25 Effortless DIY Lemonade Stand Ideas Making Your Summer Parties Refreshing!

An outdoor summer party can’t be complete without a glassful of refreshing lemonade, and this calls for a lovely lemonade station that houses jars of flavoured lemonade, an adorable sign and menu, and of course, table accessories. Not only can you build a lemonade stand at home, but also club it with a pretty decor in just a few steps. Here are 25 Effortless DIY Lemonade Stand Ideas Making Your Summer Parties Refreshing!

1. Wooden Crate Lemonade Stand

Four wooden crates are disguised into an adorable lemonade stand. Spray painted in a refreshing shade of aqua, the crates have been stacked on top of each other and nailed.

DIY Details : fantabulosity

2. Lemonade-Hued Crate Stand

The colors for this wooden crate stand rightly reflect the hues of a glass of lemonade, having a lemon slice printable garland and ‘Lemonade’ banner decorating the white stand with grace.

DIY Details : seevanessacraft

3. Lemonade Stand with Paper Fans

The breathtaker of this piece constructed from wooden crates painted in yellow and white are vibrant paper fans fastened across the stakes. Adorn with tissue garlands and chalkboard signs.

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DIY Details : thenerdswife

4. Drawer Crates Lemonade Stand

Screwing drawer crates together with a top board in order to convert it into a table with shelves, followed by attaching 2 long posts to the sides of the stand is the key.

DIY Details : mysimpleobsession

5. Nightstand into Lemonade Stand

Plastic lemons used as drawer knobs and stunning green paint transforms a nightstand into a cool lemonade stand adorned with a lovely lemonade banner and plywood top.

DIY Details : designdazzle

6. Sunshine Theme Lemonade Stand

That lemony sunshine yellow theme makes this pallet wood lemonade stand apt and appropriate for the purpose it’s meant to serve. Pretty fabric strip garlands go at the top.

DIY Details : hellowonderful

7. Lemonade Dessert Table

Lots of pinks, yellows and polka dot patterns yield an awesome combination for this table decorated with a paper fan lemonade sign. Not only the refreshing drink, but it also serves lemon-flavoured desserts.

DIY Details : thecakeblog

8. Lemonade Stand and Felt Bunting Flags

No-sew felt bunting flags accompany the stand built using wooden crates and paint. What makes it absolutely charming are colorful pinwheels, printable signs, menus and popcorn cones.

DIY Details : liagriffith

9. Hut-shaped Lemonade Stand

Hut shaped roof in pastel colors keeps the table shady and of course, pretty-looking. Having the tabletop constructed of a wooden board attached to a frame of pallets.

DIY Details : creamystyle

Article post on: dinhthienbao.com

10. Cute Lemonade Stand Printables

Even the simplest of tables can be made extraordinarily pretty with 4 cute lemonade stand signs offered in the below guide. Additionally, you have printable templates for bunting and pinwheels.

DIY Details : overthebigmoon

11. Crooked Signboard Lemonade Stand

Getting an edgy element from that crooked lemonade sign and a bunch of chalk board sign boards, this minimalist lemonade stand with flower vases will last through the seasons.

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DIY Details : dearlillieblog

12. The Ultimate Lemonade Stand

Real leaves from a lemon tree embellish the lemonade banner that graces the rustic wooden crate stand. The glass drink dispenser styled like a mason jar is marvellous.

DIY Details : tikkido

13. Dark-Stained Lemonade Stand

Keep things subtle with a dark-stained crate stand sporting a drinks menu on a hanging chalkboard sign. Two containers with different lemonade flavors and a few glass are all it holds.

DIY Details : blog.hwtm

14. Hexagon Plate Roof Stand

Source: dinhthienbao.com

Craft crates stacked 3 levels high are spray painted in a blend of pink and white, creating a countertop with a pine board, while wooden dowels go for support. Hexagon plated roof is the star!

DIY Details : pin.it

15. Pallet Lemonade Stand

Assembling and painting repurposed pallets is all you need to do for the construction. A chalkboard sandwich board and an umbrella for shade have rightly been put to use.

DIY Details : dolendiaries

16. Princess Lemonade Stand

This pink and yellow pallet wood stand with an adorably curly font for the sign is compact enough to fit in a truck. Glasses with lemon-slice cut-outs, pitchers filled with duplos and foam add the final touches.

DIY Details : creativelydunn

17. Simple Lemonade Stand

Yet another lemonade stand built with wooden crates and boards, this one is coated with Koi Pond spray paint and decorated with paper banners and a chalkboard menu.

DIY Details : twinewithatwist

18. Lemonade Stand with Wheels

Wheels attached to this cedar wood lemonade station make it surprisingly mobile, while a huge counter and ample of storage make it oh so spacious. Attach a lemonade sign and a pretty canopy.

Via @: dinhthienbao.com

DIY Details : hertoolbelt

19. Bright Homemade Lemonade Stand

Another name for sunshine, the stand has been lavishly adorned with pendant banners, lots of pom-pom-like hangings in stunning yellow as well as glass jars housing lemons.

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DIY Details : thereddooron33rdst

20. Vintage Lemonade Stand

That distressed appeal to the paint job for this lemonade stand makes it absolutely suitable for an outdoor party, while a reversible chalkboard sign allows you to customize it for the occasion.

DIY Details : simplykierste

21. Pallet Lemonade Stand

All about colors! A lemonade stand constructed using repurposed pallets, looks wonderful in that color combination of pink for the pillars and green for the sign adorned with two huge lemon cutouts.

DIY Details : pin.it

22. Upcycled Pallet Lemonade Stand

Wooden boards go for the top, bottom braces and side braces for this stand having upcycled pallets as its chief construction elements. Once you sand the structure, all it needs is some paint.

DIY Details : frugalcouponliving

23. Luxuriously Printed Lemonade Stand

Here is an awesome lemonade stand building set flaunting a ‘Fresh Lemonade’ poster with fruity prints in the front, lemonade arrow signs, garlands, menu tent cards and more.

DIY Details : caravanshoppe

24. Curtained Lemonade Stand

Keep the ‘drink making’ process a secret behind yellow curtains charming up this lemonade stand. The rustic wooden table also sports a glorious lemonade sign on top.

DIY Details : pin.it

25. Deluxe DIY Lemonade Stand

Although this deluxe lemonade stand calls for a little carpentry skills and tools, that gorgeous metallic curved roof and inner shelving make it worthy of all the effort.

DIY Details : apartmenttherapy

Add just a bit of creativity and customize your homemade lemonade stand with utmost cheers and awesomeness, bringing one or more of the above DIY Lemonade Stand Ideas to life. Add banners, custom menus and lovely signs, ending up in wondrous stations of freshness!

Source: https://cutediyprojects.com/outdoor-ideas/diy-lemonade-stand-ideas/

Article post on: dinhthienbao.com

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