How To Use A Tea Kettle

Tea Kettle Other Uses

They say big expectations come in big things, but your small tea kettle has so many uses. You can cook simple things with it, and I bet you haven’t thought about using your trusted tea kettle. This will help you how to use a tea kettle to its full potential.

Here are some things you can make using a tea kettle.

  • Hard-boiled eggs
    You can make a quick breakfast with a tea kettle by boiling healthy and easy to prepare eggs. Fill the kettle with water enough to cover the eggs. Place the kettle on the stove and let it boil for 12 minutes. After boiling the eggs, pour out the water, and take your hard-boiled eggs, be careful not to burn your hands.
  • Oatmeal
    Pour filtered water on the kettle half full. Switch on the stove to medium heat and place your kettle and let it whistle. When the water is hot, pour it over to your instant oatmeal. You may add sweetener to oatmeal to give it a little taste. Eat and enjoy it.
  • Ramen
    Ramen is everyone’s favorite because it’s easy to prepare. Boil water in the kettle as per instructions on the ramen’s package, and let it whistle. Place the ramen noodles in a bowl. Pour the hot water into the bowl, and let the dry ramen noodles sit for two minutes, and stir in the flavorings. Alternatively, you can also pour the noodle inside the kettle to cook in the boiling water.

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How To Clean A Tea Kettle Properly

Using a tea kettle over time can create mineral deposits inside the tea kettle. Hard water tends to stick on the kettle’s wall and surface, which build-up minerals on it. You can solve this by filling the kettle with pouring vinegar halfway to the kettle and pour in water.

Switch on the stove, and place the kettle, allow it to boil. When the kettle starts boiling, turn off the heat and simmer for ten minutes to weaken the mineral build-ups inside the kettle.

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Rinse the kettle with warm water and a soft sponge to remove stuck mineral deposits around the kettle. You may rinse it again until you don’t see any remaining mineral deposits.


Safety Tips About Tea Kettle

Besides learning how to use a tea kettle, you should follow tea kettle safety tips to make it last longer.

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  • You should never leave the kettle on the stove while the burner is on or unattended.
  • It’s important not to let your kettle boils or stays on the burner for a long time. Some kettles come with PTFE coating that is harmful to pets as the fumes releases toxins. This coating emits fumes that may be dangerous to health. That’s why you should never let overheat your kettle.
  • If you have a silicone-polyester or enamel kettle, chances are these products can fuse the glass top stove burner. If you allow the kettle to overheat, it may spark a fuse on your kettle’s bottom.
  • Avoid dragging or sliding your kettle on the stove, especially if you have a glass top stove, as it can damage your stove’s heat source.

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