How to Make a Mario Birthday Cake

I am a stay-at-home mom of seven, and I feel blessed to be able to do what I love (baking) for the people I love!

My kids love the Super Mario Bros., so for my son's birthday, he insisted on a Mario-themed birthday party, and of course, we needed a fabulous Mario birthday cake to go with it. I found one that really isn't that hard to make and looks very impressive!

I'll share my step-by-step directions—complete with pictures—to make your own Mario cake!


This is all you really need to make a Super Mario cake:

  1. One box of cake mix
  2. Assorted icing
    • Chocolate (for the skin and hair)
    • Vanilla (for the skin, eyes, and hat)
    • Red (for the hat)
    • Blue (for the eyes)
    • Black (for the pupils and detailing)

Step 1. Bake Two 9-Inch Rounds and Three Cupcakes

I used one box of Yellow Cake Mix. That was enough to make two round cakes that are 9 inches in diameter. There was enough leftover to make three cupcakes as well.

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Step 2. Build the Template for Mario's Head and Hat

  1. Put one of the round cakes on a sheet/tray/dish.
  2. To make the nose, cut the bottom off one of the cupcakes and place it in the center of the round cake.
  3. To make the ears and chin, cut the other two cupcakes in half.
  4. To make the hat, cut a crescent shape out of the other round cake. (Note: I decided I needed a taller hat; that is why you see a cut mark on the crescent piece.)

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Step 3. Make Skin Tone Icing

  1. To make Mario's skin color, mix a bit of chocolate icing into a container of white icing.
  2. Add about 5 or 6 drops of red food coloring to give a rosier skin tone.
  3. Layer the icing on the face, nose, chin, and ears.
    • You can also use the icing to attach the parts to each other.
    • I found it easier to put the icing on the nose separately and reattach it after.

Step 4. Decorate Mario's Hat

Time for the fun part . . . decorating!

The hat took three tubes of Wilton ready-to-use decorator icing.


  1. Use red icing to cover the hat, leaving a space for the “M” logo.
  2. Use white icing to make the circle for the “M” logo, and spell the M with the red icing.

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Step 5. Make the Mustache, Eyebrows, and Hair

  1. Pipe chocolate icing for the mustache, hair, and eyebrows.
  2. I also piped white icing for the mouth.

Step 6. Add Eyes and Outline the Details


  1. To make the eyes, pipe a bit of white icing in a semi-circle shape.
  2. Pipe some blue icing inside the white, toward the middle of the face.
  3. Add black icing inside the blue for the pupils.


  1. I outlined the hat brim and the circle for the log with black.
  2. I added a chin mark and outlined the eyes.
  3. I also wrote a “Happy Birthday” message on the board with the black icing.

“Hey, It'sa me, Mario!”

Thanks for reading this article! I hope you realize how easy it is to make this cake. Go on and try it yourself!

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