How to Make Egg Drops for Soup without Cornstarch

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There are many soup recipes that include egg drops. People like it, but not too many know how to make it!

Making egg drops recipe is very easy…but only if you know exactly what you have to do! There are many egg drop recipes, but I prefer this very simple egg drop recipe without cornstarch both because of its simplicity and good taste.

There are not many secrets about making drops from eggs. You have to keep in mind just a few key factors when preparing egg drop soup.

First, you have to beat well eggs before making egg drops. Second, the soup must be hot to coagulate immediately the raw egg. Third, you have to pour the beaten egg slowly into the pot. Fourth, you have to stir continuously the soup to avoid sticking together egg pieces. That’s it! Now, you know how to make the egg drop recipe for the soup like a master chef!

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This recipe is used, of course, to make egg drop soup. Tens of egg drop soup can be cooked in diverse vegetable combinations, with or without meat.

From all these, my favorite egg drop soup recipe is a simple potato soup in the Hungarian style with egg drop, sour cream, and pickled hot chili pepper (view the recipe for the potato soup with egg drops and sour cream).


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Enjoy the video about how to make egg drops for soup without cornstarch!

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