Murungai Keerai Soup, Moringa Leaves Clear Soup

Murungai keerai soup recipe, How to make moringa leaves clear soup

Murungai keerai or drumstick leaves is one of the superfood. This is also known as moringa leaves. The murungai maram/moringa tree is sometime called as miracle tree as all of its parts like leaves, drumstick, flower all can be used in cooking and it has numerous health benefits.

In Tamil Nadu, we are using this murungai keerai, murungaikai and flowers for many many years. You can use murungaikai(drumstick) in sambar, avial, pulikulambu and poriyal etc. With murungaikeerai, you can make stir fry, sambar, soup and podi. I already have shared murungai keerai sambar recipe, this sambar is so aromatic and tasty because of the murungai keerai. Today I am going to share a simple clear soup recipe with murungai keerai.

Prepping :

  • Pluck the murungai keerai leaves from the big thick stems.
  • If it has small tender stems, it is not a problem. You don’t need to remove that as we are making soup.
  • After that, take a pot filled with water, add little rock salt. Give a mix. To this water, add the cleaned murungai keerai leaves. Let it soak for 10 minutes. This helps to remove any dust and pesticides.
  • After that, take all the leaves with your hand. Do not strain as the sand will also stick with the leaves. Now, murungai keerai is perfectly ready to cook!

Murungai Keerai benefits:

Of all the parts of the moringa tree, drumstick leaves are more healthy. It is an excellent source of multivitamins like calcium, iron, vitamin C, A. It helps to promote hair growth, good for eyes, helps to improve bone health, good for eyes, cures constipation, normalize blood sugar and the list will go on and on. Try to consume this murungai keerai at least twice in a week. For vegetarians, this is a good alternative to mutton bone soup.

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If you ask me what dish I love with this murungai keerai, my answer would be soup. Yes, this soup is that much delicious. For the soup, we are going to cook murungai keerai with onion, tomato, pepper, cumin, coriander seeds, garlic and moong dal. Then we are going to blend the cooked mixture and strain it to get the clear soup.

The perfect time to consume this is a mid day. After breakfast, you can have this soup may be around 11’o clock. It is better to take it before afternoon to avoid digestion issues. As elders says, you are not supposed to eat spinach after sunset. Try this delicious soup and share your feedback with me.

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