Fried Chicken Without Eggs Recipe: 5 Eggs Substitutes!

We have the best fried chicken without eggs recipe in the world, also known as being the eggless recipe!

The only thing which comes to mind after hearing the word Chicken is Crunchy, Crispy, and juicy fried chicken. At first, it may seem a tough task to make your own Crunchy, Crispy, and juicy fried chicken at home but the reality is it’s actually quite simple and it can seriously beat any fast food fry chicken easily.

All you need is a timer and Thermometer for the oil, you might be wondering why do I need a Timer and thermometer?

Well that’s because of the need to make delicious and finger-licking good Fried Chicken you have to cook it at a certain temperature and that’s how you will get the Perfect Crispy chicken. Want to try this at home? What are you waiting for then? Let’s get this started.

Can you bread chicken without eggs?

Ever been in a set of circumstances where you can not use eggs to bread your Chicken let’s just assume you are short of eggs at the moment or you might be allergic to eggs.

Now what? How you will bread your chicken? Don’t panic I have got you covered. What if you don’t have eggs we have got tons of options which we can use to bread chicken and they can taste as scrumptious as they would do with the eggs.

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In this period of time substituting anything is as easy as scrolling down to check out the recipe. But before we eliminate the eggs we have to get a clear picture.

Why do we use eggs? Egg plays a double role in this scenario. First it binds the breading to the chicken and makes sure it sticks properly. The second thing is it provides moister to chicken and keeps it juicy from inside while it’s crispy on the outside.

But, besides that, you can bread chicken without eggs! Find out below the best egg substitute for this recipe!

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What is the best egg substitute for frying chicken?

After trying out so many things as egg substitutes what I have concluded is that there are five things that work as a perfect egg substitute. And guess what they are not some fancy items they are just simple things which we use in our houses on daily basis.

You might be thinking if they are that handy why we aren’t aware of these things. You will be surprised to read what I am about to tell you.

These basic five things are just:

  • Water;
  • Buttermilk;
  • Milk;
  • Yogurt;
  • And Cornstarch diluted in water.

But there is a catch each of these things takes a different amount of time and work to stick the breading to the chicken. The reason for that is the ones with the water will be runny and the ones in the form of the paste may stick well you can always try out these ingredients if you are ever short of eggs. Or don’t feel like using them.

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The eggless recipe: How to make fried chicken without eggs

I have made Crispy fried chicken many times and what I have come to know is that you don’t have to marinate it overnight as most people do.

Why am I saying this? That’s because I have witnessed so many chefs and other people doing this marinating the chicken overnight in milk, yogurt, or buttermilk and then they put it in a bowl or paper bag add spices and breading, and then when you fry it what you get? A big lump of fried flour and some chicken in it. And I really don’t think that you would be satisfied with this.

There is another important thing I want you to know and that is the weight of the chicken, yes you heard it right. The weight does depend on a Tasty crispy-fried chicken.

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What should be the ideal weight? Well, it should be somewhere around 2.5 – 3 pounds. And if you got some skills try getting the whole chicken that’s how you will some extra bucks and get the right weighted chicken. The recipe which I am about share is pretty simple yet delicious.

Is the breaded without eggs are good?

Yes, in its own way. Eggs are just there to bind all the ingredients together and it keeps the moister locked, whereas all the other options work perfectly well when it comes to breading the chicken. The main purpose of all these things is to just make sure that the breading is perfectly stuck to the chicken.

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Tips for a more delicious recipe

Well, there are certain little things which you to keep in mind while making this recipe. These are not any major tips or anything just some small details which you have to look for while making this Finger-licking good fried chicken at home.

  • Using the right pan, yes it is very important to choose the right pan for frying the chicken it may make a huge difference in the taste.
  • Using the right oil is also very important when making fried Chicken. I would suggest you use peanut oil the reason I am saying this is it can hold out against high temperatures. But it’s not a must-to-do thing if you have it good if you don’t have it you can simply use vegetable oil.
  • Cooking at a specific temperature and a certain time, that’s the key part. Using a thermometer and a timer would be a good choice as I mentioned earlier in the blog.
  • If you want to store the fried chicken I would suggest you don’t. But still, if you do it here’s a quick tip reheat the fried chicken in the oven at 350 degrees for at least about 15 mins.

So, what did you think of our fried chicken without eggs recipe? If you enjoy it, just leave a comment below.

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