Fried Potatoes and Smoked Sausage – How to Make Fried Potatoes Sausage and Onions

Fried Potatoes and Smoked Sausage is a classic southern dinner with endless options for customizing to the liking of your family. Here are some easy steps for how to make fried potatoes, sausage and onions.

Sometimes, I need a quick dinner to throw together in just a matter of minutes.

I need a meal that’s a no-brainer, meaning it’s quick, and easy and something everyone will eat.

That’s where this southern fried potatoes and sausage comes into play.

Fried Potatoes and Smoked Sausage

Basically, you take a package of smoked sausage, kielbasa, polish sausage or whatever you have on hand and slice or dice it.

Then, you take whatever type of potato you have, yellow, Yukon Gold, Russet, etc. and dice that up too.

To makes things really yummy, go ahead and dice up an onion too if you like.

Smoked Sausage and Potatoes Recipe

I love making fried potatoes in a skillet or cast iron pan. For a simple fried potato recipe, check out this recipe.

Other times, I want a full meal not a side dish. It’s an easy solution; all you really need is a package of your favorite type of smoked sausage. There are endless varieties of kielbasa, polish sausage, and smoked sausage; go ahead and grab your favorite. I even use the leaner turkey version on occasion.

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From this point, the meal can go in a thousand directions.

Whereas I typically just add onions and garlic, you could add green beans, cabbage, peppers, corn, or anything your heart desires. It’s fun and practical to use up what you have on hand.

Ingredient List for Skilled Sausage and Potatoes

What do I need to make fried sausage and potatoes?


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Package of Smoked Sausage, Polish Sausage or Kielbasa

Potatoes, diced

Onions, diced (optional)

Garlic, minced (optional)

Seasoned Salt

Black Pepper

Optional Ingredients


Peppers, diced (any color)

Corn, drained


Green Beans, drained

Cooked Egg Noodles

How to Make Fried Potatoes Sausage and Onions

  1. Wash, peel and slice (or dice) potatoes. Soak in cold salted water for a minimum of 30 minutes. (This step can be omitted, if needed.)
  2. Heat a large skillet or cast iron pan; add butter until melted.
  3. Add drained potatoes, diced smoked sausage and diced onions.
  4. Cover and fry over medium heat until golden brown and to your desired texture; stir often. Be sure to watch the pan so that the onions and garlic do not burn.
  5. Season with seasoned salt and black pepper to taste.

For the full recipe steps and ingredient amounts for how to cook sausage and potatoes, scroll to the recipe card at the bottom of this post.

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Notes About Fried Potatoes and Smoked Sausage

  • Watch the temperature of your pan. If it gets too hot, you’ll burn your onions and garlic which gives an off-flavor.
  • To speed cooking time, cover the pan for a little bit while cooking. This helps to steam the potatoes; however, stir often and watch closely so they don’t burn.
  • Soaking the potatoes will help remove the starch and allow them to cook more evenly. If you’re crunched for time, you can omit this step.
  • Instead of dicing potatoes and sausage, you can slice them thin, if desired.
  • If desired, substitute olive oil for butter.
  • Onions and garlic are optional, but very much recommended.
  • Substitute regular salt for seasoned salt, if needed.
  • Make this your own by adding a number of optional ingredients such as cabbage, green beans, peppers, and/or corn.
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