How To Keep Soup Hot Without A Thermos? 4 Superb Facts To Do It

How to keep soup hot without a thermos? This is an incredibly useful guide to how to keep soup hot without a thermos. There are several ways that you can use this method, but it is especially good for when you have no access to electricity and it’s getting cold out. In this blog, we also have an article about best soup thermos on amazon that you might want to read about it.

What is thermos

A thermos is a type of bottle that is used to keep things hot or cold. It is made of plastic or metal and has a tight-fitting lid. The thermos has a base that keeps the contents warm or cold, and an insulating material to keep the contents warm or cold.

The insulating material may be an insulating layer of air, a vacuum seal, or some other type of insulation. The insulation can be made from rubber, wax, plastic, or other materials.  In this blog we also have an article about how to keep soup hot in thermos to know more about it

Anatomy of Thermos

The body of the thermos is its outer shell. It protects the insulating material and may also provide an attachment point for a lid. The body may be made from aluminum, steel, or ceramic. The lid is usually made of tinned steel to prevent corrosion. An “aluminized steel can” is a can made of steel coated with aluminium. It is less expensive than a steel can but provides the corrosion resistance of an aluminium can. Aluminum cans are cheaper than steel and require less energy to produce. Below, I will show you how to keep soup hot without a thermos.

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How To Keep Soup Hot Without A Thermos

Aluminium Foil Combined with a Towel

A thermos keeps food hot by insulating it and preventing heat loss. Aluminium foil plus any form of towel or tea towel will do the same thing for us. Aluminium foil is excellent in insulating and reflecting heat radiation back onto the meal, preventing it from escaping.

Additionally, the aluminum foil, or even a plastic tupperware container, will prevent heat from escaping via evaporation. The towel or tea towel functions as an additional layer of insulation, preventing heat from your meal from escaping to the outside air. This will keep the head contained inside your container.

Therefore, if you want to keep food warm for lunch without using a thermos, wrap it in aluminum foil and then cover it in a towel or tea towel to keep it warm for hours.

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Insulated Bags! 

You may purchase inexpensive reusable thermal bags to help keep your meals warm. They operate on a similar principle to the aluminum foil + towel, reflecting heat back with the aluminum and then trapping it with the towel.

However, they come in convenient sealable bags that you can simply fill with hot food and seal. To prolong their life, cover them in a towel. When finished, you may either wash them and reuse them or, given their low cost, you may decide to toss them.

Make Your Tupperware Glasses Hot

This would be done in combination with your alfoil and towel. Glass tupperware is capable of absorbing and retaining a significant quantity of heat. Placing hot food in a cold tupperware container immediately removes a significant amount of heat.

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Rather of that, fill your tupperware container halfway with boiling water and set aside for a few minutes to allow the glass to get very hot. Then, drain the boiling water and immediately place the hot meal in the tupperware container, covering it with aluminum foil and wrapping it in a towel to preserve as much heat as possible. The heated glass will infuse your meal with more heat and help keep it warmer for longer.

Hand Warmers Instantaneous

When you’re on the road and don’t have access to hot water, you may use fast hand warmers as a simple source of heat.

These are not going to warm your meal for you, but if you shake them, they will generate a little amount of additional heat to help keep your food warm for longer.

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The advantage of them is that when one runs out of heat, you can just take a new one, shake it, and replace it with a fresh hot hand warmer.

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