run a business or plan to build a business one day, you know that your mind starts giving you showers of ideas basically on an hourly basis. Keep them somewhere saved until you figure out what to do about them.

11. Life Project Book

Are you on a self-development journey? You might need a life project book to write all of your ideas and ways to work on your personal growth. You could manifest your best life, keep short notes and quotes from books that change your mindset, keeping lists of courses to take, seminars to attend, and so on.

9 Planners To Keep – Ideas

1. Wedding Planner

The first thing I did after my partner and I established a date for our wedding was to get a wedding planner and fill it with all of my ideas and leaflets I got from the wedding fairs we visited.

Well, a specific 2020-related reason (its name shall not be pronounced) canceled our wedding, but my planner still waits for me.

2. General Events Planner

Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, Birthdays, Baptisings.. all of these events need their own spot, so why not combine them into one Event Planner. Maybe you have a list of meals to cook for Christmas, favorite people to invite, places to visit around Thanksgiving… Write all that in your very special Event Planner.

3. To-Do Lists

If you’re a busy person and are used to utilizing to-do lists daily, then having a planner with daily to-do lists is a great way to fill an empty notebook and to do it fast.

4. General Daily Planner

It might sound like the previous idea, but here you can expand your daily planner to include everything – to-do lists, daily goals, calendar, projects tracking, habits tracking, and so on.

5. Bullet Journal

This is the style of planning I’m using right now. I love bullet journaling as it gives me the freedom to change my planning style every time I want to explore a new way of improving my daily productivity.

Bullet journals are usually dot-grid notebooks, but if you don’t have such, just a normal blank or lined notebook does the same job.

Do you think a bullet journal is only for those who can draw pretty things? Check the photo below of some of my bullet journal spreads – none of them is beautiful, and all I care about is to be a functional place to dump my tasks.

A bullet journal needs to be functional, not pretty

6. Pregnancy/New Baby Journal

I don’t have children yet, but I know that pregnancy and welcoming a new life involves a lot of planning, buying, and “don’t forget”-ing. (not a word, I know!)

When I (hopefully) get pregnant one day, the first thing I’m going to do (after I stop jumping) is to choose my Pregnancy/New Baby planner. All of the appointments, scan results, struggles, emotions, and products-to-buy will go into that planner. It’s such a beautiful memory to keep, right?

7. Mind-Mapping Planner

Mind-mapping is a functional way of brain dumping and planning. You would usually take a blank piece of paper and write your main idea in the middle of the page. Then you write all of the ideas that come to your mind and are connected to that idea. It kind of looks like the photo below.

Once you’re done will all of the ideas, you could exclude the useless ones, turn others into mini-projects dependent on the main one, schedule tasks and create to-do lists.

8. Side Hustle

Planning on starting a new side hustle or a few of them? Keep a journal to track your progress and add even more ideas.

9. Meeting Planner/Journal

If you’re often having meetings (online or in-person) and don’t want to forget something important, use one of your journals as a Meeting Planner. Keep in it all of the questions you’d like to ask, schedule meetings to attend, brief overviews, and anything additional you want to keep as a reference.

7 Journals To Help You Manifest Your Best Life

1. Current Vs. Future You

I saw this idea by you-tuber Aileen from Lavendaire. She suggests you have a journal where you draw the version of yourself now and the version of yourself you want to manifest.

I love the idea, so I share it with you. Here’s one of her videos where she explains, even more, this manifestation process.

2. Simple Manifestation Notebook

I have this one. On the first page, I have my top 10 (or maybe more) things/life events I would like to manifest. The rest of the journal is filled with repeating the same list in different ways. I would often manifest through expressing gratitude for that thing (like it’s already in my life), or I would write a few sentences (or a page) describing my dream life that includes those things.

3. Vision Board Journal

Instead of having a real vision board go for sticking all photos and writing quotes that represent your dream life on the pages of a notebook.

4. Affirmations

Keep all of your affirmations in one place – the ones you create by yourself and those you find online.

5. My Dream Home

My partner and I are in the process of building our dream home, and I have a dedicated journal for that. In it, I keep photos of things I’d like to buy, a description of how each room is going to look, even pieces of fabric and patterns for curtains, wallpapers, and so on.

6. Spiritual Journal

Improving your life often comes hand in hand with spiritual growth. Whatever you believe in, whatever you manifest in your life, have a spiritual journal to stay focused on the right path.

7. Finding Yourself

I recently went through a class on Skillshare, where the teacher gave a few insightful assignments that would help students find their purpose in life. Why not explore the depths of your own soul and writing the experiences in a notebook?

13 Blogging Business Planners You Need

1. Business Journal

A general business journal is a great place where you could write your business goals, your blog’s vision, and your bravest dreams for building an online business.

2. Blog Activity Log Journal

Okay, if you’ve been blogging for a while, you might have noticed that you don’t remember when the last time you backed up your blog was. What about your plugins’ updates?

I realized I need a place to write daily logs for my business after facing a few technical issues a day after updating a few plugins… But I didn’t know which plugins. A daily log will give you a clearer view of why your website performs better or not; when it started and how you caused it.

3. Content Planner

I use a simple Excel sheet for this, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use one of your empty journals to plan your content.

4. Blogging Ideas

Every blogger has countless ideas weekly. Some of them are brilliant, others are meh-style ideas, and a few need modifying. If you feel like you struggle to cope with all of the ideas in your head, try having a separate notebook for them.

5. Social Media Planner

The self-explanatory idea for keeping a journal – you plan your social media posts and appearance your lives and stories. You might also plan ads and experiments with scheduling, then track the results.

6. Product Creation

A lot goes into product creation: you need to research the market, come up with a few ideas, select the best one, do another research, build the product, market it in a specific way. It truly deserves its own planner.

7. Improvements/Lessons and more

Every blogger has a list of at least 50 things they’d like to try on their blog but don’t have time. Keep them in one spot. Write down the lessons and the improvements ideas, have a list that’s named “to-do one day,” and next time you have a spear hour to work on your blog, just scan that list and pick one idea.

8. Research That Journal

Okay, it might not deserve its own agenda, but what if you actually have many, many programs you’d like to check one day or plugins to try. Have a Research That journal that stays near your working desk.

You might often see suggestions for plugins or services in the Facebook blogging groups but not have the time to research at that point. Write it down in the journal, and now you have it forever near you.. or at least until you realize you don’t need every single plugin, you hear of.

9. Blogging Courses Planner

Yes, all of those on-deal courses you have to go through – keep a list of them in a separate notebook. Then, once you start that course, jot down ideas, lessons, exercises, and so on.

10. Blog Planner

My bullet journal is my blogging planner. However, any notebook or journal could become your blogging planner. Just be sure you actually have such if you’d like to create a business out of your blog. Yes, it would help if you had a place to organize that business.

11. Brain Dump for bloggers

Just a big notebook that I wrapped with… wallpaper, lol

I have two places where I scribble down ideas – my sticky notes application on my computer’s desktop and an A4 notebook I keep under my keyboard. See the photo above – nothing’s pretty, and it shouldn’t be. You just need a place where you capture an idea before it leaves your head forever.

12. Keyword Research

If you write SEO-optimized posts (or at least trying to), you know that you often stumble upon many ideas for posts that you’d like to explore. Keep them in one place. Why a separate journal? I’ve been blogging for four years only, and trust me; keywords ideas pile up very fast.

13. Blog Post Writing Notebook

Every time I have to write a blog post, I plan the content first on paper. My mind refuses to work straight on the computer. I need the guidance of my plan – heading, subheading, questions to answer, keywords to include. For example, the post you read right now (if anyone ever gets so far in the post…please, let me know if you do, lol) was first planned in my Blog Post Writing journal (yes, the photo above shows my notebook).

Conclusion on Things To Do With Your Empty Journals

I hope you liked my fun, creative and smart ideas of how to use up your empty journals or empty notebooks. If you have an idea you didn’t see featured here, I would love to know it and include it in the list.

If you liked this post, and would want to keep it as a future reference place, pin the image below to your fave board on Pinterest.

Now, go and enjoy writing, drawing, sketching, gluing and having fun with your empty journals.

What To Do With My Empty Journals? 110 Creative Ideas For You

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