How to Get Dog Urine Out of Laminate Floors? (5 DIY Steps)

Nobody needs to have that nasty canine urine odor on their laminate flooring however this doesn’t imply that it gained’t occur typically. So how do you get canine urine out of your laminate ground?

To get canine urine out of a laminate ground, you must spray enzyme cleaner on the affected spot and scrub the spot with a smooth sponge.

The enzyme cleaner accommodates micro organism that launch enzymes to interrupt down the natural molecules within the canine urine. This removes particles of the canine urine out of your laminate flooring. Baking soda and vinegar additionally work to eliminate the canine’s urine odor.

You need to at all times wipe pee off of your laminate ground instantly you see it. This prevents the laminate flooring from trapping the urine odor.

This put up reveals extra about eliminating canine urine out of your laminate ground together with a number of cures that work. Let’s dive in.

Can Pet Urine Harm Laminate Flooring?

Pet urine can harm a laminate ground if left on the ground for too lengthy. If you happen to don’t wipe off pet urine rapidly, the urine will penetrate the laminate ground by means of the acclimation gaps between the planks and the seams of the laminate planks. It will trigger discoloration and swelling in your laminate ground.

The laminate ground will even develop an ammonia odor and if left unchecked, the laminate planks will rot and get completely broken.

Pet urine can harm your laminate ground however this harm won't happen instantly. It's because the laminate planks have a water-resistant prime layer that can repel the pet urine for some time supplying you with sufficient time to wipe off and disinfect the spot. Nonetheless, if you happen to don’t wipe off the urine in time, the urine will finally penetrate the laminate planks by means of the seams and gaps within the flooring.

When the pet urine will get below the laminate planks, it would trigger the planks to swell and bubble. The pet urine may also trigger discoloration on the laminate flooring making some areas look completely different from the remainder of the ground. The laminate planks might also start to twist and warp as a result of moisture from the urine. The laminate ground might also start to rot if left unchecked resulting in everlasting harm.

The nasty odor of ammonia out of your ground and the opportunity of micro organism progress will trigger health-related points as nicely. So, it’s not simply your laminate ground that can get broken. You possibly can choose up a number of points too from the pet urine odor.

Subsequent, let’s take a look at how you can get outdated canine urine out of a laminate ground.

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How To Clear Canine Pee Stains From Laminate Flooring?

To scrub canine urine stains out of your laminate ground, you’ll want the next instruments and provides:

  • A mop
  • Rags
  • Flooring scraper
  • Enzyme cleaner
  • Baking soda or vinegar
  • A bucket of heat water
  • A smooth sponge or a ground brush
  • Anti-bacteria spray or disinfectant

Here's a 5-step information to eradicating canine urine from a laminate ground:

1. Dampen and Wipe The Canine Urine

Step one is to dampen and wipe the canine’s urine on the ground. To do that, you must use a material or rag to soak the urine and wipe it off. It's also possible to use a mop for this.

2. Scrub The Affected Spot Utilizing Enzyme Cleaner

After wiping the pet’s urine, you should scrub the spot with an enzyme cleaner. Enzyme cleaner works by producing compounds that can break down the molecules within the natural matter of the pet urine.

Spray the enzyme cleaner on the affected spot, wait a couple of minutes, after which use a smooth sponge to clean the laminate ground gently. After, wipe the realm with a clear rag and go away it to dry. Typically, the enzyme cleaner will deal with the pee downside.

Enzyme cleaner will even take away the odor of uric acid. Uric acid is a scent that makes the canine re-pee on the similar spot. If the odor is gone, the canine gained’t pee there once more. If you happen to don’t have enzyme cleaner, you need to use ground cleaner, baking soda, or vinegar. However, these are usually not as efficient as enzyme cleaners.

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If in case you have cleaned the pet urine with an enzyme cleaner and you continue to discover pet urine, discoloration, or urine odor, it signifies that the pet urine has penetrated the laminate ground. On this case, you’ll want to wash the pee beneath the laminate ground. Hold studying to learn the way to do this.

3. Take away The Laminate Planks

To scrub canine urine below your laminate ground, you should first take away a number of the affected planks. Because it’s pet urine and never a giant spill, eradicating one or two planks needs to be sufficient.

To take away the laminate planks, you need to use a ground scraper. After eradicating the affected planks, unfold them out to dry and disinfect the planks utilizing an anti-bacterial spray.

4. Clear The Urine Beneath The Laminate Flooring

When you've eliminated the planks, you should wipe the urine below the ground. If in case you have an underlayment below the laminate planks, the urine can be trapped on the underlayment since laminate ground underlayment is often waterproof. On this case, you may simply wipe off the urine from the underlayment.

If an underlayment wasn’t used below the laminate ground, then the urine would have unfold to the subfloor. If you happen to can’t discover the urine, you must use a black gentle UV to search out it. The canine urine will glow yellow or inexperienced whenever you shine the black gentle UV in a darkish room.

Once you discover it, you would possibly want a moist/dry vacuum to suck the urine out. After getting the urine out, go away the spot to dry out.

5. Reinstall and Change Broken Laminate Planks


The ultimate step is to reinstall the laminate planks. Be certain that the laminate planks have dried absolutely earlier than reinstalling them. Additionally, you should disinfect the planks to take away pet urine residue and odor. If a number of the laminate planks are warped, rotten, or weak, you should change them so that they don’t have an effect on the construction of your laminate ground.

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How To Take away Canine Pee Scent From Laminate Flooring?

You possibly can eliminate canine pee odor from a laminate ground by utilizing a number of strategies. The primary methodology is to take away pee particles out of your ground.

If you happen to can odor canine pee, it’s often as a result of there may be urine trapped in your ground. So, if you happen to take away the urine, the odor ought to disappear. Nonetheless, if in case you have eliminated the pee and may nonetheless odor it, then you must disinfect the spot with antibacterial spray and use fragrances and air purifiers within the room.

Canine urine odor happens when there may be urine in your ground or there are leftover urine particles on the laminate ground. If there may be urine in your ground, you should dampen it and wipe it off of the laminate ground with a material.

After wiping off the canine pee, you may disinfect the ground utilizing an antibacterial spray. If in case you have cleaned and disinfected the spot however you may nonetheless odor the canine urine, then you should take up the urine odor within the air to eliminate it.

Listed here are pure cures to take away canine urine odor from your private home:

1. Vinegar

Vinegar has a barely acidic scent that can cowl and take away the canine urine odor out of your laminate ground. To make use of vinegar, combine with a bowl of heat water and pour it on the affected spot. Look forward to a couple of minutes and wipe off the combination.

2. Lemons

Lemons like all citrus fruits have a powerful odor that will even take up and take away pet urine odor in your house. To make use of lemons, slice some lemons and put them on the affected spot. It's also possible to squeeze out the lemon juice and spray it utilizing a sprig bottle on the affected spot.

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3. Ginger

If in case you have ever lower or dealt with ginger, then you understand how robust the odor is. The odor may also show you how to eliminate canine urine odor in your house. To make use of ginger, slice some ginger herbs right into a bowl of heat water. Let the ginger get soaked in a single day after which spray the water on the spot. If you happen to don’t just like the odor of ginger, don’t use this methodology.

4. Onions

Onions even have a powerful odor that can cowl and take away pet urine odor out of your laminate flooring. The onions additionally assist to soak up the urine odor within the ambiance. To make use of onions, slice some onion bulbs and put them in a bowl of heat water. Then sprinkle the water on the affected spot.

Let’s take a look at different strategies that assist to take away urine stains and odor from laminate flooring.

Different Treatments For Canine Urine Stains and Odor on Flooring

Listed here are different cures you may check out to eliminate pet urine:

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1. Baking Soda

Baking soda is an alkaline compound that helps to soak up and take away pet urine from laminate flooring. For recent pet urine, absorb the urine and wipe it off with a rag.

Then sprinkle baking soda immediately on the affected spot and go away it for a couple of minutes. The baking soda will take up urine particles and odor on the laminate ground. After, you may sweep or vacuum the baking soda off of the ground.

For outdated pet urine, you must combine the baking soda in heat water and pour the combination on the affected spot. Depart for a couple of minutes earlier than moping off the combination.

2. Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are merchandise designed to sanitize the air. The air purifier relying on the sort accommodates compounds that assist clear the air and eliminate toxins, pollution, and ammonia odor from pet urine.

You don’t must prep the air purifier. Simply unpack it and go away it on the highest of a desk or shelf. You need to know that air purifiers won't take away urine particles however the product will take away outdated or new urine odor.

3. Use a Flooring Cleaner To Clear The Laminate Planks

Flooring cleaners comprise completely different compounds like rubbing alcohol, baking soda, and ethanol. You possibly can spray the ground cleaner on the affected spot and scrub with a smooth sponge to take away the urine particles and odor. There are even ground cleaners designed to eliminate pet urine. As an added benefit, ground cleaners additionally assist to sanitize your laminate ground after eradicating the urine.

Subsequent, let’s take a look at how you can shield your laminate flooring from pet urine.

How To Shield Laminate Flooring From Canine Urine?

Listed here are professional tricks to shield your laminate ground from pet urine:

  1. All the time use a water-resistant ground mat on the laminate ground
  2. Guarantee to seal gaps within the laminate flooring with a water-resistant caulk
  3. Potty-train your pets so that they don’t pee on the laminate ground
  4. Wipe pet urine instantly you discover it
  5. Use canine pads or nappies
  6. Use fragrances in your ground like citrus. This stops your pets from peeing on the laminate ground.

Pets generally odor the ground earlier than peeing. In the event that they choose up the odor of their urine on a spot the place they peed earlier than, they may pee on that spot once more. However if you happen to use fragrances on the spots after cleansing them, the perfume will discourage your pet from peeing on the ground once more.

Ultimate Phrases

In abstract, pet urine in your ground needs to be handled instantly you discover it. If you happen to go away the pet urine on the laminate planks, the ground will take up the urine and it will trigger a series of damages ranging from swelling planks to rotten and bacteria-infested planks.

For recent urine stains, you may eliminate them by wiping the pee and disinfecting the spot. For outdated pee stains, you need to use a combination of baking soda, vinegar, or enzyme cleaner.

Lastly, bear in mind to not use bleach or another harsh chemical in your laminate ground to forestall etching and wooden ground harm.

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