How to Put Two Pictures Side by Side on iPhone (12 Ways)

If you look at the edit options in your camera roll, there’s not much you can do with pictures. The only options you have are to crop and add filters to the images.

If you want to make a collage with two pictures or compare two pictures by putting them side by side, you’ll need to use a third-party app because there aren’t built-in editing options on your iPhone or iPad. If you have an Android phone, these steps can be repeated.

Knowing how to put images side by side can help you when trying to create a collage for your favorite pictures. It can highlight the two pictures into one picture so rather than the viewing only admiring one of your pictures, they can admire both of them.

How to Put Two Pictures Side by Side on iPhone

If you want to create a side-by-side picture on your iPhone, you can do this either by using an online tool or by using an app on your phone. Using an online tool allows you to upload pictures that are on your desktop computer to the online tool to put the picture side by side. If you have the 2 pictures on your iPhone, then you can use an app and upload them from your gallery.

Tip: If you’re looking for specific ways to put two pictures side by side to upload them to either Instagram or to Facebook, these guides will help you specifically.

1. Use Online Tool

You can use an online collage editor to put 2 images side by side. Even if you want to add 3 or 4 images next to each other, you can use the method below.

1. Go to Photocollage. Since this is an online tool, you’ll need to visit the site with Safar or Chrome browser.

4. Click Auto Collage at the top.

7. Hold down the collage and click Save Image to save it to your camera roll.

2. Use an App

Since there aren’t any built-in editing options on your iPhone, you’ll need to download an editing app. Photoshop Mix is a good photoshop app that allows you to manipulate images and make collages with photos from your camera roll.

1. Download Photoshop Mix in App Store. Photoshop mix is a large app due to its excessive features so it may take a while to download and install.

2. Sign in with Facebook or Google. If you haven’t made an account before, click on Sign Up and enter your details.

3. Click on + to create a new project.

6. Tap on the upper-left corner of the first image and drag it to the bottom right of the canvas.

7. Tap on the upper-right corner of the first image and drag it to the bottom left of the canvas. If both images aren’t a similar size, you’ll need to go to your camera roll and crop them so they’re easier to edit on Photoshop Mix.

3. Pic Stitch

Another app that you can use to put pictures side by side on your iPhone is Pic Stitch. Pic Stich is a feature-rich collage maker that allows you to put your favorite pictures side by side as well as adding more than 2 pictures next to each other. You can also add videos side by side as well as mix videos with photos to create a collage.

4. Photo Collage Maker PicJointe‪r

Another way that you can put pictures side by side is by using another collage-heavy app called Photo Collage maker. It allows you to put your photos together side by side and keep the holiday spirit on your Instagram or Facebook account!

It also allows you to add filters to the images that are next to each other separately or collectively as one image so that you can make your photos more special.

5. Use The Siri Shortcuts App

One way to put picture side by side on iOS is using the Siri Shortcuts app. Using this method, you won’t have to download any third-party apps, as this app comes with your iPhone; you’ll only have to download it if you’ve deleted the app before.

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It’s also fairly easy to go through this process, especially if you follow each step carefully. Let’s get started!

1. Open the ‘Shortcuts’ app on your Home Screen. If you don’t see the app, you may need to re download it.

You can do this by searching up ‘Shortcuts’ on the Home Screen, and you should see the app icon. Upon clicking it, it’ll ask you to re download the app from the App Store.

2. In the Shortcuts app, press the plus sign on the top right corner to create a new shortcut.

3. Search for and select ‘Photos’, your default photos app that came with your iPhone.

4. Tap ‘Select Photos’ located at the top.

5. Turn on the ‘Select Multiple’ toggle button. This will allow you to select multiple photos at a time. If the switch is green, the option is turned on.

6. Locate and tap ‘Combine Images’. This should be towards the bottom of the screen.

7. In the ‘Combined Images’ section, under ‘Select Photos’ you’ll see ‘Combine’, next to a blue square symbol. Make sure after ‘Combine’ it says ‘Photos Horizontally’. If it doesn’t, tap on the option and change it to horizontal.

8. To change the spacing of the photos you’re putting side to side, press the arrow next to horizontally. You’ll then see ‘Spacing’ and can select it and type in how much spacing you’d like. This isn’t required; If you don’t want any spacing, you can simply skip this step.

9. Search for and tap on ‘Save to Photo Album’. Then, tap the field at the very top of your screen. You can then type in a name for your shortcut. To set up quick access to this shortcut, tap on the blue toggle icon next to the name you put.

10. After tapping the blue toggle icon, tap ‘Add to Home Screen’ located at the top. Then, tap ‘Add’ located in the top right. If you want, you can go to your home screen to see if it’s there.

11. Go back to the shortcuts app and tap ‘Done’ and then tap the X next to your shortcuts name to save and close.

Now, whenever you want to combine photos, you can open the shortcut you made from your home screen, like any other app. You can then locate and tap any two pictures you’d like to combine.

Then, after tapping ‘Add’, your new photo should be saved in your Photos app. It may seem like a lot of steps, but you won’t have to make that same shortcut again, and you can now treat the shortcut you made like an app.

The shortcut is just as easy as any other app, and you don’t have to download anything that wasn’t already on your phone originally!

If you’d like to download a third-party app, this is still an option. There are many different apps you can use directly off the App Store. Here’s a few that we suggest, with links to these apps included.

6. LayOut

Layout is an app from, and for Instagram, that many iOS users download for app editing. This app is an add on for Instagram that will allow you to make the collage in the Instagram app itself, ready to be posted. Below is the link for layout on the App Store. We’ll also show you how to use LayOut!

Instagram layout is great for making collages that are ready to post. You can also save them to your photos when you’re done and post them later, or edit them more on a different app before posting, whatever you want! Here’s how to use Layout on Instagram.

How to make a Collage on Instagram with Layout:

1. Open the Instagram app. Then, tap the + button at the top of the screen, located next to your notifications button.

2. Tap ‘Story’.

3. Tap the icon with two lines on the left.

4. You should see this icon again, located at the bottom, but this time it’ll be colored. Tap it if you’d like to take the pictures now for your collage, or tap the blue + button in the bottom left to select up to four pictures from your gallery. You can also tap ‘change grid’ to change the layout of your photos or collage.

5. To add this photo to your story, tap the checkmark at the bottom, then tap ‘Your Story’ at the bottom left. You could also press the download button at the top to save the collage or edit to your photos app.

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It’s as easy as that; you’ll no longer have to worry about the correct sizing or resolution for your Instagram story collages, it’ll be ready to post as soon as you’re done editing!

7. Canva

Canva is a very popular photo editing app for iPhone. You can make detailed, customized edits, as well as collages! Here’s how to make a collage in Canva:

1. Open Canva. You can use the app, or you can use your browser, like safari or google chrome. You don’t need to sign in, and you can also do this on a computer, not just your iPhone!

2. Now, find a template. There are lots of different templates, with various themes and styles. Find one that you like; whatever pictures are on the template, you can replace with your own photos, or use the stock images from the website or app.

There’s over a million to choose from, so you should be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. You can also edit the photos using the Photo Editor.

3. Customize your collage to your liking. You can add stickers, text, banners, backgrounds, and more.

4. To save your collage, press the download button. On the app, the download button should be at the top right of your collage.

And your collage is ready! If you don’t like it, or you have second thoughts, you can always go back and remake it to your liking. Your collages on Canva are extremely customizable and easy to use, so don’t be shy.

8. Google Photos

Google photos is another app that will allow you to make basic collages. It’s simple to use but doesn’t allow for a lot of custom customization like other apps. However, if you just want some photos side to side, this is a great app to use. Here’s how!

1. Open the google photos app. If you haven’t already, you’ll be asked to sign into your google account.

2. At the bottom, tap library, then utilities.

3. Under ‘Create New’, choose ‘Collage’. You can also make an animation.

4. Select the photos you want in your collage. You’ll be given a preview of your collage as you go, and you can change which picture goes where.

5. At the top right, select ‘Create’. You’ll now be shown the final project and you will be able to save or share your edited photo.

9. Fotor

Fotor is a free app available on the App Store. It’s great for editing photos and making collages. Here’s how to make a simple collage using Fotor.

To merge 2 photos side by side:

1. Open the Fotor app and press ‘Make a Collage’, and then press either ‘Artistic Collage’ or ‘Photo Stitching’ on the left dashboard.

2. You can then choose your two image cells (the border of your images) as well as the two photos you want side to side.

3. After selecting your photos and customizing your merged photos, you’ll be able to save and share the final product. Easy as that!

If you want to make a more detailed or customized collage, just upload more photos. You can also browse through premade collage layouts and customize them yourself!

10. PicCollage

PicCollage is another free app that is great for most photo editing needs. You can make collages very easily, with premade templates, themes and grids. Here’s how to make a collage using PicCollage!

1. Open the PicCollage app. You’ll be met with ‘Select Photos’.

2. Tap ‘Select Photos’ and allow access to your stored photos. From here, you can select your photos to put in the collage; and if you just want 2 pictures put side to side, just select the two you’d like!

3. You can then browse through custom templates, as well as make your own using Grids. With custom templates, you can choose an overall theme for your collage and move the pictures exactly where you want them to go.

11. Diptic

This app is not free, as it costs $2.99 to download. However, it’s a great app for photo editing, and is still popular for this use. This app is recommended for advanced collages, as there are very many different styles you can use, as well as deep customization.

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Here’s how to use Diptic!

1. Open ‘Diptic’ and you’ll be met with a huge selection of different layout categories, like classic, jumbo, fancy, fresh, and more.

This will be a basic layout of how your collage will look, and there are very many different layouts to choose from, so if you don’t like the layouts you see, go to another layout category and keep searching!

2. After choosing your layout, you can now begin to add your photos into the collage. Tap anywhere on the layout template to access your iPhone’s albums of photos. To select several images at once, make sure ‘Multi’ is selected at the top of the screen.

3. After picking your desired photos, tap ‘Done’ at the top right corner. The images will now appear in your collage template.

4. From here, you can customize the layout as well as apply filters to your photos, customize the photo borders, adjust the aspect ratio and resolution, add text and more. You could spend hours customizing your collage to perfection, if you like!

5. To save your collage, tap ‘Publish’ in the top right corner. You’ll be asked to select an export size, which determines how many pixels your collage will be saved with.

With larger sizes, the quality will look better when viewed at a large size. We recommend choosing ‘Large’, however this will take up more space in your photos storage as the resolution is higher.

6. Wait until Diptic is finished processing your collage. When it’s done, tap ‘Save Image’. Your collage will now be ready to be viewed as well as shared from your Photos app!

12. PicsArt

You can make really unique and professional looking collages using PicsArt, and the only limit you’ll have is your creativity! There’s a lot of customization and, using these steps, you’ll be able to make your collage exactly how you imagine.

The easiest way to start a collage is by using a template. There are different kinds, but the ‘Grid’ mode is both highly customizable and straightforward. It’s also a great way to learn about collage features, like text placement, sizing, and backgrounds. Let’s get started!

1. Open the ‘Picsart’ app from your Home Screen. Press the purple plus sign on the bottom of the screen to start a new design.

2. Under the ‘Collages’ heading, select ‘Grids’. Here, you’ll be able to add up to 10 photos from your library, or you can use their images from the image bank to test the feature out.

Once you choose your images, you can then select the general layout of your collage from the ready-made options at the top of the screen. You can change the design anytime by selecting templates at the bottom of the editing screen.

3. You don’t have to customize it further if you like what you have already; good collages can be simple. If you are pleased with your composition and don’t want to edit it further, jump down to the last steps to learn how to export, or save, your image.

Otherwise, you can work through the different tools at the bottom of the screen to perfect your layout. The first option, ‘Ratio’, allows you to change the shape of your photos and overall composition.

This makes it easy to, for example, go from a square to rectangular format without starting over.

In other words, you can quickly shift your composition from that of an Instagram post to a story. If you want, you could save one version for your Instagram post, and another for your story!

4. Now, select the ‘Border’ tool. Here, you have three options. You can change the border’s thickness around the photos, the radius–or curve–of the corners of the images, or the general frame on top of the whole composition.

Again, this is optional, and if you don’t like the settings or don’t want to change the border, feel free to leave these settings alone. You can also change the border background with the ‘Background’ button on the bottom, or add text and stickers with the buttons at the bottom.

5. To save your collage, tap the download button at the top of the screen, next to the undo and redo buttons. It should save straight to your photos app, and your collage is complete!


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