Make Ahead Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits (Video)

Healthy homemade yogurt parfaits are simple to make.  Perfect for an easy grab-n-go breakfast, quick snack or after dinner treat.

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Pop Quiz: what is:

  • High in protein
  • Lower in sugar
  • Dessert worthy, yet breakfast appropriate

Answer: Make Ahead Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits

Yeah, I know I didn’t make the concept up, but if you think about it, serving your kids yogurt parfaits for breakfast, well.. that’s the kind of things that moms who rise early, meditate, run 12 miles, blend smoothies and maybe do a little yoga ALL before depositing  their perfectly groomed children at school while wearing full make-up and a smile do.

I want to be a mom like that.

That said, I’m 8 years into this whole motherhood thing,  and I gave up hope on leisure filled mornings where I serve a hot breakfast around the family breakfast table about that many years ago. Mornings are rushed, energy-depleting and sitting down for breakfast, well.. never going to happen.

This recipe (and all the other recipes on Simply Sissom for that matter) are for those of us who care deeply about our children, REALLY want to provide healthy breakfast options, buuuut sometimes fall a little short in the time and perfection department.

Don’t worry ladies.. I’ve got ya. 

What are yogurt parfaits?

It sounds fancy, but in reality it’s just layers of yogurt and fresh or frozen fruit that has been topped with a scoop of granola.  

How do you make yogurt parfaits?

First: Add a scoop of yogurt.

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Next: Toss some fresh or frozen fruit of your choice on top of the yogurt. I like to use an assortment of berries.

Then: Repeat

Finally: Top it all with a some crunchy granola.

Make Ahead Fruit and Yogurt Parfait VIDEO:

FAQ’s About Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits:

Are yogurt parfaits healthy?

The fast answer… it depends.  They can contain a lot of sugar, unnecessary additives and sugars. I recommend making your own yogurt parfaits at home so that you can control the quality of the yogurt and granola.

What type of yogurt is best for making yogurt parfaits?

You can use regular yogurt, Greek yogurt, dairy-free yogurt, whatever you like will work fine. I personally like to use regular because I like the texture, but if you want to up your protein or like a thicker consistency, Greek yogurt may be a better option for you.

I purchase my yogurt plain. This allows me to control the amount, type and quality of sweetner. I use (1) 32 oz. container of whole milk plain yogurt and then stir in about 3 Tbs. of honey to add some sweetness. You could also add a little vanilla-extract to up the flavor profile.


If you want to serve your yogurt parfait as dessert, you can use frozen yogurt. It’s delicoius!

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What is the best granola to use for yogurt parfaits?

The “best” option is almost always homemade. This Crunchy Chunky Granola is my go-to recipe for topping yogurt parfaits. It throws together in about 10 minutes and then makes your house smell delicious while it bakes.

Understandably, homemade is not always feasible. There are some really good store-bought granola options on the market. They are made with quality ingredients and sweetened with unrefined sugar. You will just need to check the labels. Purely Elizabeth and Naked are two of my favorite brands. Quality granola is expensive, for this reason, I usually make my own.

Will the granola in yogurt parfaits get soggy?

Yes. If the granola is placed onto the parfait any time other than right before you are about to eat, it will get soggy. My boys actually prefer it this way. If you want to avoid soggy granola, place a small piece of plastic wrap on top of the assembled parfait and then add the granola. When you are ready to eat, just remove the plastic and mix in the granola. Alternatively, you could just wait to add the granola until you are ready to eat.

Should I use fresh or frozen berries for yogurt parfaits?

Fresh berries, make pretty parfaits while frozen berries create a syrup as they thaw that doesn’t  make the layers look their best. However, they syrup adds a natural sweetness and turns the plain yogurt into flavored yogurt. 

If you are serving the parfaits to company and pretty is important, go fresh. For taste, I recommend frozen.

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Can yogurt parfaits be made ahead?

Yes. I almost always use yogurt parfaits as an easy breakfast option. I make a batch on Sunday afternoon and serve them over the next couple of days. They keep well when refrigerated for 2-3 days.

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What Type of Storage Container is Best for yogurt parfaits? I use both Weck Jars and Ball Half-Pint Regular Mouth Jars to store the yogurt parfaits in the refrigerator.


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