3 AMAZING Fruit Tea Recipes (+ 1 Spiked Option!)

There’s no question that iced tea is a Southern staple, and with such a popular beverage comes plenty of delicious variations. One kind in particular, fruit tea (otherwise known as “tea punch”), infuses different types of fruits and juices. With summer right around the corner, we rounded up three delicious fruit tea recipes (and one spiked option!) that are perfect for quenching your thirst on a hot Southern summer day. Enjoy!

3 Fruit Tea Recipes (Plus 1 Spiked Option!)

Tasty Homemade Peach Tea

There may be no better fruit to enjoy during spring and summer than peaches. Combine the fruit with an ice-cold glass of tea and you’re in for a real treat. This homemade peach tea from mother-daughter duo Linda King and Anna Martin of Blessed Beyond Crazy is the perfect drink to sip on during a hot summer day. It calls for yellow peaches and is inspired by tea the bloggers received as a gift when a friend visited Africa. The result is a sweet combination of warm-weather flavors.

Fruit Tea Punch

This fruit tea recipe is courtesy of the Loveless Cafe in Nashville, TN — a city where fruit tea populates many local restaurants’ menus. This classic recipe has notes of lemon and orange as well as a dash of cinnamon. If you’re looking to switch things up, the recipe also has a few variations. To make a refreshing cocktail, Loveless Cafe recommends mixing the fruit tea with dark rum and garnishing your drink with an orange slice. You can also swap out the lemonade and orange juice concentrates for pineapple or other flavors. For a spiced fruit tea, add five whole cloves and some star anise. Yum!

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Pineapple Green Tea Punch

This citrusy-flavored fruit tea comes from Lisa Lotts of Garlic & Zest. Her pineapple green tea punch is inspired by summer days spent at her grandmother’s house sipping iced tea. It’s the perfect refreshment to serve at a socially distanced outdoor gathering as the recipe makes 28 servings. Plus, Lisa makes an ice ring and uses star-shaped silicone ice molds to add a fun touch to the drink’s presentation.

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Spiked Hibiscus Summer Tea

A fruit tea with hibiscus liqueur? Count us in! This spiked hibiscus tea comes from Elizabeth Van Lierde of The College Housewife. It’s the perfect libation to bring along to a girls’ night or family gathering, or just whip it up for a quiet night spent on the porch. If your local liquor store does not carry hibiscus liqueur, Elizabeth recommends replacing it with pomegranate, elderflower or any liquor with a floral flavor. She also says you can add up to an additional cup of rum to make the tea boozier. Or, omit the liquor all together for an equally tasty drink fit for all ages. (SB TIP: Elizabeth is slated to release her cookbook Everyday Entertaining late this year, so stay tuned!)

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Here’s to sipping fruit tea in the sunshine!


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