How to Work a BUNN Coffee Maker

Cleaning a BUNN coffee maker

There are some absolute musts when it comes to cleaning your brewer and BUNN coffee maker parts.

Daily maintenance consists of the following:

  • Rinse out the filter basket for each use.
  • Clean out the brewing pot for each use.
  • When you are done using your BUNN for the day, thoroughly clean the coffee funnels, brewing pot and brewers.

Weekly maintenance consists of the following:

  • Rinse all the equipment thoroughly.​
  • Use a household cleaner to scrub the outside of the brewer.
  • Scrub the brew basket to remove residue.
  • Check the spray heads to ensure they are not clogged.
  • Clean out the coffee grinder.
  • The brew funnel and decanter can be washed on the top-rack of the dishwasher.

Deliming your coffee maker

You should delime the brewer periodically. This means you are cleaning your machine of any lime or other deposits that may have accumulated due to the water you use.

How often you must delime depends on the type of water you’re using. Hard water tends to cause accumulated deposits more often.

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Unplug the brewer before beginning the deliming process.

  • Locate the spray head.​
  • Unscrew the spray head and put it aside for later.
  • Find the deliming probe that came with your brewer.
  • Insert all but two inches of the deliming probe into the spray head opening.
  • Slide the tool in and out five or six times, loosening the deposits.
  • Next clean the spray head.
  • Any remaining mineral deposits can be removed from the spray head with a toothpick or other small prodding utensil.
  • Rinse the spray head with water before reinstalling.
  • Plug in the brewer and allow the water in the tank to reheat before using.

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How to empty a BUNN coffee maker

It’s good practice to empty the water in your BUNN routinely, but it should definitely be emptied whenever you need to take it somewhere, ship it, or store it in an unheated location where it has the possibility of freezing.

This is how to empty your BUNN coffee maker safely:


  • Unplug the brewer.​
  • Cool the water in the tank by sliding an empty brew funnel into the brewer under the warmer switch and centering an empty decanter on the warmer. Pour a full pitcher of cold water into the top of the brewer. Wait for the water to stop flowing from the funnel and empty the decanter. Repeat with a second pitcher of water.
  • Remove the spray head. Turn it counterclockwise with your fingers and remove it.
  • Over your sink, quickly turn the brewer upside down. The majority of the water in the tank will come out of the spray head opening, yet some water may flow from near the top of the lid.
  • Continue until the water stops draining.
  • Put the spray head back on by turning it clockwise until it is secure.

As you can see, overall, BUNN coffee maker maintenance is simple.​

If you’re in the market for a machine, check out our article on BUNN coffee maker reviews, where we take a close-up look at 7 of the brand’s top machines to help toy find the one that’s right for you. 

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You’ll be able to taste the difference when you brew with one of their machines. And now, after learning how to work a BUNN coffee maker, you’re an expert brewer!

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