Quick and Easy Fruit Smoothie Recipe

This Easy Fruit Smoothie Recipe only has 3 ingredients and it is so delicious. Try this frozen treat for breakfast, snacks and anytime you need something quick and healthy.

Easy Frozen Fruit Smoothie Recipe

We love making fruit smoothies. They are so delicious and I would eat them every day if I could. It is a great way to get your fruit servings in each day.

This is my basic recipe to create what I call the perfect fruit juice smoothie. It is such an easy smoothie recipe. You can do all water for your liquid, but I suggest you add some sweetener to it.

This recipe is so versatile and can be customized to what you like. It calls for a cup of frozen fruit and I typically use strawberries or blueberries. However, you could use banana, pineapple, mango or a combination!

This Spinach Pineapple Green Smoothie is another favorite plant based smoothie I absolutely love! Once you start making smoothies, you will be hooked!

How do you make smoothies with frozen berries?

The recipe calls for a cup of liquid. You can use water but I like it with ½ cup juice and ½ cup water. You can also mix milk and yogurt together.

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Try orange juice, apple juice and even pineapple juice. Any of these ideas will make for a delicious smoothie. Sometimes, I just use what I have in the fridge. This healthy smoothie is a hit no matter what juice I use.

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What is the best fruit for smoothies?

Here are some great fruits to try in your next smoothie:

  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries
  • Pineapple
  • Mangos
  • Oranges
  • Peaches

Make sure you have a good blender to make this frozen fruit smoothie.

You want to make sure you have a good blender. I have been thru some cheap ones and they barely last a week. Don’t waste your time like I did with these cheaper models, and just get something nice from the get go. It will save you time and money!

I have a Vitamix now and it was worth the money. We have had it for many years and it’s still working to make smoothies and more! It’s paid for itself time and time again with all the money I have saved making smoothies and milkshakes at home.

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Purchasing a Vitamix is pricey, but it is worth it. You won’t have to keep replacing it like with the cheaper blenders.  Amazon has several of them on sale right now for a great price.

If you just can’t make it work in the budget, I recommend a Waring professional blender. I think it is the next best thing and it will  get the job done. Now, it is not as good as the Vitamix but it’s a close second for a more reasonable price.  Amazon has several Waring blenders on sale right now. 

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What are the basic ingredients for a smoothie?

It’s very simple to make a smoothie and it’s only a few ingredients. Really it’s only 3 ingredients- fruit, yogurt and liquid! Easy!

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Ingredients for frozen fruit smoothie:

  • Frozen Fruit
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Water

How to make a fruit smoothie:

  • First, put the water in the blender.
  • Next, add the frozen fruit and yogurt.
  • Put the blender lid back on (very important) and blend for a few minutes until it is smooth. Serve with a straw for extra fun. Enjoy!

That is all you do!

Can you make smoothies and freeze them?

Yes! This Easy smoothie recipe is freezer friendly! It actually freezes great.

I love to double the recipe and then freeze it. It makes a tasty treat for me, so I will grab it instead of ice cream. It is also a great breakfast on the go and much cheaper than buying one out.

Variation ideas

  • Try mixing flavors and don’t be scared to try new fruits. Fresh fruit or frozen fruit they both make the best smoothie.
  • I love adding in spinach to my smoothies. You will be surprised that you can’t taste the spinach at all. If you use just a little, it doesn’t turn the mixture green if you have children that might be resistant. A few of my kids are extra picky so I use the mixed berry frozen fruit to sneak in spinach.
  • This berry blend has blueberries, blackberries and strawberries so it’s much darker. Adding in the spinach with some extra fruit your kids won’t even know that spinach as been added. If your kids are like this, you might try this blend first.
  • You can add chia seeds or flax seed for even more nutrition.
  • Try coconut milk or almond milk for the liquid.
  • Sometimes when I use banana, I will also throw in some peanut butter.
  • Another trick I have is to freeze my bananas. It makes the smoothie taste like a frosty. This is also a good way to use up bananas that might be going bad soon. Chop them up and freeze them!
  • Frozen Strawberry and Banana smoothie is my go-to smoothie recipe.
  • Protein powder. Add a scoop for more protein. I like using vanilla protein powder with frozen strawberries and almond milk.
  • These are all great options. This basic fruit flavor smoothie recipe is so easy to adapt or change based on preference or wht you have on hand.

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Print this easy fruit smoothie recipe:

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