Authentic Italian Pizza Sauce and Sicilian Pizza

Pizza is my favorite food and a thick Sicilian Pizza style is one we make with Grandma’s Authentic Italian Pizza Sauce with her homemade pizza sauce and the best we ever had.

A traditional Authentic sauce starts with the freshest homemade ingredients from start to finish.

That actually means you must use fresh herbs, fresh spices, homemade dough, and the highest quality tomatoes to make a great pizza, not just a good one.

Whether you love thick pizza or thin pizza this fantastic homemade pizza sauce will be the deal-breaker on every pizza you’ve ever tasted in an American kitchen with a straight from an Italian flavor that’s over 150 years old.

Grandma only made everything from scratch recipes, and she was from Rome, Italy which we got had her thin-crust pizza recipe.

Then from time to time, we enjoyed a thick Sicilian-style pizza that was a nice change once in awhile and used the same delicious sauce on top.

Scroll down to get Grandma’s printable homemade pizza sauce recipe it’s the tastiest and easiest sauce you will ever make in an American kitchen that’s taste authentic right from Italy.

What Is Sicilian Pizza?

A Sicilian pizza is usually about one inch thick and more bread as opposed to thin and crispy.

The pizza also is covered in a generous amount of homemade pizza/tomato sauce recipe below and more sauce on it than a normal pizza.

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The secret to a great pizza is using all fresh ingredients including the dough and sauce.

Keep in mind again, the tomatoes are the most important ingredient in this recipe besides the Homemade Pizza Dough.

Tips for pizza sauce:

  1. Always use good quality tomatoes or they will be tasteless, they can be soured and ruin the pizza if they aren’t ones from Europe or sun ripe plum fresh tomatoes then don’t use them
  2. never use tomato paste
  3. sugar isn’t necessary with good quality tomatoes
  4. Italian seasoning is a non-Italian creation
  5. use fresh herbs only for authentic flavors
  6. do not use garlic powder or onion powder or any other powders for that matter

Ingredients I highly recommend:

  1. San Marzano tomatoes or anything that says Pomodoro San Marzano 
  2. tomatoes from Europe are the best-canned tomatoes for great results or fresh
  3. extra virgin olive oil
  4. dried oregano is fine and fresh basil is best
  5. salt use good sea salt

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Pizza Sauce Not Pasta Sauce

The difference between the sauces our Traditional Sunday Sauce is meat sauce and cooked.

Pizza sauce the authentic way in Italy is freshly squeezed tomatoes and not cooked.

Pizza sauce the way grandma made it isn’t thick not at all, it’s light and so don’t worry if it’s thin that’s the right way we make it the Roman way!

Pizza A Classic

We love thin or thick crust as long as it’s pizza and is loaded with lots of whole milk mozzarella.

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Remember to refer to my tips for an Authentic pizza sauce found in Italy and not an American version for the best ever sauce you won’t be sorry you tried the best of the best here in America in your own kitchen.

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Disclosure: This recipe was originally shared in 2014. It was edited and re-published in 2021.


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