Married At First Sight Season 13: Who Is Still Together (And Who's Not)

Married At First Sight continues to try to pair up couples based on personalities to see if they can find common ground once married. With season 14 set to end soon, the real question remains if the couples will stay together or part. If they decide to stay together after the show ends, then audiences wonder if the couple can make it work.

With season 13 having ended over half a year now, the couples on the show have had time to see if their pairing is truly a match made in heaven or not. The five pairings, all comprising of people from the Houston area, have had mixed results with how long their relationships have gone on. Looking at them, audiences can perhaps see where the season 14 couples could go in the season finale and, possibly, beyond.

Michaela Clark And Zack Freeman

Michaela and Zack’s relationship got off on a bad footing, and the two seemed like they were never able to recover. Their honeymoon, which the show uses as a place for the couples to get to know each other deeply for the first time, had to be canceled as Zack came down with COVID-19.

While Michaela wanted to remain married on decision day, Zach had other thoughts, and the two had their relationship come to a close. They were seemingly not even on good terms, as the two refused to speak or appear next to each other on stage for the show’s annual reunion event. This marriage was seemingly over before it even started, and Zach and Michaela are officially not together. 

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Bao Huong Hoang And Johnny Lam

This one should come as no surprise to fans of the show, as Bao and Johnny’s relationship did not even make it through to the conclusion of the season. Bao respectfully asked Johnny for a divorce during the season finale, officially ending their relationship.

These two seemingly had the most promise, as they previously were slightly aware of each other in college. Johnny consistently made mistakes in the marriage though, such as talking poorly of Bao behind her back to one of Bao’s friends. Viewers certainly were vocal about this behavior, as the two become a couple that was not loved by fans. Despite this, the two were cordial at the reunion and wished the best for one another. This confirmed that there was no rekindling though, and the two are officially not together. 

Myrla Féria And Gil Cuero

Of the five couples on this season of the show, Gil and Myrla were the two who both agreed to stay married at the show’s finale. They ended up moving in together, giving hope that their relationship may be legit. The two started rough with constant arguments, but they eventually both admitted their love for each other.

Unfortunately, the two had bad news at the reunion. They were officially separated, with Myrla stating “He’s an amazing person, he’s handsome, everything. But we are just not for each other.” The two went on to say that the initial emotional connection was not there, and even though they developed one, later on, they both felt it was a bit forced and would not be worth it in the long term. To this day, the two remain separated and are not together.

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Brett Layton And Ryan Ignasiak

This one should come as no surprise to anyone who watched the show, as Brett and Ryan simply did not work out from the start. Ryan was caught using dating apps while the two were getting to know each other, severely damaging any level of trust that the two may have previously built up. The two did not even make it to the conclusion of the season as husband and wife, as they decided to split on decision day.

Despite some suspect moments, the two announced at the season cast reunion that they were on decent terms and considered each other friends. They seemed at peace with the state of their relationship, although Ryan said that he regretted not having “the tough conversations” that were necessary. Despite their cordialness, today the two are not together. 

Rachel Gordillo And Jose San Miguel

These two would be the last couple standing from season 13, as the other four pairs of lovebirds had already called it quits. As of December 2021, the two were still officially married, giving fans some hope that at least one couple would last. Unfortunately though, in a statement to People, the two announced their divorce.

They said they did not come to the decision lightly,  but concluded that “this decision best serves our future.” The two did have a bit of a rocky relationship, as Rachel said in the reunion episode that they briefly broke up after the finale before Jose came back to her and they tried again and were successful for a bit. Sadly, this was short-lived, as the couple is now officially not together.

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