How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Herpes? A Complete Practical Beginner’s Guide

How I used tea tree oil the right way to heal my herpes lesions in 8 days. My initial experience with this oil wasn’t comfortable. It wasn’t so easy on my skin the day I used this essential oil on my herpes lesions. Presumably, it was me lacking the sound approach of using this highly concentrated oil on my skin. Now I want you guys to forestall any chances of such brain-dead mistakes that I made during my first interaction with this oil.

Do you want to learn the right approach to using tea tree oil for herpes without putting yourself on a dump show? Follow along this beginner’s friendly guide…

But before we begin

You need to know what you are applying on your skin.

Let’s explore a bit about tea tree oil

Science Behind Tea Tree Oil for Herpes

Tea tree oil would make a great addition to your arsenal against each strain of herpes. As per National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), high levels of virucidal activities against HSV-1 & HSV-2 exhibited by tea tree oil in a viral suspension test.

The non-cytotoxic concentration of tea tree oil reduced the plaque formation by 93% and 98.2% of HSV-2 and HSV-1 respectively.

Derived from the leaves of the Melaleuca Alternifolia which is native to south-east Queensland coastal regions of New South Wales, it is an essential oil with an odor much like camphor. Some people have also reported its odor to be like an Iodex (a multipurpose balm). It comes in pale yellow to colorless attributions. 

When things come to catch up with essential oils, American Council on Science and Health (ACHS) states that tea tree oil is the single most potent oil of all the essential oils known to treat herpes sores. Tea tree oil exerts powerful anti-herpetic values which inhibit the growth and replication of the viruses effectively.

Tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory attributes that might prove to be handy in the event of inflammatory responses of the body. Drying out the lesions is one of its most potent attributes given the antiseptic property of TTO. It prevents the formation of germs and bacteria on the site of infection.

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Benefits of Tea Tree Oil for Herpes

  1. It has exhibited herpes virus killing property in scientific studies.
  2. It helps in drying out the herpes sores quickly.
  3. Reduces the plaque array in both HSV-1 and HSV-2.
  4. TTO helps in swelling induced by the herpes virus.
  5. It has an antiviral effect on the herpes virus.
  6. It encourages the natural healing process of the body, thus, helping to expedite healing.

You would want to kill the herpes virus. Tea tree oil can potentially help you achieve this goal. It helps in healing the inner tissues which have mostly been affected by the herpes virus. It has scientifically been proven that tea tree oil is one of the most productive essential oils to treat herpes. Rightly so is the most powerful oil which can dry out the herpes lesions whether it is cold sore or genital herpes in 8 to 10 days.

TTO oil hastens the natural healing process of the body to exert its full capability against the herpes virus so your immune system could be on full flow healing the mutilated tissues on an emergency basis.

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Antiviral properties of tea tree oil have long been experimented with for its potential application in various viral infections, and eventually, scientists have discovered this oil to be as powerful as some other conventional antiviral drugs.

Antiviral drugs render several side effects in the long run while on the other side; TTO if applied carefully on the skin, following all the teachings given below will ensure smooth healing without side-effects.

Learnings with My First Experience

Learning the mistakes that I made might come as an aid to your first experience with this oil. You’ll be able to prevent those possible hiccups that I suffered initially. I know the herpes agonies, the mental trauma, and physical afflictions that I underwent for years. You might also be in the same boat and I don’t want you guys to suffer another batch of sufferings.

First, you need to buy 100% pure tea tree oil. If the tea tree oil isn’t 100% pure, you might end up exacerbating your existing skin condition. When you have 100% pure oil, it still isn’t safe to use directly on herpes sores. I made this mistake. I didn’t know the right approach. After 7-8 hours of application, I started experiencing burning and redness on my skin. 

Tea tree oil is a highly concentrated plant oil that if used directly on the skin might yield negative reactions. Your skin can’t tolerate a high concentration of essential oils, therefore, tea tree oil should be diluted with any carrier oil of your choice. Everyone’s skin is different, it is also possible that your skin may tolerate the concentration of this oil, hence, use your discretion while using tea tree oil for herpes.

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You might also want to do a patch test to investigate any allergic reaction to this oil.


I also recommend you not to use this oil more than twice a day.

Last but not the list, it is a cheaper alternative potentially acceptable to herpes patients as compared to other conventional ointments and drugs.

Safety Measures Before Using Tea Tree Oil

  1. Do not use undiluted tea tree oil.
  2. Do not take it orally as it may trigger serious side effects.
  3. If your skin is allergic to tea tree oil, please avoid it.
  4. Do not use it on your vagina, even in case of vaginal herpes.
  5. Do not use it on large open wounds.
  6. Some people reported respiratory complications to its scent, if you have asthma or other respiratory issues, we recommend consulting with your doctor first.

Additional Tips for Using Tea Tree Oil

#1 100% pure tea tree oil should be used.

#2 The color of tea tree oil is either pale yellow or colorless.

#3 Our recommendation would be to use Handcraft Tea Tree Essential Oil for the best results.

#4 Compulsorily do a patch test to identify allergic reactions.

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Prerequisites for Using TTO

  • Handcraft Tea Tree Essential Oil
  • Carrier Oil
  • Clean Cotton Ball
  • Lukewarm Water
  • Soft Cotton Towel

How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Cold Sores

  1. Wash and clean the infected area with lukewarm water.
  2. Pat dry the washed area with a cotton towel.
  3. Take 3-5 drops of tea tree oil and dilute it in 10 drops of carrier oil (Lavender oil)
  4. Take cotton balls and soak them in diluted TTO.
  5. Now gently apply this mixture to the herpes lesions on or around your lips. Allow it to soak.
  6. To prevent moisture loss, you can use a moisturizer to prevent skin drying.

How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Genital Herpes

Please never put tea tree oil on your vagina, ditch all those how-tos guide recommending the use of TTO in the vagina. There is a very good reason you would not want to douche your vagina with this oil. It might damage the mucosal membrane of the vagina.

If you have vaginal herpes, applying TTO may aggravate the condition of your vagina. Vagina has a delicate balance of good bacteria, they are capable of protecting your vagina from harmful invaders. Washing the good bacteria away may not be as wise as you might think.

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Yes, you can apply it to the outer layer of the penis but we recommend consulting your doctor before applying tea tree oil on the penis head.

  1. Wash the infected part with lukewarm water.
  2. Pat, it dries gently.
  3. Take 3-5 drops of TTO and 10 drops of carrier oil, dilute them to even up the proportion.
  4. Soak cotton balls in the prepared oil.
  5. Now apply the oil to the infection, use soft hands.
  6. Let your skin soak the oil.
  7. Follow up with the usual moisturizer you use.

Tea tree oil for outbreaks is a panacea if the aforementioned steps are used correctly. It has the potential to inhibit the growth of the herpes virus and even it kills them. It also helps in drying up the lesions effectively.


How effective is tea tree oil for herpes?

NCBI has reported high levels of virucidal activities in tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is a powerful antiviral and easily overpowers the proliferation of the herpes virus. If your lesions aren’t healing, tea tree oil can do it for you. It is a natural antiseptic, it can dry the herpes lesions quickly.

Why is tea tree oil good for herpes?

  • Powerful antiviral.
  • Dries up the lesions.
  • Inhibits the proliferation of herpes virus.
  • Reduces the plaque array
  • Encourages natural healing process

How do I dilute tea tree oil for herpes?

Tea tree oil is a highly concentrated plant extract derived from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia. This oil is a highly concentrated active compound of plant chemicals that might react with the skin. Therefore, it is recommended to dilute tea tree oil before application on the skin. It is recommended to dilute tea tree oil with a carrier oil. To dilute tea tree oil, take 3-5 drops of tea tree oil and 10 drops of carrier oil and mix it to even the proportion.

Does tea tree oil work for cold sores?

Using tea tree oil for cold sores might help you dry out the oozing lesions. It is a strong antiviral agent that works specifically for both herpes strains including cold sores. It has scientifically been proven that the components of tea tree oil can inhibit the growth of plaque.

What are the best tea tree oil brands for cold sores?

Here is a list of all the top brands which offer quality tea tree oil at an affordable cost:

  1. Handcraft Blends
  2. Clinic
  3. Artizen
  4. Maple Holistic
  5. Mary Tylor Naturals


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