Full List of the Best Starbucks Hazelnut Drinks

Starbucks Hazelnut Drinks

Hazelnut is among the most cherished ingredient for decades. The hazelnut’s nutty taste mixed with premium Starbucks coffee produces a sweet, pleasing, and highly refreshing cup. Below are four different hazelnut drinks you can order at Starbucks.

1. Hazelnut Mocha Coconutmilk Macchiato

This coffee type can incredibly please the taste buds of Nutella (a hazelnut chocolate spread) and coffee lovers. It’s available in two forms, iced and hot.

It’s prepared using hazelnut syrup and steamed coconut milk, specifically Sumatran milk, then topped and finished with espresso and mocha drizzle, respectively.

Iced Hazelnut Mocha Coconutmilk Macchiato is a perfect coffee drink for spring. Its calorie count is also relatively low (180), making it an ideal drink for health-conscious individuals.

This drink is also suitable for vegans, which incredibly excites Starbucks vegetarian customers who have been asking the coffee chain to create pure vegan beverages.

You can make this delicious coffee with hazelnut syrup, espresso shots, milk, and ice cubes.

First, you’ll brew two espresso shots and let is to cool. Then add hazelnut syrup and milk in a mug and mix. After that, add ice to the mixture, pour the espresso shots over the ice and milk, then enjoy.

2. Hazelnut Bianco Latte

Bianco latte hazelnut drink is accurate to its name. Latte describes a drink prepared with milk and espresso. Lattes may be flavored with various syrups like cinnamon dolce and vanilla syrups.

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The unique feature of the Hazelnut Bianco Latte is the homemade infused milk of hazelnut-praline. This coffee is made with Reserve espresso Starbucks coffee and a small amount of infused milk for sweetening and can be served while hot or iced.

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You can order this drink if you prefer caffeine lift with little sweetener touch.

The caffeine content in this drink is 135mg. The sugar levels are also relatively low. It has approximately 36g sugars, 40g carbs, 35mg cholesterol, 160mg sodium, 18g fats, and 13g proteins in a serving size of 16 fl oz (1 Grande).

You can also prepare this coffee drink with only a few steps. To make a Hazelnut Bianco Latte, you’ll need a Starbucks Espresso Roast Capsule, whole milk or any other kind of your choosing, hazelnut spread, and white chocolate (shaved).

The first step you’ll do is frothing 8oz of milk in an Aeroccino frother, then add the milk, espresso shot, and the shaved chocolate to a mug. After that, you can serve it with a scoop of hazelnut, which you’ll stir lightly to dissolve.

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3. Hazelnut Malt Frappuccino

The mixture of a delectably nutty taste, spice touch, and classic vanilla make the Hazelnut Malt Frappuccino a delightful and heart-warming drink.

If you love vanilla more than chocolate, this refreshing cup can be an excellent substitute for your regular morning toast and Nutella.

Ordering this Frappuccino is also relatively easy. You simply need to request a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino (a tall one), two hazelnut syrup pumps, and two nutmeg powder shakes.

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If you love this drink, you can quickly make it yourself in a few simple steps.

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To make this coffee drink, you’ll need a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino, vanilla bean powder, hazelnut syrup, and nutmeg powder.

Take your Vanilla Bean Frappuccino and scoop an extra amount of vanilla bean powder into the drink. Then add hazelnut syrup (3 pumps grande, 2-pump tall, and 4 pumps venti). Lastly, sprinkle some Nutmeg powder on the drink.

4. Blonde Hazelnut Latte

The good thing about blonde coffee is its lighter and smoother taste and feel. If you hate the strong coffee taste, blonde coffee will fit your taste buds well.

Blonde Hazelnut Latte coffee is a flavorful drink prepared with slightly roasted soft and mellow Starbucks Blonde Espresso coffee, milk, and flavored with hazelnut syrup. It can be served hot or iced.

The iced version can be suitable for individuals who want lightly roasted coffee. The fat content in this coffee is relatively low (7g), with a caffeine content of 170mg.

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