Hmong Boiled Chicken with Zaub Paaj (Greens)

Hi Foodies! Here is another traditional Hmong recipe for you all! I grew up eating this since my mom would make this most of the time when I was young. It’s super simple and yet comforting for me. It’s basically just boiled chicken with mustard greens. I’m using my dads Hmong chicken in this recipe. But any kind of whole chicken with bones works just as fine. It probably won’t have much of a richer taste but it will still taste great! I would say this is a healthier version of boiled pork with Hmong greens. Instead of ginger, we spiced it up with whole chili pepper and cilantro. In this dish, we use the zaub paaj which is refer to as the flowers of the vegetable. Zaub means greens or vegetables and paaj means flower. Once the Hmong greens overgrow, the flower starts sprouting. This is the perfect time to pick it and use it up! Zaub paaj can be boiled or stir fry! But in this case, I’ll be showing you how we boil it. Hope you enjoy and try something different if you haven’t!

Cut half the chicken and cut the meat into pieces. Keep the bones to boil! It brings flavor to the broth.

Hmong Zaub Paaj (green flower). The flower grows out of the Hmong mustard greens. The tip of the greens is what we use in this dish. If you can’t find any, feel free to use mustard greens.

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Cut into bite size pieces

You’ll also need: Salt, chili pepper, and fresh cilantro

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Boiling the chicken

Adding in the greens

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