Spicy Sesame Tempeh & Broccoli Stir Fry

By Flora & Vino

Easy plant-based stir-fry with tempeh, broccoli, and mushrooms. Light, filling, and perfectly spiced. Perfect for meal prep and easy weeknight dinners.

Happy Sunday, friends!

I’m writing to you from the road today.

I just finished up at Expo West and Dan and I are on the road to Napa (Napa!!!) for the next few days to take a mini vacation before heading back to Virginia.

Being away from home for a week is kind of a big deal to me.

I crave an idealistically long, spontaneous, unrehearsed getaway…but I’m also craving a protein-packed bowl.

In my kitchen.

You know???

I’ve come to accept that I’m a homebody, while realizing the value in continually making the decision to do things outside of my comfort zone.

Like traveling across the country and refraining from packing the kitchen sink.

I always enter our condo post-vacation filled with the most acute appreciation for my kitchen and everything it.

The minute I got home, as soon as I dawn my favorite pajama pants, I’m making this Spicy Sesame Tempeh & Broccoli Stir Fry.

It comes together in 10 minutes with simple ingredients for an easy plant-based power bowl that’s perfect for weeknight meals and meal prep!

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Being plant-based while traveling can be hard.

I’ve found that it’s not so much that you can’t find things to eat, it’s finding the right things.

Sure, you can get a bowl of lettuce at almost any restaurant, but where’s the macro and micro nutrients (and flavor, I might add), in that?

I threw together this Spicy Sesame Tempeh & Broccoli Stir Fry after our trip to California last summer.

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If you’re like me, you can always count on your body to not so quietly tell you what it needs.

When I walked in the door, it was quite literally screaming, “PROTEIN. PLEASE.”

Luckily, I had a package of tempeh in the fridge with a head of broccoli that was surprisingly fresh, so I whipped up this quick stir fry with an easy cooked quinoa base and a spicy finish!

I recreated it a couple of times after that, just to make sure it was actually blog-worthy and not just post-vacation worthy.

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It’s triple packed with protein from the blend of quinoa, tempeh, and broccoli.

The key to this bowl is to not overcook the broccoli.

You want it to be vibrant green and tender-crisp, not dull and soggy.

I used a bit of avocado oil spray to get the veggies moving on the pan, but if you’re Oil-Free, try using veggie broth instead and continually adding more to the pan whenever it gets dry.

Enjoy this Spicy Sesame Tempeh & Broccoli Stir Fry as an easy weeknight meal whenever you’re craving some serious greens and protein.

I love mine with tons of red hot sriracha, a handful of sesame seeds, and a bit of hummus or avocado for dipping and mixing.

If you’re craving more colors than green, feel free to add/swap in your favorite veggies. I think bell pepper, snap peas, green beans, or carrots would be great here, too.

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Try making the full portion and saving the leftovers for lunch the next day, or split the recipe in half to make a single meal.

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If you’re vacationing, bookmark it! And if you’re at home…make it!

If you make this Spicy Sesame Tempeh & Broccoli Stir Fry, I want to hear about it.

Be sure to leave me a comment, rating, and review so I can use your feedback to create more yums. 

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XO Lauren


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