How To Use A Steamer Basket? 11 Questions Answers!

A steamer basket is magnificent and easy cookware whose idea preserves the dietary high quality of your meals. The basket is fabricated from mesh and is a normal technique for getting ready veggies.

Greens lose their dietary worth shortly and develop into soggy in case you don’t test the general cooking time. With a steamer basket, you add little water in a pot, place the basket with the veggies on prime, after which repair the lid in place. On the proper cook-time, your veggies might be tender and agency however not overcooked.

But it surely’s not solely greens you can prepare dinner with a steamer basket. In the event you love steamed fish or hen, you may give it a trial, however with a couple of methods in place. In any other case, the thickest components of your meals won't prepare dinner adequately. Your fish might also flake and develop into soggy.

If you're making an attempt out steaming for the primary time, take your time to undergo this information to be taught extra concerning the steamer basket. We've received a number of of this cookware available in the market, together with bamboo, steel, silicon, and even electrical ones, however the precept is identical.

1. How To Use A Steel Steamer Basket?

The steel steamer basket is primarily stainless-steel, identified for its sturdiness, rustproof, sturdiness, and simple upkeep. A steel steamer basket will final in your kitchen for ages. It's the easiest to make use of, as on this YouTube video 

However in case you didn’t seize all the main points, right here’s the best approach to make use of a steel steamer basket;

Step One:

Step one might be to select a steel steamer basket relying on the quantity of meals it's worthwhile to coo. Which means you may have a number of steamers of various sizes in your kitchen. Some are available tiers, whereas others are single.

You possibly can even steam a number of meals concurrently. Commonplace steamer baskets are about 10 to 12 inches or 25 to 30 cm, however business ones measure as much as 30 inches or 76 cm. The selection is completely yours.

Step Two:

Add two inches of water to your pot and boil. Measuring the correct quantity of water is paramount when steaming meals.

The correct degree makes positive that water doesn't get into the steamer or too little to burn the pan. Moreover, boiling water first offers you a greater final result than throwing every thing in place concurrently.

Step Three:

Relaxation the basket steamer on prime of the pot and prepare your meals neatly inside. Don’t combine meats and greens in case your steamer is tiered and also you wish to steam totally different meals. Steam greens individually because the prepare dinner instances fluctuate. As well as, the steam from different meals can alter the style.

Step 4:

Cowl your pot with its lid. Decrease the warmth to medium (if the pot has a temperature setting). If there is no such thing as a warmth setting in your pan, cowl and switch the warmth on the range to medium. Observe the cooking time for particular meals to make sure that the meals cooks correctly. Most greens will take 5 to 7 minutes on common.


Steaming meat takes 25 to 30 minutes, whereas fish is about 10 to 15 to prepare dinner totally. However you may carry on checking with a fork whether or not your dish is tender.

Your pot’s lid ought to match snugly over the pot to make sure no steam escapes; in any other case, your meals won't prepare dinner totally. 

2. How To Use Bamboo Steamer Basket

Bamboo cookware is gaining reputation as a result of its environmentally pleasant nature. This materials is natural, non-toxic, sturdy, straightforward to make use of, and simple to keep up. It consists of interlocked baskets stacked on prime of one another. The bamboo steamer is a set that comes with a basket for putting the meals. 

The hampers include a lid on the highest. Whenever you place the hampers over a pot of simmering water, the steam rises by means of the mesh in every basket. Meals then cooks on time and to your liking.  

This steamer basket can prepare dinner buns, dumplings, bread, rice, greens, desserts, and desserts. In contrast to the steel and different kinds of steamer baskets, bamboo steamers don't gather moisture (condensation) out of your meals. Which means this invention preserves your meals texture, style, and look. 

However in case you have no thought find out how to use a bamboo steamer basket, we now have the steps. First, you'll decide a dimension that matches your state of affairs.

The first step:

Boil water in a wok, pot, or pan, sufficiently big to carry your bamboo basket steamer. 

Step Two

Line your steamer’s backside with a parchment steamer liner, lettuce, or cabbages leaf. The liner prevents the bottom from staining and sticking.  

Step Three:

Organize your meals on the liner fastidiously with out crumbling or overfilling your bamboo steamer basket. You possibly can tier totally different meals sorts, however we advocate the identical meals due to prepare dinner instances. 

Step 4:

Relaxation your bamboo basket contained in the steamer in a approach that it received’t transfer round or tip over within the pot. A slopy pan will maintain your basket elevated on the bottom. You possibly can place the bamboo steamer inside such that the water covers an inch above the underside.

Step 5:

Cowl the pot and watch for the meals to prepare dinner totally to your need. 


 A bamboo steamer basket works higher with a wok as a result of it has a broad base that may match numerous sizes. It is usually skinny, thus extra accessible for water to boil and regulate the temperature continually.

Maintain checking the water degree on the wok because it evaporates a lot sooner than on a pot. Every time the degrees are low, add sizzling water to maintain the warmth fixed.

3. How Do You Open A Steamer Basket?

A steamer basket could be collapsible or non-collapsible. The non-collapsible appear like a big strainer and are simple to make use of.

The collapsible ones appear like a flower petal and require you to open them earlier than use. It's straightforward to slide your finger on prime of the steamer and pull it to open.

4. How Do You Open A Steel Steamer Basket?

Most steel steamer baskets are collapsible for simple storage. They've folds that will problem you when opening in case you are new to the cookware. With this brief YouTube video, you may effortlessly open your steamer basket relying on the model. 

Watch The Video

When your meals is correctly cooked, it's important to open the new steel steamer basket to take away the meals for serving. However the warmth from the new meals beneath won't permit you to take action in peace. It's worthwhile to be further cautious, or else you get extreme scolds. 

A sizzling steel steamer basket is extra harmful than a bamboo or silicon one. Postpone the range and use your gloves to carry the steamer basket as you elevate it from the pot.

Switch your greens right into a serving bowl and pour the water into the drain. Clear your basket, steam, dry it on a rack and maintain it safely for the following steaming session.

5. How Lengthy Does It Take For A Steamer To Begin Steaming?

Prior preparations earlier than steaming are perfect for the profitable cooking of your meals. One of many suggestions from skilled gourmets is to boil water and decrease your steamer basket when the water is already effervescent.

The recent steamy water units the steaming course of to start instantly. In the event you use chilly water, steaming will begin when the water begins to warmth and approaches the boiling level.

6. How Many Minutes Does It Take To Steam?

You'll take totally different steamed meals relying on their cooking instances. Greens will take you 5 to seven minutes, whereas fish will take extra time, roughly ten to fifteen minutes.

If you're steaming meat, count on the cooking time to be between twenty-five and thirty minutes, relying on its tenderness.

7. Do You Use A Lid To Steam?

Cooking meals with a steamer requires a tight-fitting lid. Even a tiny quantity of steam escaping out of your steamer basket could make cooking meals appropriately a problem. Vapor escapes from the basket principally when utilizing a pot on the range.

You possibly can add a towel between the lid and the steamer to make sure no steam escapes out of your meals to unravel this situation. Your meals will prepare dinner adequately with the right doneness and texture.  

8. Do You Put Lid On When Steaming?

The concept behind steaming is to include the new vapor in your basket for the meals to prepare dinner. A good-fitting lid will assist maintain the steam circulating in your substances, which supplies you nice outcomes. If you don't put the lid on when steaming, your meals won't prepare dinner totally.

9. How To Use A Steamer Basket For Veggies?

When utilizing a steamer for veggies, probably the most essential tip to bear in mind is that greens don't take greater than seven minutes to prepare dinner. Some like broccoli and cauliflower take you 5 minutes to get them cooked. You'll thus require to remain nearer and now have a timer to provide you with a warning when the cooking time is over.

Just a few extra minutes will go away your particular dish overcooked and soggy. When you clear your veggies, pack them in a steamer basket already positioned in a boiling pot of water.

Cowl the pot tightly, guaranteeing that every one the perimeters are sealed to stop the steam from getting off your pot. That ensures your substances prepare dinner evenly, adequately, and on the required time. 

10. How To Use A Steamer Basket For Broccoli?

Steaming broccoli will take you solely 5 minutes! The vegetable, subsequently, requires keenness, or you'll find yourself with soggy and overcooked florets.

  • Put together the broccoli by slicing the florets and peeling off the stem’s exterior.
  • Decrease your steamer basket in a pot of boiling water. Your steamer ought to be above the water.
  • Place your broccoli items on the steamer basket cowl the pot to construct up steam.

Total cooking time: 5 minutes.  

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In the event you love steamed veggies, hen, fish fillets, herbs, mussels, and lemon slices, a steamer basket will make issues simpler for you. The meals is wholesome because it involves your plate recent with no oil. 

A steamer basket maintains the flavour and texture of your dishes. It is usually accessible in superstores and on-line outlets like Amazon and others. Utilizing and upkeep of this easy cookware can be straightforward. 

In case you have extra concert events, write to us, and our crew might be prepared to deal with your issues. Have a wonderful steaming expertise!