Soft Pretzel Bites with Cheese Sauce

Soft pretzel bites with cheese sauce – This is it! The #1 homemade version of soft mall-like pretzel bites and cheese sauce out there!

Photos in this post were updated in November 2019. Same great recipe, now with new and fresh photos!

I am a complete sucker for mall pretzels.

And it’s a darn good thing that you’ll only find me at the mall once or twice a year because more trips would definitely equal more pretzels. But as much as I love them, I don’t make soft pretzels at home too often because Kyle isn’t a huge fan (crazy boy, I know).

However, in all the years since I first made them, there’s been one recipe I’ve been saving.

And I finally decided to bust it out just in time to share it with you while you’re all getting crazy planning your Super Bowl (or maybe anti-Super Bowl?) party menus.

For the record, we’ll both be watching movies this Sunday, as is our annual tradition, while the rest of the nation is either watching the Super Bowl or waiting for the commercials (rarely both).

So this soft pretzel bites with cheese sauce recipe isn’t any big secret! In fact, it’s probably the most widely adored one out there but if you haven’t made it yet, you need to Like now!

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Try not to be intimidated by making these homemade soft pretzel bites either, because this recipe is practically fool-proof!

I not only halved the recipe (something that isn’t always recommended with yeast recipes), but I also refrigerated the dough overnight after the rise (something that is usually done to yeast dough before the rise, if at all). I let the dough come back to room temperature for about 2 hours before using it.

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And let me tell you, these soft pretzel bites turned out like a dream!


Like, seriously awesome soft pretzel bites!! And dipped in that homemade cheese sauce (no processed ingredients with this recipe!)? I mean come on, cheese dip is a MUST with pretzel bites!

I was floating through mall pretzel heaven!!

And if you want a different twist on cheese dips for these pretzels, you will absolutely love my white pizza pretzel cheese dip!

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Josie made this recipe back in October and suggested brushing the pretzels both before and after baking them and I couldn’t agree more – buttery soft pretzels might just be the perfect snack food!

And I completely concur with the butter brushing option. I now do this every time I make pretzels! What a fantastic addition!



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pink parsley’s ham & cheddar pretzel bites

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olivia’s cuisine’s german soft pretzels



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