Slow Cooked Beef Lauya Soup Recipe

Slow cooked beef lauya soup is a tasty and delicious beef soup that is so tender. I enjoyed every bit of this dish and I thought that it even tasted better with a dip of patis (fish sauce), lemon, and chili flakes. Imagine having a warm soup with delicious beef that literally melts in your mouth; it took me 2 cups of rice to realize how good this dish was.

It is easy to prepare this Slow Cooked Beef Lauya Soup. However, you really need to have patience because it takes a long time to get the beef ready. You will also need a slow cooker to get the best result. This Slow Cooked Beef Lauya Soup is called as such because it makes use of ginger; this is known as luya or lauya in Filipino.

I think that Beef Lauya is best to keep you warm during cold weather. The warm soup and the ginger (along with the peppercorns) warm the body and can make you feel more comfortable. This is what I felt after having this dish.

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Beef Lauya has many versions in the Philippines. This particular version is just one of the many ways you can make beef lauya. Other versions are similar to beef nilaga (boiled beef), except that these make use of ginger.

How to Cook Beef Lauya Soup

This Beef Lauya Soup version might be the simplest to make. Since we are using a crock pot or slow cooker, all we need is to combine all the ingredients together in the pot (except for scallions and fish sauce). This will need to slow cook (cook under very low heat) for quite a while until the meat gets very tender. Slow cooking food also makes it more flavorful because it releases optimal flavors from each ingredient.

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Add the fish sauce and scallions towards the end and it is ready to be enjoyed. This is best eaten during cold days because it can help you feel warm and comfortable. Do you have your own version of cooking beef lauya? How do you cook it?

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Try this Slow Cooked Beef Lauya Soup Recipe. Let me know what you think.


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