Carolina Gold Sauce ( Mustard BBQ Sauce )

I have had a lifelong love of barbecue, but it wasn’t until I moved to South Carolina that I had any idea that the Carolinas have their own special styles of bbq sauce, one of which is a personal favorite: Carolina Gold ( Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce ).

First things first.

What is Carolina Gold BBQ?

It’s a mustard based barbecue sauce that’s a little tangy, a little edgy, and a whole lot of delicious. Carolina mustard bbq sauce can be used just like the red stuff – it’s wonderful on pulled pork sandwiches, ribs, chicken wings and nuggets, and more. It’s also an awesome marinade for grilled chicken breasts.

Is Carolina BBQ Sauce sweet?

Although there is a little bit of sugar and honey to cut the acidity of the mustard and vinegar, this is not a super sweet sauce like you might be used to if your usual choice is the thick red stuff from a bottle ( which by the way, I also love and am not hating on in any way.) 

I really like to kick it up a little with some spice as well, but the cayenne is totally optional and feel free to leave it out if spice isn’t your thing.

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One of my favorite things about Carolina Gold Sauce is how it pairs perfectly with pulled pork to cut through the fat and balance it all out.

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Bonus: as far as barbecue sauces go, it’s not completely tragic in terms of nutritional value either.  There’s a little bit of sugar and honey, but my mustard barbecue sauce recipe has no added oil or fat, and it’s low in calories as well.


Carolina Gold can be used on so much more than just plain barbecue as well.

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It’s delicious as a dip for sweet potato wedges, a fun option for tossing hot wings in, and can even be brushed over baked salmon! 

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