How to Make the Best Magic Mushroom Tea: Recipe, Dosage & Effects

Why Shroom Tea?

Shroom Tea vs Eating

As was mentioned previously, shroom tea is quite a bit more pleasant to consume than dried mushrooms on their own and it is also much easier on the stomach. In an analysis of an anonymous 2020 survey of 50 participants, Michelle Janikian of Double Blind points out an important distinction – shroom tea significantly reduced nausea and the possibility of vomiting for a statistically significant majority of the consumers[7]. Bear in mind that this was not a clinical survey; however, much anecdotal evidence supports these findings.

The primary reason why shroom tea is easier on the stomach relates to the fact that the mushrooms are essentially cooked into an extract. Dried mushrooms make consumers nauseous because the raw chitin that makes up the fungi’s cell walls is notoriously difficult to digest[8]. By letting the mushrooms steep in hot water for 10 to 15 minutes, chitin and other hard-to-digest components of the mushrooms’ fruiting bodies begin to break down. Further, in brewing shroom tea, you will more than likely be grinding the mushrooms into a powder, breaking down the chitin into consumable pieces even further.

Mushroom tea is also quite efficacious in bringing on a faster, more intense shroom trip. However, the duration of the trip also tends to be marginally shorter. Essentially, if you are grinding down your mushrooms into a powder and steeping it in hot water, the components are more evenly dispersed in the gastrointestinal system and absorb more quickly. In consuming dried mushrooms, absorption and digestion simply takes longer.

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Shroom Tea Benefits

To reiterate, chewing and swallowing dried mushrooms can be a somewhat unpleasant experience, whereas with shroom tea, the components simply go down easier, are absorbed faster, and taste better. Many also enjoy the ritualistic aspect of stewing mushroom powder into a tea. It is important to set one’s mindset and intention before consuming mushrooms; if one is in a negative headspace or environment, the trip can cause paranoia, anxiety, dread, and a whole variety of unpleasant emotions. Brewing tea can be a gentle, meditative experience, placing individuals in calm and reflective states before embarking on a trip. Finally, shroom tea possesses all of the health benefits of tea alongside the enjoyable effects of Psilocybin in one beverage. Even if you’re not interested in consuming a hallucinatory dose of Psilocybin in your tea, you will still benefit from the clarifying and focus-enhancing benefits that can come with microdosing magic mushrooms over time[9].

Shroom Tea Effects

If all goes well, the consumption of shroom tea will result in a good trip (if, that is, you elect to consume a psychedelic dose), which can result in several effects including a peaceful high, giddiness, a sense of well-being, euphoria, audiovisual hallucinations, and other perceptual distortions. A negative trip generally entails paranoia, high anxiety, stomach discomfort and nausea, a fast or irregular heartbeat, and at the very worst, transient psychosis and seizures[10]. To avoid a bad trip, do not exceed the gram and a half limit and drink your shroom tea very slowly. It should take 20-30 minutes to finish it, allowing effects to come upon you gradually and reducing nausea to a minimum[11].

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