Cara Cara Coconut Matcha Cake + Video

February 26, 2017 By i sugar coat it!

Cara Cara Coconut Matcha Cake boasts eight layers of coconut and matcha cake filled with Cara Cara orange curd, fresh berries and silky citrus buttercream!

In the mood for a little cake disaster? This Cara Cara Coconut Matcha Cake is exactly that! Sure it looks pretty decent all put together and perched on its black throne; an impressive comeback after its massive fall from grace.

Apart from Bundts, pretty much every cake I’ve made to date has had at least four layers, usually six. When I was thinking up this number, I envisioned eight layers – two coconut, one matcha, two coconut, one matcha, two coconut – filled with citrus curd, fresh berries and buttercream. Easy, right…

All seemed to be going according to plan – the cakes baked up lovely, the curd was just right, the buttercream was deliciously silky – until it wasn’t.

I blame it on my preoccupation with filming. It had been a while since I made a cake building video, like this, so I thought I would try to capture the construction of these eight layers. It’s not a huge undertaking, I just set my phone up on a bowl, or something sturdy, press start and let it run, then edit right on my decvice. I know, real professional.

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If you know me just a little, you know I am a germaphobe – the incessant hand-washing, take a blow-out mattress to a five-star hotel type – yeah, I’m in treatment. Anyhoo, the phone kept slipping and each time I had to touch it, I would of course wash my hands/change my gloves. Now the sensible thing would have been to stop recording and just finish off the damn cake. In case you didn’t know, my middle name is stubborn. So there’s that!

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Somewhere in between washing my hands with every slip of the phone, I not only screwed up the placement of the matcha layers (they ended up sandwiched together, instead of between the coconut layers), but I forgot to place a cake board and straw at the halfway point to support the cake. Of course, this wasn’t apparent until I was crumb-coating the cake the the bottom layers began to split and cave in.

My heart sank, just as the cake began to lean in slow motion. Without thinking, I laid the cake on its side, pulled out a sheet of plastic wrap and wrapped the cake. I then stood it up, a straw down the middle, plastic wrapped the top and stuck it in the fridge so that the buttercream would firm up and help with stability. I also used the cardboard from a cake box to build a tube around the cake for further support while it chilled.


In my panic, I hadn’t realize I knocked over my phone and the remaining buttercream. OOOOYYY! After whipping up another batch of buttercream, I removed the mini leaning tower of pisa from the fridge with bated breath. With the help of the straw and makeshift cake corset, things were looking up. PHEW!!

From the outside it looks good, but if you look closely, you will notice that the cake layers at the bottom have been flattened and most of the filling squeezed out. It’s stands eight layers tall, but it’s quite a small cake – I used five-inch pans. Drama aside, forgetting to add the support meant that I could cut a full eight-layer slice, as opposed to the four layers I would have gotten with a well supported cake.

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A silver lining, I suppose. Here’s a little video (sans drama). What’s been YOUR worst cake mishap?

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