How To Make A Beer Can Cake

12 January, 2022

Want to try your hand at making a beer can cake tower for someone’s birthday?

We’ve put together this handy little how to guide, along with a premade selection of beers you can have delivered straight to your door, to make an awesome beer can cake with no fuss!

First Off What Is A Beer Can Cake?

A Beer Can Cake, also called a Beer Can Tower or Beer Can Cake Tower is a selection of beers stacked in such a way to look like a cake. It is then given as a gift to the lucky recipient for a special occasion like a birthday to help them celebrate. It can be the only gift given or can be accompanied by other non beer related gifts.

Ultimately it’s a fun way to showcase a selection of beers and celebrate someone’s birthday, anniversary or anything you can think of. Guaranteed to WOW! the recipient and sure to put you in the good books.

Here’s What You’ll Need To Make The Beer Can Cake

The list of things you’ll need are as follows:

– 12 beers in cans (you can purchase one of our popular Dozen Brews beer gift packs delivered straight to your door)

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– Some birthday signage (our gift Birthday Dozen Brews beer gift pack comes in a themed boxes perfect for this!)

– Ribbon (all our boxes are wrapped with a ribbon so you can reuse this)

– Gift card where you can include a little message to the recipient (also included in our dozen brews gift boxes 😊)

Optional Extras You Can Add:

– cupcake

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– birthday candles

– if you want to carry the cake or present it on something then a chopping board or tray is a good option

Now Here Are The 3 Simple Steps To Making A Beer Can Cake

Step 1: Buy 12 Beers 

There’s a couple way you could do this. You could go to a bottleshop and work out what beers to get or remove the hassle by ordering one of our handselected Birthday Dozen brews which is perfect for making a beer can cake with. You can order online here for delivery and If you’ve left it to the last minute we have express delivery available to most of Australia.

Step 2: Create The Beer Can Cake Tower

Once you have the beers start by slipping off the ribbon off and opening up the box. Pull out all the beers if the box. 

Now place the open box where you want (e.g. on the counter, table or board).


Start by creating the bottom layer of the beer can cake with 7 beers within the open box. Place 1 beer in the centre and create a circle around it with the 6 other beers.

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Create the next layer of the cake with 3 cans. And then, on top of these 3 beers place 1 single beer can. 

This leaves you with 1 beer which you can leave to the side or place in the fidge ready for the recipient to enjoy. 

Step 3: Decorate The Beer Can Cake

Unknot the satin bow and wrap it around the 2nd layer of beer cans, making a knot that faces towards the front. Tie a nice bow and presto!

Feeling crafty?

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Why not add to the beer can cake with extra ribbon or confetti if you have it available.

And if you are feeling like going the whole 9 yards why not bake some cupcakes and place one on top with a candle. Or cheat and buy one from the local bakery / cafe.

There you go, your beer cake is complete and ready to give!

Some Other Quick Tips

– If you are home before they are why not pop the beers in the fridge before making the beer can cake so and then making it 15 minutes or so before they get home. This way they are able to enjoy a cold beer straight from the cake!

– Have a beer glass ready, beer always tastes better from a glass

– If you have a beer can that is a bit shorter than the othes (most are 375ml bit some breweries use 355ml or 330ml cans) you can increase the lower height can by cutting a couple of cardboard circles and placing it underneath the shorter can. If you need to do this do it to one of the beers on bottom layer of the cake tower.

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