Fish Egg Fry Snack, Scrambled Fish Egg Bhurji recipe

Fish Egg Fry or Fish Egg Bhurji is one of the delicious seafood recipes which has grainy texture from outside and soft and juicy inside. At the end of the recipe, one feels like an ordinary egg crumbles recipe.

Eggs must be cleaned properly to avoid raw smell also one should take care that they do not come out of the membrane.

As South India has a vast coastline, they love to cook fish and other seafood every weekend alongside other non-vegetarian recipes. Also, dieticians prescribe to have fish in their routine food so as to stay healthy.

When we learn the richness of Vitamin D in Fish Egg Fry, even we tend to eat them as a snack or as a side dish. Usually, during the monsoon season, fish lay eggs and one can find them in this season.

Although there is a ban on fishing during this season, we can still find them in local markets which are farmed in local ponds. People who are not aware of the richness of these eggs, throw away, but from now onwards one who reads our blog might like to cook Fish Egg Bhurji and make use of them.

Tips to make scrambled Fish Egg Bhurji Recipe:

  • Usually, fish eggs tend to splutter like mustard seeds and use little more oil than usual as they swell while frying.
  • When cleaning in water, we need to clean them gently so that eggs do not come out of the membrane.
  • If one likes to eat this recipe soft, we can add tomatoes or else we can skip it to have a crispy layer and soft and juicy from inside.
  • One should cook this recipe on low flame and appropriately or else they give raw flavor.
  • As mentioned above use an appropriate amount of oil or else we might end up burning the bottom of the vessel.

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How to Make Fish Egg Fry:

  • Heat oil in a kadai, add cumin seeds, sliced onions and garlic cloves.

  • Sprinkle a little salt, turmeric powder and curry leaves.

  • Clean fish eggs gently with water and add them.

  • Mix all ingredients on low flame as there is a tendency of getting burnt and stick to the bottom.

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  • Sprinkle little red chilli powder and garam masala powder.

  • Add finely sliced coriander leaves and mix well.

  • Serve Fish Egg Fry hot like a snack or with chapatti.

Watch how to make scrambled fish egg Bhurji Recipe on Youtube.


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