How to make alkaline water with lemon juice and baking soda?

Water Ionizer

Water ionizers divide or separate the negative and positive electrodes in the water through an electrochemical process. They use the electrolysis phenomenon to make alkaline water. The process sends the alkaline to one stream and acidic to another.

Be careful of one point using the water Ionizer machines. Some of them could raise the pH level to up to 12. It could be a bit too high for alkaline water and harm your health.

Water Filter Pitcher

A jug with a water filtration function is a water filter pitcher. The water passes a few filtration substances. The result could be alkaline by the type of filtration you use. Bear in mind that not every type of pitcher can provide alkaline water.

The alkaline water could be only a byproduct. The main role of the pitcher is to decrease the number of impurities in water. The process could take a bit of time for you, though. You may not be able to use pitchers for large households.

How to make alkaline water with cucumber?

You can also make alkaline water with cucumber as it has alkalinity features. Besides, there are so many other benefits that you can get by making alkaline water with cucumber.

The first one is that cucumber gives a great taste to your water. Most people avoid drinking water because of the state of the water or just because they forget. Cucumber has wonderful taste, and it gives good incentive or stimuli to do so.

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The many other benefits of cucumber are as follows:

  • Better hydration
  • Aid weight loss
  • A source of antioxidants
  • Blood pressure
  • Cancer prevention
  • Muscle health
  • Healthy skin
  • Bone health

The recipe to make alkaline water with cucumber is as follows:

Peel and slice the cucumber into small pieces. You can leave the skin, and it’s optional.

Add the cucumbers into a jar of water and stir them for a few minutes. You can leave it for a few hours and then drink or just drink the mixture right away. The choices are yours.

The point to know is that cucumber water can have a bad taste after one or two days, and you would better drink it up during this period or make a small amount.

Some people add lemons to the mixture as it creates a great taste.

Ther is also the rend of making alkaline water with Ayurveda. The term is Indians and comes from this ancient coutnry. Dr. Sharad Kulkarni, who practices Ayurvedic medicine, says that drinking alkaline water helps to neutralize the acidity of your body as most of the food you eat is acidic.
Ayurveda is derived from the burnt ash of about 15 plants. However, Ayurvedic lacks scientific background and research, and you need to consult with a health expert before trying it. Some of the related research has been criticized, so you must definitely get a health expert’s advice before trying it.

Does alkaline water pose any health risks?

The introduced ways to make alkaline water in this article are safe. They have no health threat to you unless you suffer from a particular medical condition. If so, consult with your physician or a health expert on your diet.
You can also buy alkaline water from water companies. Tahoe Springs Water is one of them that has provided the best alkaline water in Las Vegas since 1994.
You can ensure that alkaline water with the water companies is safe. You can drink them with assurance and enjoy the many benefits.
The one point to remember is that do not to be misled by wrong or not proven information. It has been said that alkaline water can cure and prevent cancer. However, there is no scientific research or study to prove it. You must not leave conventional medical treatment options over alkaline water; It is completely wrong.
Moreover, be careful of the unproven benefits of alkaline water. The benefits mentioned on this page are scientific, and research supports them.
The one very benefit of alkaline water is that it provides hydration, and you drink enough water per day. It is due to the fact that Americans do not drink enough water every day.

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Bottom line

The new studies indicate the many benefits of alkaline water. You can boost your immune system, have healthy and beautiful skin, receive better hydration, and many other advantages.

You could also make alkaline water at home. The article explained how you could do it through a few simple steps.

You might be busy making your alkaline water or want alkaline water for all of your family members. If so, you can always order from a reliable water company.

If you are thinking about receiving the many benefits of alkaline water in Las Vegas, Tahoe Springs Water is at your service. We have been serving the residents since 1994 with the best alkaline, Spring Mountain, and purified water in the valley.

Give us a call at +702-433-4545 to order your alkaline water now and benefit from the discounts. Delivery is always free at your place of residence.


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