What Can Be Used to Thicken Curry Sauce? These Methods Work

Opting to make a curry when you could have many visitor coming over will not be solely a scrumptious thought, however it is usually simple to make and may be fairly economical. However what you don’t wish to serve your friends is a bland runny curry! Listed below are some methods on how you can thicken your curry sauce when such a curry disaster strikes.

The Title Recreation

The phrase ‘curry’ is the anglicized model of the Tamil phrase ‘kari’ that interprets to sauce.

A mix of recent herbs and dried spices do have a method of titillating your senses. Add the goodness of some greens and a little bit of tanginess from tomatoes, and also you simply can’t resist having a spoonful of it. If that wasn’t adequate, think about some succulent meat cooked on this flavorful sauce with the spiciness of curry. The juices of the meat intertwine to create a concoction that's simply divine! Did we get you yearning for a bowl of rice and a few curry?

Completely different variations of curries may be discovered all throughout Southeast Asia. Within the Indian subcontinent alone, you’d discover curries that vary from actually delicate in taste to some which might be loaded with curry leaves and coconut, whereas some are extraordinarily spicy relying on the area. In Thai, Indonesian, and Malaysian curries, and even Filipino ones, you would possibly discover the liberal use of components like shrimp paste, fish sauce, lime leaves, or which might be utterly absent in Indian curries.

It doesn't matter what curry you make, the fundamental precept of constructing a curry stays the identical. So when you have friends on their method and your curry appears to be as runny as ever, listed here are some ways in which may assist thicken it.

How To Make Curry Sauce Thicker

Cooking with out the lid

As a way to thicken the curry sauce, we recommend the only factor first. Simply let your curry simmer for just a few good minutes and let the warmth do all of the give you the results you want! Cooking with out the lid would end in a better quantity of water getting evaporated, ensuing right into a thicker curry with out the addition of anything. Thus, sustaining the feel and the flavors of the curry excellent!


Including a tablespoon or two of crimson lentils would assist thickening Indian curries a bit. Lentils often swell and breakdown within the curries, and this provides some bulk to it. One other perk of including lentils to your dish is that it is a wonderful supply of proteins, very best for vegetarians.

Coconut milk or Yogurt

Including a little bit of floor coconut or coconut milk has two benefits. First, it could thicken the sauce, and second, it provides a milder style to it with a great deal of coconuty aroma. So should you discover your curry to be a bit too spicy to your liking, just a few spoonfuls of coconut milk would give it a milder style in addition to a thicker and a smoother texture. Just a few spoons of yogurt to the curry whereas it’s simmering may assist thicken it in addition to give it a slight tang.

Cornstarch or Arrowroot powder

These staple thickening brokers are often added to virtually all the things, and curries are not any exception. About one tablespoon of cornflour or arrowroot for each cup of liquid would do the trick. Utilizing arrowroot would impart a greater retaining high quality to the curry as soon as it’s frozen. You may go all Asian by including a little bit of rice flour, giving it a extra genuine contact!

Mashed potatoes

Including mashed or softened boiled potatoes to your curries may assist thicken and add some bulk to them. This will even assist to mellow the spices. In case you’ve added a bit an excessive amount of salt to your curry, just a few spoons of well-mashed potatoes will certainly rescue it! You may additionally peel some eggplants, roast them, and blitz them in a blender, including this may give a creamier and smoother end to your curry.

Floor nuts

Including floor nuts like peanuts, almonds, or cashews may additionally assist thicken curry sauces. Floor cashews and almonds are integral to some iconic recipes and dishes, just like the butter hen, of India. Addition of those nuts lends a thicker and creamier texture to the curries. Peanuts are often a regular addition to quite a lot of dishes of South-East Asian and Chinese language cuisines; including floor peanuts to your curry may give it an oriental really feel.


This ingredient could also be all-French, however you’d be stunned by the surprise it could work along with your curry. This thickening agent will give any dish a creamier texture. Though roux is made by cooking wheat flour in butter, we’d counsel you employ bacon or vegetable fats instead of it. Make the roux first, after which add it to the curry.

You may add puréed onions and tomatoes as an alternative of chopped ones, this intrinsically lends the curries a thicker base.