Pakistani Bakery Style Pineapple Cream Cake


For Vanilla Sponge Cake
  • eggs  3
  • plain flour  1/2 cup
  • granulated sugar  1/2 cup
  • vanilla essence  1 tsp
  • salt 1 pinch
For topping and layering
  • pineapple can  1
  • icing sugar  5 tbsp
  • fresh whipping cream  300 ml
  • vanilla essence  1 tsp


1. Take 3 eggs in a clean bowl. eggs should be on room temperature.
2. Beat them for 1 minute, then add 1/2 cup sugar. Please measure with measuring cups ,don’t use normal tea cups if you want accurate results.
3. now beat with electric mixture for 5-6 minutes, or until double in size. then add 1 tsp vanilla essence and pinch of salt. again beat it for 30 seconds.
4. Sift 1/2 cup plain flour 2 times, then with a rubber spatula or wooden spoon mix flour in this with light hands, first add half flour mix it then add remaining flour mix , but with slow motions.
don’t disturb the air in this mixture, because that will help the cake to bake soft and light.
1. Preheat the oven on 180 C.
2. Take 2 pans, pans should be 7″ inch round, grease them and line with baking paper.
3. pour the cake mixture evenly in them. tap the pans .
4. bake them for 14-15 minutes. take them out and let them cool on a cooling rack, for 30 minutes.
5. now take them out, take out the baking paper.
1. Take a pineapple can, take out all juice from it, mix 1 tbsp icing sugar in it. set aside. chop half pineapples and leave half as it is.
2. take cool whipping cream in a clean bowl, beat it for 1 minute.
3. now add 4 tbsp icing sugar and 1 tsp vanilla essence, again beat it.
4. beat it until its stiff peaks form.
1.Take 1 cake on a flat plate or cake board. spread half pineapple juice on it.
2. layer cream on it , then layer chopped pineapple on it.
3. layer 2nd cake on it,and spread remaining pineapple juice on it. Soak it properly because all taste of cake depends on it.
4. now cover the cake completely with cream.
decorate the cake with whipped cream flowers and canned cherry.
keep it in fridge in a cake box for 4-5 hours. this way it will taste more good.
cake is ready and its modeling now in different styles… 🙂
Pineapple cream cake


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