15 Outfit Ideas on How to Wear Teal Cocktail Dress

When it comes to cocktail dresses, I think there is one color that is seriously underrated and not mentioned enough. I am talking about the teal cocktail dress, with the deep and complex color that makes the dress so beautiful and eye catching. Not only it is not mentioned enough, it doesn’t appear enough so that it may be hard for some of you to style it without much reference. That’s why I have collected some of the best looking teal cocktail dress outfits and put them into a list for you. Let’s take a look at it now.

Teal Halter Skater Cocktail Dress


To start off the list, I am going to show you this teal halter belted skater dress that is quite easy to pull off. With the black belt, the outfit does look a little more stylish. You can simply complete this outfit with black ballet heels to keep the outfit simple and beautiful.

Teal Short Sleeve Lace Sheath Cocktail Dress


For a slightly more mature look, a teal lace dress would be perfect as both lace and the color of teal gives the outfit some extra depth. This particular one is a teal short sleeve lace sheath dress. To style it, you can simply wear it with pink heels.

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Two-Piece Dress with Crop Top & Pleated Mini Skirt


If you want to look low-key sexy without showing much skin, you may want to try this two-piece teal cocktail dress. It consists of a short sleeve crop top and a pleated mini skirt. For the shoes, wear pink ankle strap open heels for some extra elegance. Finally, you can wear a boho style statement necklace to complete the outfit with style.

Sequin Strap One Shoulder High Split Maxi Dress


For an elegant and eye catching look, you can wear a teal maxi dress with sequin. For example, this maxi dress has a silver sequin strap that makes the dress look so much more classy. Wear silver high heels to complete the classy outfit.

Teal Gathered Waist Lace Knee Length Dress


To achieve an adorable girl-next-door look, you can wear this teal gathered waist lace dress. The loose-fit and slight flared knee-length cutting can you look breezy and laid-back. Wear white ankle strap open toe heels to keep the refreshing feel consistent.

Teal One Shoulder Bridesmaid Wrap Dress


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The color of teal is so feminine and has so much depth that it makes a perfect color for a bridesmaid dress. For example, this is a gorgeous and lovely teal one-shoulder wrap dress for bridesmaids. To complete this beautiful outfit, you can simply pair the dress with silver heeled sandals.

Teal Half Sleeve Sheath Midi Dress


If you are a boss or a manager and you are used to over dress when you work, you may want to choose a plain and mature looking dress like this one. It is a teal half-sleeve midi dress that is simple and beautiful thanks to the color of teal. You can simply build a minimal outfit around the dress by wearing black open toe heels and a silver statement necklace.

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Fit and Flare Open Back Lace Dress


This one is an extremely sexy dress even though it doesn’t has a deep v neck cutting. It is a teal fit and flare knee length lace dress that has an open back cutting. You can simply wear this dress with pink heels to complete the outfit. The beautiful and elegant details in the dress just makes this outfit so remarkable.

Satin One Shoulder Bodycon Dress


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Here is yet another minimal outfit that looks amazing. It is no surprise that these simple outfits look so good as the color of teal is a very beautiful and underrated color. To achieve this minimal look, you can simply wear a teal satin one-shoulder bodycon dress with pink open toe heels.

Teal Chiffon One Shoulder Mini Shift Dress


For a breezy and elegant feel, this teal chiffon dress is such a great choice. It is a chiffon one-shoulder mini shift dress that simply looks dreamy. Besides, the relaxed fit shift dress cutting makes it very easy to pull off regardless of your body type. Simply wear it with a pair of silver sequin heels and you are going to shine in cocktail parties and proms.

Teal Leather Mini Dress


It is such an interesting thing to see how the color of teal and a leather dress can work together. It is like trying to put the most feminine color and the most stylish fabric together. As you can see from this teal leather bodycon mini dress, the result is surprisingly stylish and deep. You can simply wear it with silver open toe heels to complete the unique outfit.

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Sweetheart Neckline Fit and Flare Midi Dress


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This is a breezy teal sweetheart neckline flare midi chiffon dress. I really like how it both looks laid-back and sexy. You can wear it with silver ankle strap open toe heels to add an elegant touch to the outfit.

Teal One Shoulder Satin Bodycon Dress


For those of you who have beautiful shoulders and collarbones, even better with beautiful skin, this is a simple and elegant dress that allows you to show off your strength. It is a teal one-shoulder satin bodycon dress. Simply wear it with silver open toe heels to complete a simple yet classy look.

Off The Shoulder Lace Mini Dress


This one is a beautiful teal off-the-shoulder mini dress with beautiful lace details. It also has a sexy lace up design around the chest area. For the shoes, silver open toe heels would be the perfect choice to turn this outfit into an elegant one.

Teal Cap Sleeve Deep V Neck Skater Dress


For a casual and low-key sexy dress that you can wear to a cocktail party, here is a teal cap sleeve skater dress with a deep v neck cutting. To add a stylish touch to the overall look, you can wear white ankle strap open toe heels and a black leather clutch bag.

So, here are some very beautiful and interesting teal cocktail dress outfits that I want to share with you. I really feel that the color of teal is not mentioned or used enough. May be you should consider wearing a teal dress for your next outfit before everyone discovers this little secret color.

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