How to make vape juice at home?

And more, you can forget nicotine and flavor if you want to make a nicotine-free or unflavored liquid.

          What is in vape liquid ?

Experienced vapers who kindly advise newbies to the forums frequently mention DIY vape juice to satisfy personal tastes and save on recurring purchases of ready-to-use e juices.

If you’re wondering how to make your own vape juice, it’s time to learn the easy way to make DiY e-juice.

Preparing your own electronic cigarette eliquid can be so fun for some or so frustrating for others.

But this is related to the degree of experience.

Whether it’s your first time or you already have a limited experience of DIY e juice, here’s a simple step-by-step method to make e liquid easily:

  1.  What is vape juice?
  2.  How to calculate nicotine dose?
  3. Electronic cigarette base
  4. E-liquid flavors
  5. How to make e liquid ?
  6. How to make vape juice nicotine free ?
  7. Can I use all food flavors ?
  8. Can I use essential oils in e liquid ?
  9. The best e liquid formula
  10. Tips to make a perfect e juice
  11. Where to find e liquid recipes ?
  12. How to make your own e juice

Are you ready ? Here we go !

How to make home made vape juice?

Some people will make you believe that making your own e juice requires a mastery of DIY vape, chemistry skills, exceptional know-how coupled with an over-equipped laboratory.

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The truth is quite different !

Anyone can do this simple mix!

Start with simple recipes and end with more complex mix.

So here’s how to make your own e juice.

What is in vape juice?

There are just 4 vape ingredients.

They are called PG, VG, flavor and liquid nicotine.

And you can even remove nicotine and use a 50 50 PG VG base.

It only takes 2 ingredients to make a flavored cigarette liquid!

  • What are the levels of nicotine in e juice?

 – How to calculate nicotine in eliquid?

Note that some nicotine bases have a taste.

Depending on the dosage, it will also have an impact on the flavor.

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Make sure you follow the recommended measures in the handling of nicotine.

Dosage e juice nicotine

Since January 2017, French legislation requires the delivery of nicotine only in 10ml bottle.

The nicotine booster contains a propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine solution, preservatives of nicotine diluted to 20 mg/ml.

To calculate nicotine strength, feel free to try our DIY e liquid calculator

Propylene Glycol vs Vegetable Glycerin

  • What is the best PG VG ratio for vaping ?

Propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin will thinners your diy e liquid preparations.

Nicotine and flavors are very concentrated and should be diluted to get a nice mix.

Note that the PG is also a conservative.

  • How to calculate PG percentage?

There are differences between PG and VG.

They have a different taste, a different viscosity that impacts on vaping sensations.


Most e-liquids available on the market have a PG / VG ratio. The most common are 70/30, 50/50 or 30/70 e liquid base mix.

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Most e juice flavors are in PG.

1- How to make vape juice with PG?

Propylene glycol is a diol, an organic chemical compound, for use in the food industry, tobacco, care products.

It is used in topical, oral, injectable and inhaled by the pharmaceutical industry.

The PG does not alter the flavor unlike vegetable glycerin.

It further provides a more consistent “throat hit” (contraction of the throat), which for some can turn into a real irritation.

This phenomenon is rare but some users have developed an allergy to PG and now favor a larger ratio in VG.

Content in most of the vaping liquids, PG is a clear, fluid, tasteless and odorless preservative.

2- How to make homemade vape juice with glycerin?

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Vegetable glycerin, often derived from vegetable oils, coconut, soy…, is soft, sweet but more viscous than PG.

A high rate of VG permeate less quickly atomizer wick and will tend to alter the flavors.

That’s why we recommend increasing the dosage of flavor if you use a basic high VG ratio.

However, the VG is now adopted by many vapers especially by users of dripper (without atomizer tank), fans of pretty clouds.

How to flavor vape juice at home?

There are many varieties of food flavorings that are easily found in commerce.

Nevertheless, it is important to select the right flavor concentrates to vaporize.

Most flavors are not intended to be inhaled and present potential risks to the vaper.

We therefore advise you to buy specific flavors for vaping.

The average dosage of a liquid flavor is 10 to 20%.

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You just have to follow the recommendations of the manufacturers.

Most of those flavors are free of diacetyl and for many, acetyl propionyl and acetoin to ensure safe use.

Furthermore, we make sure to keep us informed of product developments and studies to ensure appropriate flavors.

How to make vape liquid at home?

  – Prepare nicotine

Nicotine boosters in a 10ml bottle really simplified the calculations for making vape juice.

It is now sufficient to dump the corresponding number of nicotine bottles into a neutral base to make a nicotine base at the desired level.

Simply follow this chart if your product contains nicotine:

E liquid Mixing Calculator


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