How to Make Fried Leftover Potatoes

Need help figuring out what to do with those leftover baked potatoes in your fridge?  This post will help you elevate the flavor and give you a total universal recipe you can use for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

(Original post date Aug 8, 2017. Links and post updated September 26, 2021)

No matter what I do I always have leftover potatoes!! Does anyone else have that problem?  What do you do with yours, just heat them up and eat them, stare at them every time you open the fridge and do nothing with them, or just toss them out?

Growing up my mom would always use up any leftover baked potatoes for breakfast.  It is like country potatoes, but an easier and much quicker version of them.  

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How to make Fried Potatoes from Leftovers

Those leftover baked potatoes in your fridge now have been given a new purpose and the flavor has been elevated with amazing texture. 

These go great with eggs, omelets, pancakes, waffles, as well as, alongside chicken, pork chops, or even a burger or sandwich   These little Fried Leftover Potatoes are a complete universal way to use up those leftovers before they go to waste!


Other Leftover Creations

Recipe for Fried Leftover Potatoes

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