Can You Make Coffee in a Tea Infuser? – 3 Best Methods to Make Pour Over Coffee with Tea Strainer

Do you know you don’t need to spend too much of your money on buying expensive brewing Kone coffee filters when it comes to making a pour over or drip coffee?

There is another good and cheap alternative that you can use to make the same quality of pour over coffee at your home.

Yes, metal coffee filters or ceramic coffee filters do cost a lot and you can certainly save that money by getting a good alternative equipment for yourself.

So, the main question for today’s article is can you really make coffee in a tea infuser?

And my short answer is definitely “Yes”.

Yes, it is possible to prepare a pour over coffee or a drip coffee with the help of a cheap but reliable tea infuser at your home.

You can even make your French Press coffee in just 4 minutes with the help of a tea infuser.

But to get the best results, you will need to grind your coffee beans a bit coarse and then let the beans brew in hot water for about 4 minutes minimum.

To get the best tasting coffee, I recommend to add 2 tablespoons of coarse coffee grounds and about 8 oz of hot water in the tea infuser.

Along with the tea infuser, you can also make use of a tea strainer to make quick pour over coffee.

In this article, we are going to discuss 3 main methods through which you can make a your daily coffee using a tea infuser at home. So, without any delay; let’s get to it.

Table of Contents

  • 3 Best Methods to Make Coffee with Tea Infuser or Tea Strainer
    • Method 1: Use Extra Fine Tea Infuser and Glass Jar
    • Method 2: Use Electric Kettle with Removable Tea Infuser
    • Method 3: Use a Tea Strainer
  • Final Thoughts

3 Best Methods to Make Coffee with Tea Infuser or Tea Strainer

Method 1: Use Extra Fine Tea Infuser and Glass Jar

This is a very simple and straightforward method to make a pour over coffee without any help of coffee maker at your home.

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Why I recommend using a mason jar or a glass jar for this method is because it helps in better extraction of coffee beans.

Another advantage of using the combination of glass jar and long tea infuser is it helps to submerge all the coffee beans in the hot water properly.

This helps in maximum extraction of flavor, taste and aroma of your coarsely or medium ground coffee beans.

Things You will Need:

1. Extra Fine Tea Infuser with Lid

2. 32 oz Glass or Mason Jar

3. Coarse or Medium Ground Coffee

Coffee Making Procedure:

1. First, you will need to take a 32 oz capacity mason jar and then place the tea infuser inside the jar.

It will perfectly fit on the top of the jar.

2. Then pour 2 tablespoons of coarsely ground or medium ground coffee in the tea infuser.

3. Now, take a tea kettle or any other kettle full of hot water. (8 oz of hot water is sufficient for making 2 cups of coffee for this method.)

4. Start pouring hot water on the coffee beans inside the tea infuser slowly.

5. Be gentle with the hot water pouring process. Stop pouring the water in the tea infuser when beans are completely submerged in the water.

6. Now wait 30 seconds to brew the coffee beans inside the hot water.

7. Once those 30 seconds are over, you can again start pouring the hot water slowly in the center as well as on the edges.

Take notice that the coffee extraction and water pouring must be done simultaneously to get the best tasting coffee results.

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The entire time taken for this whole coffee extraction should not be more than 4 minutes.

200 degrees temperature of hot water along with the tea infuser makes it possible to extract the best tasting pour over coffee at home.

I recommend to watch the following video to understand this whole process in more detailed approach.

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Method 2: Use Electric Kettle with Removable Tea Infuser

A good quality and reliable electric kettle such as Chefman Electric Kettle comes with a removable tea infuser.

This BPA Free stainless steel electric kettle is equipped with 5 in-built settings to adjust different temperatures for the water.

You can easily brew French Press coffee and tea in this kettle.

There are 5 different temperature settings available using which you can adjust the water temperature from 175 degree Fahrenheit to 212 degree Fahrenheit.

Things You will Need:

1. Chefman Electric Kettle with Removable Tea Infuser

2. 2 tablespoons of Coarsely ground coffee

3. 8 oz of water

Coffee Making Procedure:

1. First thing you will need to do is to grind your coffee beans with coarse settings to prepare French Press coffee.

You can only make French Press coffee with this tea infuser method.

2. Then take Chefman electric kettle, pour 8 oz of water inside the kettle.


3. Now fix the removable tea infuser inside the kettle and pour all the ground coffee powder inside the tea infuser.

4. After this, close the kettle lid and set the temperature at around 200 degree Fahrenheit.

As you start heating the water, the coffee beans inside the tea infuser will start brewing in the hot water.

In just 4 minutes, you will see that the coarsely ground coffee is properly extracted in the kettle water.

5. Now open the lid of the kettle, then take out the removable tea infuser and pour all the hot brewed coffee in a separate coffee mug. And finally enjoy your cup of hot Java.

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Method 3: Use a Tea Strainer

A tea strainer is available for a very cheap price and is the best alternative solution to filter your coffee if you don’t have expensive coffee making equipment at home.

Brewing a hot cup of coffee with a tea strainer is actually a really simple and faster process.

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What You will Need:

1. A Tea Strainer

2. Coarsely Ground Coffee

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3. Coffee Mug

4. Hot Water

5. Paper Coffee Filter (Optional)

Coffee Making Procedure:

1. The first thing you will do is to get a good quality tea strainer from the market.

2. Then take out your regular sized coffee mug and place the tea strainer on the top of the mug.

3. Now grind your whole coffee beans with the coffee grinder at your home. (keep coarse setting.)

4. Pour 1-2 tablespoons of coarsely ground coffee inside the tea strainer.

5. Here onward, start pouring hot water slowly on the coffee inside the strainer.

If you want, you can also place the paper coffee filter in the tea strainer before the coffee to get maximum coffee flavor and aroma.

Coffee will now start to filter out through the tea strainer.

6. Keep pouring the water for next 3-4 minutes in the clockwise as well as anti-clockwise direction and in the center of the coffee powder as well.

In just 4 minutes, you will get a perfectly brewed hot cup of coffee. That’s it. Its that simple to make coffee using just a tea strainer.

Final Thoughts

As far as coffee making using tea infuser is concerned, I strongly believe that you can prepare a great tasting and good flavored coffee using the tea infuser as well as a tea strainer.

The best methods for brewing hot cup of coffee using just the tea infuser are already mentioned in this article.

According to my research, the best method I can recommend to you is to use a Chefman Electric Kettle which comes with a removable tea infuser.

You can literally control various levels of water temperature with this electric kettle.

Plus, it is also really faster and more efficient method when it comes to making a good drip coffee.


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