Chicken Fried Rice Recipe Restaurant Style

Chicken Fried Rice is one of the flavored rice recipes made with chicken and egg as the main ingredients. To add extra flavor we can even add a few veggies but in a small quantity.

Many of us are confused with the flavor of homemade chicken fried rice and restaurant or street. The secret behind it is that they are made in large iron vessels. Usually, these vessels are used for many years and they do not clean for each use.

If you have observed, many restaurants use basmati rice as they not only give soft texture with large grains but also give essence and aroma. Also they basmati rice tends to absorb flavors of spices.

Usually, homemade chicken fried rice is either made on small vessels or non-stick pans and the amount of flame is also lower when compared to street style or restaurants. It is very important to cook on the high flame when all spices and sauces are added for a few seconds.

To make this recipe more nutritious we can add cabbage, onions, capsicum, French beans and carrots. As this variation demands more non-veg we need to add them in small quantity. Carrots and capsicum need to be sliced into thin pieces.

TIPS to make perfect Chicken Fried Rice Recipe:

  • As this is not a curry and chicken chunks give flavor, avoid using boney meat.
  • When cutting meat, make small pieces so that it absorbs spices and gives its flavor on each bite.
  • Rice plays an important role, if using normal rice then it’s better to use leftover rice or one-day-old rice.
  • You might have wondered why restaurants and hotels use basmati rice; they usually give additional flavor as basmati rice absorbs spices than normal rice.
  • If you are not having cooked rice, then try to remove starch and put little oil while cooking so that it comes non-sticky and grainy.
  • Cut chicken into small pieces and marinate for at least an hour so that pieces absorb spices.
  • If you have spring onions then try to add them as they give added flavor.
  • When made with leftover rice, sprinkle a little salt to the rice and mix well so that salt can be spread evenly.

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How to Make Chicken Fried Rice Recipe:

1.  Clean and add chicken in a mixing bowl, turmeric powder, ¾ tbsp. salt and ¼ tbsp. red chilli powder.

2.  Add a pinch of black pepper powder, garam Masala powder, rice flour and ginger garlic paste.

3.  Mix all ingredients and marinate for 30 minutes with a lid covered.

4.  If you already have cooked rice it’s well and good or else add little oil while cooking rice so that we get grainy rice.


5.  Pour little oil and when oil is ready to deep fry, put chicken pieces and fry till they turn a golden brown color. Transfer to another plate.

6.  In a kadai, heat 3 tbsp. oil and break 3 No. eggs. Sprinkle ¼ tbsp. salt and a pinch of black pepper powder.

7. Scramble eggs and transfer to another plate.

8.  Add 4-5 tbsp. oil and add minced garlic, thin slices of carrot and finely sliced French beans.

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9.  Fry for a while and add scrambled eggs, chicken pieces and fry for a second.

10.  Add cooked rice, sprinkle ¾ tbsp. red chilli powder, 1 tbsp. salt and a pinch of black pepper powder.

11.  Sprinkle garam Masala powder, soya sauce and vinegar. Mix well.

12.  Garnish Chicken Fried Rice with coriander leaves and serve hot with a piece of lemon and onion slices.

Watch this recipe video in Telugu with English subtitles on Youtube.

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