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A very helpful factor to be taught in English is tips on how to say the times of the week, months and dates in English. Days and dates are important for organizing conferences, making vacation reservations, and for planning social actions.

So let’s make a begin by wanting on the days of the week in English.

Days of the week in English

Listed below are the seven days of the week in English with the pronunciation:

⦿ Monday – /’mun.dei/

⦿ Tuesday – /’tiu:z.dei/

⦿ Wednesday – /’wenz.dei/

⦿ Thursday – /’thurz.dei/

⦿ Friday – /’frai.dei/

⦿ Saturday – /’sa.ta.dei/

⦿ Sunday – /’solar.dei/

The accent within the pronunciation is at all times on the primary syllable, The 2 most troublesome days to pronounce are Tuesday and Thursday, so take additional time to follow these.

As you may see, we at all times use a capital letter for the primary letter of every day. Listed below are some examples:

– I work from Monday to Friday. I’m free on Saturday and Sunday.

– Our subsequent lesson is on Wednesday.

– Saturday is his favourite day of the week as a result of he performs soccer.

The assembly is on Thursday at 10:30.

We’ve bought an appointment on Tuesday morning.

As you may see, we frequently use ‘on’ earlier than the times of the week.

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Months in English

Listed below are the twelve months in English with the pronunciation:

  1. January – /’gian.iu.e.ri/
  2. February – /’fe.bru.e.ri/
  3. March – /’ma:tc/
  4. April – /’ei.pril/
  5. Could – /’mei/
  6. June – /’giun/
  7. July – /giu’lai/
  8. August – /’o:.gust/
  9. September – /sep’
  10. October – /okay’
  11. November – /nou’
  12. December – /di’

We additionally at all times use a capital letter for the primary letter of months. For instance:

February is the shortest month of the yr, with solely 28 days.

They’re going away on vacation in Could.

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The climate could be very sizzling right here in July.

It’s very chilly in December.

Halloween is in October.

As you may see, with the months we use ‘in’.

Dates in English

After we say the date in English we usually use ordinal numbers (first, second, third, and so forth) as an alternative of cardinal numbers (one, two, three, and so forth). Let’s take a look at these ordinal numbers:

  • 1st – first
  • 2nd – second
  • third – third
  • 4th – fourth
  • fifth – fifth
  • sixth – sixth
  • seventh – seventh
  • eighth – eighth
  • ninth – ninth
  • 10th – tenth

The numbers from 11-19 comply with the identical sample of including -th to the quantity:

  • 11th – eleventh
  • 12th – twelfth (the letter v adjustments to f)
  • 13th – thirteenth
  • 14th – fourteenth
  • 15th – fifteenth
  • 16th – sixteenth
  • 17th – seventeenth
  • 18th – eighteenth
  • 19th – nineteenth

The numbers ending in -ty, like 20 and 30, change the -y to -i and add -eth. For instance:

  • 20 – twentieth
  • 30 – thirtieth
  • 21st – twenty-first
  • 22nd – twenty-second
  • 23rd – twenty-third
  • 24th – twenty-fourth
  • 25th – twenty-fifth
  • 26th – twenty-sixth
  • 27th – twenty-seventh
  • 28th – twenty-eighth
  • 29th – twenty-ninth
  • 30th – thirtieth
  • 31st – thirty-first

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In British English, the date normally begins with the day adopted by the month, whereas in American English the month is often first. That is additionally true after we abbreviate a date into three numbers. For instance, 1st December 2017 turns into:

  • 1/12/2017 in British English
  • 12/1/2017 in American English.

As with days, we use ‘on’ with dates. Listed below are some examples:

Paolo’s birthday is on June third. (pronounced ‘on June the third’)

New 12 months’s Day is on 1st January. (pronounced ‘on the primary of January’)


We’re flying again residence on Tuesday, April 10th. (pronounced ‘on Tuesday, April the tenth’)

They’re having a celebration on 16th November. (pronounced on the sixteenth of November.)

Our Wedding ceremony Anniversary is on August 11th. (pronounced ‘on August the eleventh’.)

Years in English

In English, most years are separated into two numbers. For instance:

  • 1750 – seventeen fifty
  • 1826 – eighteen twenty-six
  • 1984 – nineteen eighty-four
  • 2017 – twenty seventeen

The primary yr of every century is pronounced like this:

  • 1400 – fourteen hundred
  • 1700 – seventeen hundred
  • 2000 – two thousand

 The primary 9 years of a century are pronounced like this:

  • 1401 – fourteen oh one
  • 1701 – seventeen oh one
  • 2001 – two thousand and one


We will seek advice from a decade (a interval of ten years) on this approach:

  • 1960-1969 – The ‘60s – pronounced ‘the sixties’
  • 1980-1989 – The ‘80s – pronounced ‘the eighties’.
  • 2000 – 2009 – The 2000s – pronounced ‘the 2 1000's’

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For instance:

Via @:

The Beatles have been well-known within the sixties.

My mother and father bought married within the seventies.

Maradona performed for Napoli within the eighties.

The place have been you residing within the nineties?

The web grew to become fashionable worldwide within the two 1000's.

As you may see, we use ‘in’ with the years.

Preposition Abstract

Listed below are some examples:

In my nation, the faculties begin the educational yr in September.

Is he beginning the brand new job on Monday?

The corporate was based in 1991.

The Wedding ceremony is on July 25th.

There was an financial growth in the 50’s.

N.B. After we seek advice from a specific event like ‘Christmas’ or ‘Easter’ we use ‘at’. For instance:

The place will you be at Christmas? We’ll be within the mountains.

Most individuals go to their households at Easter.

One other wonderful means that will help you bear in mind tips on how to say the times and months in English is to vary the language setting in your cellphone and/or laptop to English. On this approach, once you see the calendar and your agenda you may follow. And when you maintain a wall or desk calendar at work or at residence, get an English one subsequent time. It’s a easy however very efficient approach to follow.

So now you may say the times and dates in English, you’re prepared to rearrange conferences and holidays! Why not discover out extra about the easiest way to Study English now?

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