Boil fresh duck eggs that peel easily every time!

Uncategorized · May 13, 2021

If you have ever tried to boil a freshly laid egg….. then tried to peel it? You know the struggle of carefully picking off shells only to leave huge chunks of white stuck to the shell. The resultant boiled egg is ugly, missing half its nutrition and certainly not suitable for deviled eggs.

After decades of doing it ‘wrong’ I finally have a REAL FOOLPROOF method of ‘boiling’ fresh eggs. Seriously. For real. No really: for REAL.

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The eggs boiled in this post were under a week old, had been washed and were refrigerated. If you buy eggs from us, this is how you’ll usually get them.

LOOK AT THAT MAGIC!! The peel practically leaps off the shell. No more ugly chunks missing on the egg. No more shells fused with precious egg white. Just beautiful, smooth ‘boiled’ eggs and no waste. Beautiful deviled eggs using FRESH duck eggs ARE in your future! Read on for step by step directions:


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