Easy to Peel Hard Boiled (Steamed) Fresh Eggs

Updated post here.  I find the shock method works more consistently for all types of eggs.

Easy to peel hard-boiled eggs seem like a no-brainer.  Just boil some eggs and peel, right?!  It's the egg peeling part that can be the big annoyance, especially if you're trying to use fresh eggs. Gouged out eggs can ruin some delicious deviled eggs. This seemingly simple task turned into a quest for the perfect easy to peel hard boiled egg.  Most recipes for “Easy to Peel Hard Boiled Eggs” are formulated for standard grocery store eggs that have been sitting around for awhile and are nearing their expiration date.  Many of these methods specifically recommend using older eggs to make them peel easier.  This hard boiled steamed method works great with fresh eggs, even farm fresh eggs like we use.

Steaming hard boiled eggs might seem like a strange way to hard-boil eggs, but it truly helps the eggs peel easily, without fighting with the egg white with free eggs.  We have tried steaming standard white shelled cheap grocery store eggs and this method has not worked as well. So, please be aware that this method is for fresher organic cage free eggs.  We have used this method with organic cage free eggs from Costco or our own local farm fresh eggs. If you want easy to peel eggs using ANY EGGS, store bought or fresh, the Shock Method will work for any eggs as well.

When we first read of the steaming method we were very skeptical. My husband and I have struggled to get hard boiled eggs to peel smoothly for years. We tried many different methods and didn't want to switch back to standard store bought white eggs just to get the perfect peel eggs. This method has finally proven itself to us. We use a Steamer Pot

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to cook the eggs.  Yes, it takes a bit longer than the traditional hard-boiling method, but it's worth it if you want to easily peel those fresh eggs! Make sure your steamer basket is large enough to fit the eggs in a single layer only. If you stack the eggs, the ones stacked on top top will not peel as well.

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For years we didn't even attempt to make deviled eggs because we dreaded the messy and disappointing peeling process.  We tried every trick possible; egg timers, using foil, different boiling methods, peeling cold/hot, even blowing air under the shell after cooking…you name it, we tried it. It was impossible for us to get good looking and easy to peel eggs. It was frustrating enough for us to quit even trying for a while until we heard of steaming hard boiled eggs. Now we're back to enjoying eggs and even making those tasty little deviled egg treats on occasion.

How Long To Steam Hard Boiled Eggs?

Once your pot is at full steam the eggs typically take about 15 minutes to steam to hard boiled. Then if you transfer them to an ice bath for 5 minutes, you'll have no trouble peeling. This steaming time is for standard large eggs so keep that in mind the steaming time will vary for extra large or smaller eggs. Add a minute for extra large eggs and take off a minute for smaller eggs.

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We'd love to hear how these peel for you using different types of eggs, so please share your comments with us.  Happy Peeling!

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