Steamer Not Getting Wrinkles Out? 3 Tips To Sort Them Out

Steamers are a great addition to your home care arsenal. That being said, they can be subject to issues just like any other product you might buy. There are a ton of different reasons that your steamer may not be working properly and we want to help you get it fixed.

Why Won’t My Steamer Release Wrinkles?

Steamers are very useful but there are some issues that might arise that will prevent them from working and from properly removing the wrinkles you are dealing with. It is important to take the time to learn how to properly use your steamer and how to properly steam clothing to remove wrinkles. Knowing some common issues that occur with steamers is a great way to trouble shoot your steamer and make sure that it is going to work for you.

Common Issues with Steamers

  • Intermittent steam
  • Sediment and Limescale
  • Strange smells

There are a few different issues that are common with steamers and looking at each reason is going to help you figure out what to do to fix it.

The first issue you may come up against is a steamer that does not create steam or that creates bursts of steam instead of the constant steam that it should be creating. This is often caused by mineral deposits in the steamer that can cause interruption in performance and can also cause issues with the overall life of your steamer.

Mineral deposits are often caused by hard water or by minerals that are present in the water that you are using. This means that the water you are using can cause mineral deposits in the actual steamer which can lead to issues with the steam and issues with how well it works. The best way to prevent calcium deposits that can lead to intermittent steam is to clean out the calcium deposits and only use distilled water when using your steamer.

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Another issue you might be dealing with is sediment in the steamer. This is, again an issue that is a result of the water that is being used in the steamer. Hard water or water that does have a great deal of minerals in it does have a better change of causing build up in your steamer that can then interrupt the performance of your steamer.

The last issue you might be dealing with is of course strange smells. This can be the result of mildew and mold in the tank or in the tubing. This means that you should take the time to clean your steamer often, use only distilled water in it, and to make sure that you are taking the time to make sure your steamer is dried fully before you put it away. Cleaning your steamer often is going to help ensure that your steamer is going to keep working and that it is going to work well.

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How to Properly Use a Garment Steamer

Knowing how to properly steam a garment can make a huge difference in the overall way that your steamer works and in how effective it is at removing wrinkles and getting your clothes looking and smelling great.

1. Check the Labels and Directions- The first step when it comes to steaming your clothes is to make sure that you read the directions for your steamer and that you are taking the time to read about any potential issues you may have with certain fabrics and any special methods that might be needed. You should also check the label of the clothing to see what can be steamed and what cannot be steamed.

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2. Start with cold, distilled water- after reading the instructions on your steamer and on your clothing, you need to start with cold water. You should be using distilled water to prevent build up and to prevent issues with the steamer itself.


3. Do a Spot Check- the next thing you should do is a spot check. This means choose a place at the hem or that is not overly visible and do a patch test. This is going to help you make sure that if the garment is not safe for steaming that you find out before you steam the entire garment and potentially damage it. Spot checks can also help you to figure out how long it is going to take you to steam a particular garment and how much steam you should be using.  

4. Hang the garment- you want to hang your garment up to help the steamer as much as possible. hanging your garment is going to allow gravity to help the steamer remove the wrinkles and help the steamer do as much as possible. Hanging your garment also allows the steam from the steamer to penetrate the fabric and not bunch up or cause further wrinkles because the garment is laid down and not hung.

5. Keep your distance- you should be keeping your steamer nozzle a few inches away from the garment at all times. Though it may seem like touching the garment with the steamer is the best way to get the quickest outcome, you should only be allowing the steam to touch the garment. Keep your steamer away from the garment so that it does not burn or become damaged. Move down the garment slowly to allow plenty of time for the steam to work and to release the wrinkles.

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6. Allow time to dry- the last thing you need to do is to allow the garment time to dry fully before you try to use it or before you try to wear it. You need to allow the garment time to fully dry so that the wrinkles will not come back. If you try to wear a garment that is still damp from steaming you may end up with wrinkles as you wear the garment and as it dries naturally. There may also be water spots when you first get done steaming, these spots will dry as the garment dries.

Choosing the Right Steamer

When you decide to buy a steamer you do need to take the time to find the right steamer for your needs. If you are going to be using it for smaller fabrics or for smaller items, you may be able to get a compact steamer. If you are going to be using it for larger items like sofas, rugs and for sanitizing and cleaning around the home you may need a larger steamer.

You should take time to look at things like what fabrics it is meant to steam, how to use it, and reviews as well. This will help you to find the right steamer for you and help you to find the right option that is going to work for your needs. Steamers are great, they can be used to make clothes look great, to remove smells and can even be used to help sanitize around the home. The right steamer can make all the difference and knowing how to use it can also make a difference.


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