Slow Cooker Chicken & Veggies + VIDEO

Slow cooker chicken & veggies is healthy one-pot recipe that uses a homemade sauce. You can also make this low-carb, paleo, whole30 recipe in the Instant Pot.

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The inspiration for this slow cooker chicken & veggies recipe is chicken stir-fry. Of course being made in the slow cooker or Instant Pot, this is not a real stir fry. No hot oil, wok or skillet is used in the making of this chicken recipe. Having said that, I think some the flavors of a stir fry are here in a healthy version. Let me know what you think!

All About The Sauce

The star of this recipe is the homemade teriyaki inspired sauce. The sauce makes is what I call the trifecta: low-carb, paleo, & whole30 compliant. Whole30 and paleo means there is no added sugar of any sort. I promise you, you won’t miss it. I almost added honey (paleo) or monkfruit sweetener (low-carb) but after tasting the sauce,  I decided it didn’t need it. As always, I encourage you to taste your sauce before adding it in to the appliance and tweak as needed.

What Cut Of Chicken To Use

For the chicken you will want to go with boneless, skinless chicken. Whether you use chicken breasts or chicken thighs is up to you. What you see here is chicken breasts. I know if might not look like there’s enough sauce to cook the food before it starts to cook. Trust me, it’s more than enough sauce. All the food will not be fully submerged in liquid. This is okay. There will plenty of liquid afterwards.

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Thickening The Sauce

While I recommended thickening the homemade sauce, you do not have to. I have made this plenty of times without adding a slurry thickener. If you do thicken the sauce, it can be done directly in the slow cooker or pressure cooker (Instant Pot). I almost always use a slurry of arrowroot starch and water as my thickener. You can make your slurry as thick as you want. I use a a 1:1 water/starch ratio, usually 2 tablespoons arrowroot starch mixed with 2 tablespoons of water.

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What To Serve This With

Cauliflower rice is the obvious choice to keep this teriyaki chicken & veggies recipe low-carb, paleo, and whole30. If you’re not worried about that, then I suggest regular brown rice, white rice or even pasta. Don’t forget to pour the sauce from the slow cooker or Instant Pot on top of the food before serving.

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I used a 6-quart slow cooker or Instant Pot to make this recipe.


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