How To Roast Coffee Beans In An Air Fryer

You’re reading about different methods on how to roast your raw coffee beans, you’ve even come across some of the home and commercial grade coffee roasters.

If you are anything like me, most of these coffee roasters are out of your price range, or you’ve heard:

“Don’t you even think about it” from your significant other.

I know I have, on many occasions and I’m sure I’ll be hearing it again.

If the above is true, I can almost guarantee the thought of ‘is it possible to still roast coffee beans at home without “advanced” gear’ has crossed your mind.

In this article, I will explore if it’s possible to use an air fryer to roast those green coffee beans and what, if any, are its drawbacks.

Before diving in, I’m often asked

“What are the benefits to roasting your own beans?”

Roasting your own beans gives you full control over the flavour, allowing a wide variety of flavours and is incredibly satisfying.

So, let’s begin…

Can you roast coffee beans in an air fryer?

The short answer, Yes.

If your ideal roast is between light to medium, air fryers can be a great method for roasting those fresh coffee beans at home and relatively quickly.

An air fryer provides a good, inexpensive way to get into coffee roasting.

If you don’t have an air fryer, I suggest the KitchenUp 12 QT or Cuisinart TOA-60. These allow you to see inside without having to open them up. Even if you don’t choose one of them, opt for a model that you can see inside while it’s on.

If you want a more detailed answer, read on, you’ll need to know what an air fryer is.

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What is an air fryer?

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From the name, an air fryer uses hot air instead of oil to become the ‘healthier’ alternative to deep frying.

Air fryers ‘fry’ your food by circulating hot air.

We all have our own thoughts on air frying vs deep frying and this isn’t the platform to discuss it, we are however going to be discussing the use of air frying our coffee beans.

You’ll find air fryers are easy to use, cook foods quickly and inexpensive making it a decent piece of equipment to roast our beans in.

Roasting your coffee beans by circulating hot air, providing an effective and relatively even roast.

Its drawback?

If you love dark roasts, this isn’t your method. Due to the limiting temperature on most fryers you will have to settle for a medium roast.

Attempting to roast for longer will often result in a burn rather than a darker roast.


If you love that medium ‘City Roast’ taste, the air fryer method is for you.

How long does it take to roast coffee beans in an air fryer?

When considering it’s temperature limitations, roasting coffee beans in an air fryer is relatively quick, especially if you prefer a light to medium roast.

12-15 minutes is the average time it takes to achieve a light to medium roast, this is including the pre-heating of the fryer.

While being slightly longer than other home roasting options, this method is very easy to use.

Considerations before using an air fryer to roast your unroasted coffee beans

A few things you need to consider before roasting:

  1. The smell is very potent and lingers around, so I’ve always opted to roast outside. An air fryer makes this easy as all you need is a spot to plug it into.
  2. Staying on the topic of smell, ensure you don’t cook french fries or anything else with the same fryer once you’ve roasted with it. You might end up with fries that taste like coffee or the opposite, coffee that’s flavoured with french fries.
  3. Air fryers are not built for roasting, as you are working with high temperatures it’s best not to leave it out of sight.
  4. Some air fryers shut off once they reach too high of a temperature, this is also something to keep an eye out for.
  5. Avoid overloading the air fryer, roast in smaller batches. Loading it up will result in an uneven roast, especially if not stirred or the air fryer doesn’t rotate.

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If you’ve read through the list of considerations and have taken them all into account, here is the method you’ve been waiting for…

How to roast coffee beans in an air fryer

Roasting in an air fryer is simple and consists of 6 steps.

  1. Preheat the air fryer for 3 minutes, setting the temperature to the highest yet SAFEST temperature the fryer can handle.
  2. Place the desired amount of fresh coffee beans into the basket.
  3. Place the basket into the air fryer.
  4. Roast for 8 to 10 minutes, pulling the basket out and stirring a few times throughout. (This step can be skipped if you are roasting a small amount OR the air fryer rotates.)
  5. Once finished, place the roasted coffee beans onto a cool surface.
  6. Once cooled, place the beans into an airtight container until you need to use them.

How to tell if your coffee beans are roasted enough?

Below is a simple color chart that you can follow, after roasting with this chart nearby a few times you’ll be able to roast coffee beans without needing to look at it.

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Credit: BonCafe

Another way is to listen to the cracking and popping.

You’ll know exactly what I mean when you start hearing the familiar sound of popcorn popping, these cracks mark ‘the first crack’ and ‘the second crack’.

Using an air fryer, the first crack is heard approximately 8 minutes in, this marks the point that the beans are approaching the ‘City Roast’ stage.

Depending on the temperature and model, you will hear the second crack a couple of minutes after, meaning the beans are approaching the dark brown roast although this is often unattainable with most air fryers.

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If you attempt to go for a dark roast in an air fryer, ensure you are monitoring it as the speed of which it can go from dark roast to charcoal and fire is alarming.

It takes time, practice and experimentation to figure out what roast you prefer and how to achieve it with different methods and beans.

In the beginning, when I first started roasting, I wrote down and timed everything. From the type of beans, to the brand names, the amount used and the method. By doing this it was unbelievably easy to remember what I did when I eventually made that first batch that I loved so much.

Pros and Cons of using an air fryer to roast coffee beans?


  • Very easy to get a light to medium roast.
  • Simple to set up, inside or outside, all you require is a plug.
  • Cleaning is simple, as there are no pots, pans or the inside of an oven to wash and clean.
  • Minimal to no smoke, assuming you don’t burn it.
  • Inexpensive.


  • Very difficult to achieve a dark roast.
  • If you use it to cook other food it could flavour your coffee (and not for the better).
  • Air fryers are not built for roasting and should be monitored when being operated at high temperatures.
  • Overloading the basket with coffee beans can lead to an uneven roast.
  • If counter space is something of a premium, opt for a smaller air fryer (which means smaller batches) as most are bulky.


To summarize, if you want to start roasting from home and enjoy a medium roast. Using an air fryer is a great way to get started. It’s super easy and provides you with a great medium roast coffee bean.

An inexpensive option allowing you to roast coffee beans at home without investing in expensive roasting gear and equipment.


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