How To Reheat Crawfish Without Drying Them Out

You are a very lucky person if you have more crawfish leftovers after lunch or dinner. It doesn’t often happen as this boiled treat really pulls you to eat the last piece on your plate as well. 

But, if by some miracle you really have a considerable amount of crawfish or as they are still called crawdad, then you quickly need to learn how to reheat them properly. You don’t want to let such a good meal go to the waist, do you?

Reheating Boiled Crawfish Through Steaming Technique

The stove will be the best solution if you’re up to reheating crawfish. It’s the perfect way to preserve their flavor and keep their juiciness.

If you have frozen crawfish, you don’t have to defrost them first if you plan to reheat them on a stove. Here are some tricks to make the result as tasty as possible.

Step 1: Prepare the Spices and Water

Using a larger cooking pot, put leftover spices you have in it or add some spices of your choice. You can also add some corn, too. Then, add a little water and put the container on the fire to boil the water.

Step 2: Place the Steamer Basket, then Add the Crawfish

Place the steam net in the pot, making sure the bottom does not touch the water. When the water has boiled, put the crawfish in the basket.

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Step 3: Cook for about 6 Minutes

When you put the crawfish in the steamer basket, cover it. Leave to steam for about 6 to 7 minutes. Take out the crawfish and make sure it is warm enough. If not, leave a little more, but be sure to check every half-minute, as it will be done quickly.

You can also put crawfish directly in boiling water to heat them, but a slightly better result is still by steaming. Besides, if you had a little spice on them, most will remain in it. When you put crawfish directly in the water, you simply rinse all the spices they had.




Crawfish, crawdad, or crayfish, whatever you like to call them, I’m sure you adore eating them. They are quite a treat, and you don’t miss out on a chance to enjoy them whenever there’s an opportunity. 

Although having leftovers rarely happen, it seems possible at times. Place your crayfish leftovers in a fridge right away and reheat them tomorrow. The only proper way to reheat them is on the stove using boiled water. It’s best to steam them, although you can also cook them if you want.

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