How to Empty a Bunn Coffee Maker? Water Draining Procedure

Professional Bunn Coffee Maker Guideline (Water Draining Procedure): Coffee is one of the most popular and traditional drinks in the world. Although, it has so many significant features to be one. There are many traditional and modern ways of making coffee.

The most popular one is using a coffee maker. Just put in your ingredients, and it will do the work automatically. You will even get some custom settings for different types. A Bunn coffee maker is one of them. Along with their features, we are going to talk about how to empty a Bunn coffee maker. Let’s have a quick look at our review below to learn more elaborately and practically.

What is Bunn Coffee Maker?

A Bunn coffee maker is a special type that has much more than regular coffee makers. If you use a regular coffee maker, then other than just brewing efficiency, you can’t do more. Moreover, you have to take off the whole coffee at once, and there is no option to keep it in. But a Bunn coffee maker is different.

Not only if provides an efficient brewing result, but also it keeps the coffee warm. If you are thinking about how it is possible, then the answer is simple. It has a built-in warming mechanism that keeps the coffee hot, and you can take it whenever you want. So, a coffee Bunn gives you a much better coffee duration and helps you to enjoy warm coffee with family and friends. Along with the basic introduction, we are going to let you know about the process of how to empty a Bunn coffee maker. Let’s follow our instructions below.

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How to Empty Bunn Coffee Maker?

We are going to talk about how to take apart a Bunn coffee maker. The first thing you have to know is why do you even need an empty Bunn coffee maker. There are several reasons behind it. The very first reason would be portability. Just think about it. If you have a favorite coffee maker and you just want it for a trip.

If the tank is full of water, then you can’t take it anywhere. There is also the possibility of hampering the ma machine. So, you have to clean the tank to make it portable enough to carry somewhere. It is rather a better choice than buying one for occasional trips. You can save both your time and money through it.

Let’s get into the procedure to learn the steps. Make sure to follow them to prevent any external issues during the job. Let’s talk about how to clean a Bunn coffee maker.

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The first step to start the emptying is to look for the electricity connection. Before going for the tank, you better make sure that there is no electricity connection going on. Unplug any connection and confirm it through the red light on a Bunn coffee maker. It is a mandatory process to prevent any electrical shock or other functional disruption.

Now have a look at the water situation. If the water is cool enough, then it is good. If the water is warm, then cool it down. It can be done in multiple ways. Either put cold water into the hot water or wait after turning off the machine. The second process will be a long one. Try to use the process more than once until it completely cools down the water. If the water is cool enough, then start the draining process.

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How to Drain Bunn Speed Brew? Water Draining Procedure

Now, you will learn how to drain Bunn speed brew. As for draining water, take your reservoir. First, remove the brew funnel and rotate the head with anti-clock rotation. Now, sink it and keep an angle so that the water comes out from the tube. Complete the draining with a couple of rotations and complete it.


Make sure that the reservoir and other parts are getting rinse perfectly. Then dry them with a soft cloth or heat. For heating, use external equipment. Don’t plug in the Bunn coffee maker when there is no water inside. Even if there is a wet surface, it can also cause major electrical or random heat issues from the electricity connection.

Now you have to complete the assembly and make sure that every part getting in the position. Check the Bunn coffee maker manual for re-assembly guidance. After completing the assembly, turn on the connection for a short period and check the situation with alerting light. If the light is on, then the assembly is perfect. Make sure to turn it off as fast as possible. There is a chance that a long period will hamper the reservoir or other parts.

Best Bunn Coffee Maker Recommendation

Now we will let you know about a few top-grade Bunn coffee makers. It will help you have a good idea about their affordability. If you are interested in these products, then it will help you to get one as well.

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  • BUNN GRB Velocity Brew 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer is the best overall performer on our list. It is not only affordable but also incredible in performance and features.

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  • BUNN BT Velocity Brew 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Home Coffee Brewer Is our second pick as a top-grade and high performer Bunn coffee maker. It has durability, efficiency, and simplicity to give you a better experience.


Final Word: How to Empty a Bunn Coffee Maker

So, have you learned about the Bunn coffee makers and their overall introduction? We always love to have a warm coffee. However, there are people who love cold coffee as well. You can just use another process to get cold coffee from the hot one. But when you are a regular coffee drinker, it is necessary to get a warm taste.

A Bunn coffee maker makes the job easier as they have the mechanism to keep your coffee hot for a long period. Later, we have discussed how to empty a Bunn coffee maker. If you are thinking about cleaning or taking it somewhere else, then the water should be drained out. Follow our given process to do the job easier and make it possible without causing any safety concerns.


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