How To Make Cheap Coffee Taste Better

The average coffee drinker drinks 3 cups per day. When they begin to budget, coffee is often one of the first items to get cut. Or they’ll purchase cheaper beans only to complain about how bad they taste compared to their usual roast.

While not all cheap coffee tastes terrible, more often than not, they are subpar compared to their pricier counterparts. In your quest to find the best inexpensive option, you will experience multiple coffee roasts that aren’t enjoyable, but here’s some terrific news.

You can make cheap coffee taste better!

I know you’re probably skeptical. Right? But during my time in college, I loved coffee, but obviously, I was broke. And I had to rely on the cheapest coffee beans that were close to being stale to get my caffeine fix. Purchasing the better coffee beans wasn’t an option, so I had to make it work.

What To Do With Cheap Coffee To Make It Taste Better?

To my surprise, there are many different ways you can make cheap coffee beans taste better. From adding creamers and milk to completely changing the grinding or brewing method, everything in between allows you to create a vast array of different tasting coffee with the same coffee beans.

Before I share some of these methods with you, I need to inform you that it’s not always going to be for the better. After following and applying some of these methods, you might find a cup of coffee worse than your original. Unfortunately, that is the risk you take when experimenting with coffee.

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With that out of the way, here are some things you can do to make your coffee taste better.

The following list is things you can do before brewing to make those cheaper beans better:


  1. Purchase whole coffee beans. Whole coffee beans stay fresher for longer, and this minor change can drastically alter your coffees’ taste.
  2. If using whole coffee beans, you’ll need a decent coffee grinder. Luckily, you don’t need to purchase an expensive one. A decent yet basic grinder is approximately $15 and is more than enough.
  3. Different grind sizes. If you regularly use a finer grind, try grinding a litter coarser or vice versa.
  4. Brew the coffee grinds within a day or two of them being ground. Any longer and the oxidation process which causes coffee to become stale will have taken effect.
  5. Ensure the coffee beans (no matter the form) is stored correctly.
  6. Try different brewing methods and brewing times: Moka pot, pour-over, french press, or even consider purchasing a better coffee maker.
  7. Try using filtered water. Depending on where you live, your water could contain many contaminants that will change how your final cup of coffee tastes. A good water filter will remove the contaminants and improve the taste of your coffee.

The following list is what you can try after you’ve brewed cheap coffee:

  1. Creamers, kinds of butter, and milk – Try any of them. Full cream, heavy cream, half and half, whatever you think you might like. Try it. Even if you think you might not enjoy it, give it a go. You might surprise yourself.
  2. Add salt – I know it sounds weird, but sodium interacts with the bitter flavors just enough that it might make a bitter cup of coffee drinkable.
  3. Sugar – The most common ingredient to sweeten up your coffee.
  4. Natural or alternate sweeteners – If you are health conscious, opt for natural or alternate sweeteners that will help you avoid adding extra sugar into your diet.
  5. Cocoa or hot chocolate – It’s no secret that chocolate fixes everything. When it comes to a cheap coffee blend, it’s no different. Add a scoop or two and enjoy a completely different drink.

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Now that you know a handful of different ways to turn cheap coffee into something that tastes reasonable, you shouldn’t find yourself drinking coffee that you don’t like. At least not as regularly as you’ve previously been.

You might be enjoying your coffee after only needing to try one of the options above. Or you may have to combine a few of them together until you get that cup of coffee that is just right.


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