How To Keep Dogs Out Of Cat Litter Boxes (7 Simple Ways)

Relating to pets, it’s positively the extra, the merrier! When you've got a family with each canine and cats, you know the way superior that combo may be (particularly when your canine and cat are doing one thing lovely like snuggling). Nonetheless, there can be moments the place they annoy each other or steal every others’ meals or, within the case of canine, do one thing gross like stepping into the cat’s litter field and consuming what it finds there.

Canines stepping into the litter field and consuming cat poop is definitely one of many high issues house owners of each canine and cats take care of. It may be an enormous activity attempting to maintain your pup out of the litter field! Imagine it or not, there's a motive your canine is partaking on this habits, and there are a number of methods you possibly can hold them from doing it once more.

Ew, Why Is My Canine Entering into the Cat Litter?

The behavior of consuming poop, known as coprophagia, could also be tremendous gross to us, nevertheless it’s regular doggo habits. Canines are scavengers; they may eat just about something they arrive throughout. And so they discover cat poop to be significantly scrumptious treats as a result of it smells like cat meals to them. The explanation it does? A cat’s digestive tract is on the shorter aspect, so typically, their poop can include vitamins similar to protein that haven’t been absolutely digested.

In a a lot rarer case, your pup could also be chowing down on poop as a consequence of a well being drawback. Sure medical issues like diabetes mellitus, Cushing’s illness, and intestinal malabsorption/maldigestion could make your canine really feel as if they're continuously hungry. The result's them wolfing down something that resembles meals within the slightest.

Will Cat Poop or Litter Hurt My Canine?

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Whereas more often than not a canine consuming cat poop can be okay, it can hurt them, so it’s a habits that ought to be extremely discouraged. Cat poop can include a number of various micro organism and parasites that may make your pup unwell. Micro organism can embrace salmonella, campylobacter, and clostridia, amongst others. To make issues worse, salmonella may be transmitted from canine to human. Cat poop can even move alongside worms, in addition to a parasite accountable for toxoplasmosis (which your canine can then switch to you through a pleasant sloppy doggy kiss).

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So far as litter goes, it will also be harmful to your canine in massive portions. In case your canine eats sufficient litter, it may end up in a blockage within the intestines. The excellent news is that almost all canine would want to eat a ton of litter for this to happen. Nonetheless, in case you’ve caught your canine snacking within the litter field (particularly if in case you have clumping litter), control their bowel actions. If it looks like your pup is having hassle going or if their poop seems to be totally different than regular, get them to a vet.

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The 7 Methods To Preserve Canines Away from Litter Packing containers

Beneath you’ll discover seven methods you possibly can assist hold your canine out of your cat’s litter field. They’re all comparatively easy, however a pair do require some effort and time in your half.

1. Clear your cat’s litter field ceaselessly

Clear out your cat’s litter field as typically as you possibly can, ideally as quickly as doable after they use it. This technique is one which requires your time. It’s most helpful for many who are residence for almost all of the day (let’s face it, in case you work outdoors the house eight hours a day, you gained’t have the ability to do that). When you can’t clear the litter field after each use, attempt to no less than test it no less than twice a day. The faster you get in there, the much less typically your canine will have the ability to get a deal with.

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2. Cowl the litter field

This one is a straightforward repair to the issue, nevertheless it will depend on each your cat and canine to achieve success. Lined litter containers could make some felines nervous as a result of they don’t like feeling as if they’re trapped. Relying in your cat, this is probably not choice. Then there’s your canine’s dimension. That is nice to maintain bigger canine out of the litter, however if in case you have a lap canine, they’ll have the ability to match their head in for a fast style simply.

3. Get automated

When you aren’t residence typically sufficient to wash up after your cat each time they use the litter field, or your cat doesn’t like the thought of a coated field, you could need to strive an automatic litter field. These litter containers are fabulous as a result of they may clear themselves after every use. The downsides are they may make your cat nervous, they are often expensive, and in case your canine is super-fast, it'd have the ability to get in there earlier than the self-cleaning begins.

4. Place your cat’s litter field someplace excessive

Cats like to be up above everyone else, so they might get pleasure from their litter field being up on a counter or desk. And, until your canine is massive or significantly apt at climbing, they gained’t have the ability to get it. Nonetheless, if in case you have restricted area in larger areas and might want to use the area for different issues, the thought of a litter field being there would possibly squick you out.

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5. Preserve the litter field space gated

If altering your cat’s sort of litter field isn’t an choice, neither is inserting it larger, you would possibly need to strive a pet gate. Placing up a pet gate will block entry to the litter field on your pup, and voila, drawback solved! However how will the cat get to it? You will get a pet gate that has a small pet door in it to let your cat out and in. In fact, that can solely work in case your canine and cat aren’t shut in dimension.

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6. Use a dog-proof door latch

Much like placing your cat’s litter field in a gated space, you may as well confine it to a room then use a dog-proof door latch. With considered one of these, you possibly can depart the door to the litter field space cracked open sufficient on your cat to slide by means of whereas guaranteeing the crack is just too slim on your canine. That is one other occasion the place your pets being shut in dimension will make this a poor resolution.

7. Practice your canine to steer clear of the litter field

One closing choice is to coach your canine to steer clear of the litter field. Doing it will require probably the most effort and time in your half. Instructing your canine the “depart it!” command might be the simplest strategy to go about coaching. Say this command whereas providing your pup a deal with that’s manner tastier than cat poop, and ultimately, they’ll work out that being good equals a scrumptious snack. There’s no assure they gained’t sneak into the litter field the second you allow the room, nonetheless, so it could be higher to make use of this along side another choice from the listing.

Conclusion: Maintaining Canines Out Of Cat Litter Packing containers

Your doggo could love hanging out in your cat’s litter field and consuming poop, nevertheless it’s actually of their (and your) finest curiosity that they not. There are too many well being points that might come up from doing this (a few of which might be handed alongside to you). This habits may be laborious to interrupt, although, because you’re primarily taking away what’s akin to a deal with. The only strategy to get your canine out of the litter field can be reducing off entry to it, getting a special sort of litter field, or cleansing the field continuously. As soon as that is achieved, you may be certain your canine can be a lot more healthy (if possibly a bit poutier!).

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