How to Hard Boil Eggs on the Stove or in the Oven

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How to hard boil eggs may seem an easy thing for most. But if you’ve never done it before, then what?

I’ve two ways to do this. Both work well to make sure the eggs are properly cooked, not tough, and without that greenish/black ring around the yolk.

It really is easy to get perfectly cooked hard boiled eggs every time. The interesting thing is that neither of these methods involve boiling the actual eggs!

The first way is to bring them to boiling point and then let them sit, covered, in the pot, with the heat turned off. That’s one way how to hard boil the eggs. 

The second way is to bake them. That’s right. Bake them. No, they don’t explode. (That was my first concern.) 

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Need a recipe for those hard-boiled eggs? Try German Egg Salad or my Potato Salad. Or, how about serving them with Mustard Sauce — so very, very German!

Use your hard-boiled eggs in a variety of recipes. Above, they are placed inside a meatloaf, before the meatloaf is placed in the oven. 


Egg salad! Yummy German recipe for this … check how it’s different than what you’re used to.

One other use for Hard-Boiled Eggs!

Dyeing Easter eggs naturally using common foods such as coffee, cabbage, onions, and tea will transform your hard-boiled eggs into a rainbow of subdued colors.

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Oma says,

Putting the eggs into an ice bath immediately after the cooking process, stops the cooking immediately. This helps assure that no green/gray ring forms around the yolk.

Ready to “hard-boil” eggs?

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